Fuselage (page 24)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
back to original positions and levelled table laterally.  Was off by almost an inch. Still need to level
longitudinally. The floor in the garage has moved quite a bit since I last checked! If your not familiar
with Fairbanks geophysical anomalies and are wondering why my garage floor is moving, look up "Frost
Heaves" or "Ice Lenses" in Alaska. Once I get the table leveled again I'll have to see how much of a
twist I've managed to build into the fuselage and see if there is anything I can do about it now.
February 17 2010 2.5hrs - 877.5 total. Removed clamps from upper aft diaphragm and the strip
glued onto BH-10. Sanded the strip down flush on both sides of BH-10. Did a little more leveling and
checking square. It appears that the overall airframe is fine. The only errors I've been able to find
indicate a slight skew in the positioning of BH-11. It appears that the bottom is swung to port about
1/8" and the SB side might have gotten sanded down a little more than the port adding as much as
1/16 to 1/8 additional apparent skew.  I had already compensated for this - unknowingly - by adding
1/8 to the SB edge of  BH-11 when I was cleaning up the outer fuselage profile. It looks like I'll be
able to get the floorboard tabs to line up with the notches in BH-8 by positioning the floorboard in
the actual center of the airframe and ignoring the centerline drawn on BH-11.  Still need some more
checking to be sure.  
February 18 2010 3.0hrs - 880.5 total. Measured, remeasured, checked for square, level, plumb,
set up the laser level and checked some more. Now I'm beginning to think from BH-11 forward is
skewed to SB about 1/2".  Will try bracing BH-11 and pulling BH-5 to port 1/2" and see how it looks.
Ordered a load of plywood today - ETA 2 weeks
February 19 2010 - 3.5hrs - 884.0 total. After another 3.5hrs of measuring, bracing, aligning, and
leveling -  might have an idea as to what the problem is. It could be that at some point during the
installation of the longerons, the SB side of the jig shifted forward about 3/8".   This would mean that
all of the bulkheads are out of square and skewed forward on the SB side.  I've only tested this for
basically the front half of the fuselage.
February 20 2010 5.5hrs - 889.5 total. More measuring, leveling, cross checking. Have verified that
jig did not move and the aft portion of fuselage and upper portion of the forward bulkheads are OK.
However the lower portions of BH-11, 8 and 5 (firewall) are skewed from 1/8" to 3/16" aft on the
port side and between 0 and 1/8" forward on the SB. Not nearly so bad a problem as it first looked to
be. The cockpit floor does have a slight "parallelogram" affect, but as long as I line up the centerline
of the floor with the centerline of the BHs, it will be fine.  The good news is that the fuselage is very
straight and plumb.  The slight off-square affect is limited to BH-5, 8 and 11, and its only the bottom
half of them that are affected.  I thought about trying to correct the skew, but would have to cut
out large glue joints to the main diaphragm and several longerons. I can live with it the way it is.
Finished cutting out the cockpit floorboard notches, dry fit, checked alignment of BH-10, marked and
cut notches for BH-10 in floorboard. Shaped notches the dry fit floorboard and BH-10 at same time.
Needed a slight shim on top of BH-10. Cut and shaped shim. Glued shim and BH-10 to bottom of
February 15 2010 4.0hrs - 875.0 total.
Removed clamps from yesterdays glue job.
Sanded BH-10 to remove any glue spots. Cut
and glued 3mm strip to outside profile as it is a
little too small and will need to have an angle
sanded into it to match the profile of the
fuselage. Glued in last piece of upper aft
diaphragm along with shims. Started shaping and
fitting cockpit floor. In first dry fit I noticed the
forward end doesn't align very well, is off by
about 1/2 inch. Started checking alignment of
bulkheads and found firewall (BH-5) out of
alignment by several degrees. Removed clamps
and screws holding it to jig, re-aligned, and
noticed BH-8 was also slightly off. Re-aligned it
then noticed BH-11 was off too! Discerning a
definite pattern, I checked the level of the table
- and it was off! Put BH-5, 8, and 11
BH-10 and floorboard glued in place
Floorboard glued in place. Large hole and slot are for control column and elevator push-rod.
February 21 2010 5.5hrs - 895 total. Sanded down glue joint on BH-10 to floor while it was easy
to reach. Dry fit floorboard with BH-10 attached. Made up a couple of small shims for the gaps
created by the slightly skewed BHs. Glued assembly in place. Looked through plans and dug out
templates for rudder pedal box. Cut out first piece per template and noticed it looked wrong.
Discovered that the templates don't match the measurements shown. Had this same issue with the
main diaphragm. It could be the way I printed out the .pdf files. I'll try printing this template out
again and see.
Plans call out
11 1/16" but
template size
is 10 3/4"
this was
my fault,
I printed the