Fuselage (page 23)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
January 20 2010 1.5hrs - 821.5 total. Glued
two pieces of 1/8' plywood to starboard lower
longeron starting at the firewall and moving back
toward the tail. These will add extra material to
outside of longerons to be sanded to shape to
match the profile created by the bulkheads.
January 21 2010 2.0hrs - 823.5 total. Glued
two more pieces on starboard lower longeron
moving backwards. Removed clamps from last
nights glue job.
January 22 2010 0.5hrs - 824.0 total.
Removed clamps from last nights gluing. Sanded
a little on some of the joints.
January 23 2010 4.0hrs - 828.0 total. Glued
on two more pieces on outer face of starboard
lower main longeron. Went and bought a 4"
angle grinder and some sanding discs. Started
sanding down the pieces I've been gluing on.
January 24 2010 5.0hrs - 833.0 total. Cut and glued last piece onto starboard lower longeron.
Used extra epoxy to create a very thickened mixture and used it as filler on some areas on the tail
that needed to be brought out to match the BH profiles. Continued sanding and shaping the pieces
already glued on. Clamped a long strip of 1/8 X 2" laminate down the starboard side to see what the
profile looked like. Found a couple of the bulkheads profiles just a little large. Sanded them down a
bit. Spent some time looking through the plans and the photos again. Started planning how to skin
from BH-15 to 20.
January 28 2010 2.5hrs - 835.5 total. Removed clamps from last glue job. Sanded starboard lower
main longeron "add-on" pieces to match profile of fuselage.  Found a sizable dip in the profile at
BH-11. Cut a new piece of plywood to glue to the outside of the longeron at this point.
Starboard lower main longeron with outer contour plywood filler pieces sanded to shape.
January 30 2010 2.0hrs - 837.5 total. Glued in filler piece mentioned above. Rough sanded  top
longeron to correct shape and profile.  Still need to finish sand and shape. Experimented clamping
different thicknesses of plywood to fuselage to see how hard it will be to form it to shape and to
test for potential flat spots on the fuselage.  The plans call for three thicknesses of plywood - 3mm,
2mm and 1.5mm.  My local supplier sometimes has metric and sometimes has SAE.  So I've got some
3mm, 1/8" and 1/16" plywood.  Close, but not what I need.
January 31 2010 4.5hrs - 842.0 total. Removed clamps form filler piece and sanded to shape.
Checked profile on all joints again and marked areas that needed filler pieces. Cut pieces for all
remaining areas. Glued first piece in place on SB upper longeron starting at firewall and moving
toward tail.
February 1 2010 3.0hrs - 845.0 total. Removed clamps from yesterday's glue job. Trimmed all the
remaining filler pieces to closer and final fit in preparation for gluing. Mixed up triple batch of glue and
glued all remaining SB upper longeron filler pieces into place.
February 3 2010 2.5hrs - 847.5 total. Removed clamps from SB upper longeron glue job. Trimmed
all glued pieces to shape with grinder - still need to sand to match fuselage profile. Will also still need
to glue small strips to edge of bulkheads as needed to get profile cleaned up completely. Sanded all
the port side joints on the longerons where the filler pieces will be glued.
February 4 2010 1.5hrs - 849.0 total. Glued on first section of port lower longeron filler pieces.
Started shaping SB upper longeron piece.  Hit my head on the jig - again - now have three separate
scabs on my forehead from the last couple of days. Finally decided to sand the corners and edges of
the protruding portions of the jig. Should have thought of that a long time ago!
February 5 2010 3.0hrs - 852 total Removed clamps from previous glue job. Glued on next section
going back on port lower longeron. Continued shaping SB upper longer filler pieces.
February 6 2010 1.5hrs - 853.5 total. Removed clamps from last glue job. Checked profile at
various locations using long strips clamped parallel to longerons. Cut some small pieces for the edges
of some of the BHs. Also a piece where I sanded away too much while shaping the upper SB piece.
Drove to the hardwood shop to buy some plywood for skinning the fuselage.  He doesn't have the
right thickness in stock. (see the prior posting Jan 30). Looks like I'll have to order it direct.
February 7 2010 1.0hrs - 854.5 total. Sanded some of the joints on the port side where the filler
pieces will be glued. Got out the template for BH-11 and marked where the reinforcing plate for the
bellcrank mount will go.
February 9 2010 1.0hrs - 855.5 total. Trimmed the last piece for the port lower longeron to
shape in preparation for gluing. Also sanded down some rough spots on the longeron and a few
more glue joints. Got out the upper aft diaphragm that I made using the full size template a long
time ago and did some trial fitting.  Looks like it will need to be completely remade to fit properly.
Trial fit BH-10 again.  Looked at plans for BH-10, 9, and other cockpit area details.
February 11 2010 0.5hrs - 856.0 total. Was happily surprised to receive an new CD of updated
plans in the mail. Looked through them briefly to see what was new. There is  mention of a new
drawing page with details on the fuel tank rail and some other details for the front of the fuselage,
but this newly mentioned sheet isn't in the plans yet! The notch that needs to go in BH-11 is shown
now, so I'll be able to locate and cut it out. Looks like most of the new stuff has to do with the
wings and wing fairings.  Some new cowling info too.
February 12 2010 3.5hrs - 859.5 total. Glued on the rest of the port lower longeron shaping
pieces. Also glued on the patch for the SB upper longeron where I sanded too deeply.  Glued on
several small pieces on the edges of various bulkheads adjacent to the longerons where additional
shaping is needed. Cut out and shaped a new section of the upper rear diaphragm. Fit the rest of
the upper rear diaphragm. Prepped the joints and other affected surfaces in that area in preparation
for gluing it in place.
February 13 2010 6.0hrs - 865.5 total. Removed clamps from yesterdays glue jobs. Glued on first
forward section of port upper longeron patch piece. Also glued in the two smaller rearward sections
of the upper aft diaphragm. Sanded upper and lower SB longeron filler pieces to shape. Sanding
these large areas to shape takes a long time and creates a huge amount of sawdust!
February 14 2010 5.5 hrs - 871.0 total. Removed clamps from yesterday's glue job. Glued on last
of the shaping pieces - these on the aft portion of the port upper longeron. Trimmed other glued
pieces and prepared to sand to shape. Did final fit on last portion of upper aft diaphragm. Made up a
couple of shims to make it fit better.  Ready to be glued in. Marked and trial fit BH-10.
Upper aft
glued in place