Fuselage (page 21)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
December 26 2009 1.5hrs - 778.0 total. Finished
moving down the starboard side cleaning out the
cracks. Still need to do some more sanding around all
the joints to insure a good bonding surface for new glue
joints, fillets, or just primer - either way all the old glue
surfaces need to be sanded with 80 grit or coarser to
insure a good mechanical bond.
December 27 2009 1.5hrs - 779.5 total. Decided to try a
batch of the old glue with thickener in some of the cleaned
out joints to see how it will work using the larger fillets
from the new stir sticks.
Re-glued this joint after cleaning out
top and bottom and part of the long
joint. Notice the much larger fillet.
Starboard top longeron to firewall joint after being cleaned out and re-glued.
Here's the same view of
the same piece before
the shop was humidified
for a couple of weeks.
The crack you can see
here was
indistinguishable after a
few weeks of humidity.
December 28 2009 2.0hrs - 781.5 total. Continued on starboard side re-gluing joints with much larger fillets. Last
night's glue batch was a little to thin and sagged a bit. Made tonight's batch thicker. It was easier to make the fillets
bigger with the thicker glue. Kind of intuitive and as the manual instructed, but makes it real when you see it for
December 29 2009 1.5hrs - 783.0 total. Re-glued more joints going down the starboard side. I'm adding large fillets
to ALL of the joints, regardless of if they are bad joints being re-glued or are good existing joints with smaller or no
fillets. Made the glue a little thicker.  Works great and I'm getting the hang of the bigger stir sticks and fillets so am
getting faster at doing them. Went and picked up another set of epoxy pumps so I can start sealing and priming the
finished areas. Need to practice a little with the pigment so I can create consistent color batches. I want to make the
inside look like British zinc chromate, which is different than American from the same time period.
January 1 2010 5.0hrs - 788.0 total. Sanded and prepared all the joints down the starboard side to be re-glued. Made
up two batches and glued or re-glued several more joints on starboard side. Made up a batch of epoxy using the very
thin and slow drying hardener, which is how they say to make the sealer. Used some tint that I bought and also some
from my daughter's art supplies and matched up the color in one of my Spitfire books. Painted some test areas to see
how it would look and what its like to work with. It became thick faster than I expected, but still self levels very
well. The wood is so dry it really absorbs it quickly. Will definitely need at least two coats to get a good finish.
Some test
applications of the
wood sealer tinted
to match the photos
from a book.