Fuselage (page 17)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
September 25 2009 1.5hrs - 686.0 total.
Finished steaming forward section of both upper
main longerons. Worked on lower year diaphragm
pieces a little more. Made up a piece for the
bottom longeron between BH-22 and 23, just
behind the tail wheel opening, Laid out drop cloths,
taped down wax paper, am ready to start the big
glue job! Went and bought some larger glue
brushes and small rollers.
September 26 2009 1.0hrs - 687.0 total. Spread
out the cut strips of longeron with some blocking
and removed the laminates on the starboard side to
let them thoroughly dry prior to gluing.
September 27 2009 4.5hrs - 691.5 total. Glued starboard forward longeron and laminates. Used
thickened epoxy to fill as many gaps as possible. Glued in small piece of lower longeron aft of tail wheel
hole. Removed clamped on horiz stab and hung it back on the wall for now. Reviewed plans and see
that I need to get the baggage compartment in place before I start on the small stringers.  Removed
jig plate for BH-13 so I could trial fit the baggage compartment walls. Trial fit them, they will need some
shaping to fit.
September 28 2009 4.0hrs - 695.5 total. Removed clamps, straps and retaining strips from
yesterday's glue job. Finished fitting and shaping last piece of lower rear diaphragm. Fit front and back
walls of baggage compartment. Used a jack to lift the upper longeron at about BH-13 as the BH is
slightly deformed due to downward pressure from the top longeron. Will relieve the pressure while
gluing in the baggage compartment walls and see if they help stiffen up the BH a little.
September 29 2009 2.5hrs - 698.0 total. Ripped some small spruce into 1/2" X 1/4" strips that will
glue to the baggage compartment walls to support the compartment floor. Used scroll saw to trim ends
off of longerons in several places including the end of the starboard main longeron. Sanded all the
longerons to BH joints from BH-23 forward to about BH-19 to prepare for gluing in lower aft diaphragm.
Still need to make some shims for where the diaphragm lays on the angled longerons before its ready to
be glued in place.
September 30 2009 0.5hrs - 698.5 total. Cut the strips for the baggage compartment floor retainer
to length. Started working on shims and ended up working on a clogged hot water supply pipe for the
unit heater in the shop!
October 1 2009 0.5hrs - 699.0 total. Started preparing for glue job. Wiped down all parts to be
glued with wet paper towel.
October 10 2009 5.5hrs - 704.5 total. Glued in two of the three sections of the lower aft diaphragm.
Used thickened epoxy instead of wood shim for joint to longeron. Glued rails onto bottom of baggage
compartment walls that will hold the compartment floor.  Glued forward section of port upper main
longeron including laminates.
Two of the three sections of the lower aft diaphragm glued in place.
Thickened epoxy used for shim rather than forming one from spruce.
October 11 2009 6.5hrs - 711.0 total. Removed clamps and straps from yesterdays glue job. Made up spruce filler
blocks for large notches left in firewall after longeron ends are glued in place. Trimmed off end of port longeron.
Prepped for last section of lower after diaphragm. Trimmed up storage compartment walls and dry fit for gluing.
Marked storage wall and set up clamps for gluing to BH-13. The BH at this point is under a lot of downward
pressure from the top longeron and is pretty spindly. I had used a jack and a brace to lift the top longeron a little, but
it must have a slow leak as it compresses over time and I didn't trust it to last while the glue cured so I made up a
brace to hold the top longeron up. Glued the spruce shims into the firewall notches and the storage wall to BH-13.
Added additional bracing to the BH sides to keep it straight while the glue dries.
October 12 2009 2.5hrs - 713.5 total. Removed clamps from baggage wall. Steamed top longeron A LOT. When it
cooled tried removing the brace. Still compresses and deflects the BH a little, even with the baggage wall glued to it. I
think that once I get the stringers installed it will help stiffen it up a bit. Glued in the last, largest portion of the lower
aft diaphragm. This one took a large amount of thickened epoxy to create the shims. I think I made up five batches of
epoxy.  More than I used on each of the forward longerons.
October 15 2009 3.5hrs - 717.0 total. Removed clamps from lower aft diaphragm. Glued in other baggage wall. Used
left over thickened epoxy to fill in gaps and put small fillets on lower longeron to BH joints. Removed most of the
braces and a couple more fences from the jig.  I'm just about to the part in the written plans where there is a large
blank. Terry hasn't finished writing them up for the rest of the fuselage and cockpit construction. I still need to put in
a couple of stringers and the upper aft diaphragm. After that I'll have to work on mounting the horiz stab, even if its
just temporarily to make the mounting holes and line up the last inboard ribs on the stab. Then I can finish up the stab
and most of the elevator.  Once the stab is mounted permanently I can do the fin and rudder, but not before.  Terry
says I could start putting skin on most of the aft fuselage, but I'm hesitant until I know whats going on with the
control cables, tail wheel, etc.
October 16 2009 2.0hrs - 719.0 total. Called Terry to get an idea on what I can do next. He says its OK to put the
cockpit floor in, build the rudder box, and skin from BH-15 to 20 and 6-11 all the way around - once I get the pulleys
installed first. Removed clamps from baggage wall. Got out BH-11 brace and BH-10 pieces to check fit.  BH-10
pieces have tabs that glue to bottom of main longeron and they're too short.  Will have to remake those pieces. Pulled
out some long stock to see about the four stringers on the upper fuselage. Haven't been able to find dimensions for the
stringers. I think they're supposed to be 1/4 X 1/2, but I haven't been able to verify it. I have lots of stock. Will need
to cut some to size.