Fuselage (page 18)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
October 17 2009 4.5hrs - 723.5 total.  Cut out and
shaped baggage floor. Glued strips to upper longerons to
finish floor frame, then glued baggage floor in place.
Shaped lower starboard stringer notches in BH-23 to 15
and dry fit stringer. Clamped horiz stab in place to check
spacing on BH-20 and 21.
October 18 2009 4.5hrs - 728.0 total. Glued in starboard
lower stringer. Shaped BH notches for port lower
stringer. Ripped some stock into 1/2 X 1/4 strips. Glued
in port lower stringer. Shaped notches and glued in small
stringer pieces over baggage and inspection hatch doors.
October 19 2009 0.5hrs - 728.5 total. Removed clamps,
reviewed the plans concerning finishing up the horiz stab
and elevator.
Starboard lower stringer being dry fit. Note the horiz stab is clamped
in place and the lower aft diaphragm is glued in, but not sanded.
October 23 2009 3.0hrs - 731.5 total. Trimmed off forward end of main longerons, upper and lower flush with
firewall - still need to sand them all the way flush. Trimmed of aft ends of recently installed stringers. Trimmed
bottom notch in BH-10 pieces to fit over bottom longeron. Glued both pieces of BH-10 together. (BH-10 is made
from 2ea 3/8" pieces laminated together to make 1ea 3/4" piece.

October 24 2009 5.5hrs - 737.0 total. Removed clamps from BH-10, sanded and dry fit into position. Spent about
an hour looking through the plans concerning positioning the horiz stab, the tail wheel hardware, etc. Decided to go
ahead and sand down the fuselage and work on the cockpit, etc and finish the stab and elevator later. Started sanding
the main longerons and all the glue joints at the bulkheads. Very time consuming!

October 25 2009 5.0hrs - 742.0 total. Continued sanding fuselage. Had to climb inside "cockpit" area to sand the
inside of the longerons.  Wow! Very small in there!
Most of the hardware I have so far - all primed now!
October 27 2009 2.5hrs - 744.5 total. While cleaning out a corner of the basement for a new
boiler I came across the stored metal parts I had made a couple years ago. Have always wanted to
get them cleaned up and primed - so went ahead and did that.  They look pretty good now! Trail fit
the elevator pulleys. Wrote an e-mail to Terry asking about rudder pulleys and cables - no mention of
them in the plans.

October 28 2009 1.0hrs - 745.5 total. Continued sanding fuselage. Ground down the extra on the
lower rear diaphragm. Got a reply from Terry about the pulleys.  Says he's got some other drawings
showing the rigging, but they are not finished yet.

October 29 2009 2.5hrs - 748.0 total. Cut out the template for the cockpit floor, taped to 1/2 ply,
traced and rough cut with a jigsaw. Compared the paper template to the actual dimensions before I
cut it out and added about 3/8" to the length of the piece to make it fit. Started trimming up the
edges with the band saw.

October 30 2009 1.5hrs - 749.5 total. Sanded the fuselage some more.

October 31 2009 3.5hrs - 753.0 total. Sanded, and sanded, and sanded some more! About 3/4
done sanding, not counting the top and bottom longerons which will both take a lot of shaping.

November 1 2009 5.5hrs - 758.5 total. Sanded some more. Progress was so slow I went out
looking for a detail sander. Bought a dremmel that work great. Made significant progress. Have
finished sanding all the glue joints except those on the bottom longeron. Still need to shape the top
and bottom, and shape the sides of the longerons to match the curve of the bulkheads, but at least
for now the glue joints are basically done.

November 6 2009 .5hrs - 759.0 total. Started marking up the areas on the longerons that will need
extra material glued to the outside to be sanded down so they will match the contour created by the
profile of the bulkheads.  Have found that most of the longeron notches were cut a little too deep so
that the longerons are either slightly recessed or flush with the edge of the bulkhead. This creates a
problem as the bulkhead profile is curved, and the flat edge of the longeron creates a flat spot in the
profile.  This is especially pronounced where the longeron is three or four inches wide, creating a large
flat area.  The answer from the plans is to glue 1/8" plywood to the longeron and sand to shape.

November 7 2009 6.0hrs - 765.0 total. Discovered that by sanding back the profile of the
bulkheads slightly I can expose the edge of the longeron and sand a small amount of convex curve
into the outside profile. This eliminates the flat spot.  This only works on the 1" wide sections of the
longerons. Went around and sanded and shaped as many of the bulkheads as would work this way.
Marked those that have an acceptable profile and marked those areas that will need some extra
material glued on. Started cutting 1/8" pieces and clamped into position as I went.

Then I noticed what looked like a cracked glue joint on one of the major bulkheads. Inspected closely
and sure enough, it had cracked.  So I cut all the glue away and cleaned out the joint so it can be
re-glued. This worried me so I checked the other major glue joints and was shocked to find several
more cracked glue joints! This is a potentially a major problem! Just to see if I was going crazy I
twisted one of the bulkheads and sure enough, there was a loud snap and the joint cracked!  This is
going to take some thinking to figure out!

The joint that popped when I twisted it appears to have initially failed in the wood and not in the
glue, but then the crack continued up into the glue joint where it appears to have separated right
down the joint.  All the other joints that failed were exposed to steam heat at some point when I
was steaming the wood to shape.  There are pictures of the various cracked glue joints on the next