Fuselage (page 25)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
February 22 2010 2.5hrs - 897.5 total. Printed out new
copies of the rudder box templates - they are correct.  
Must have somehow scaled down the last set.  My
apologies to Terry for saying his plans were inaccurate,
it was my printing skills that were at fault! Cut out all
the paper templates for the rudder box parts. (see
photo) Note that some of the templates are used to
make multiple copies of the same piece.
February 23 2010 1.5hrs - 899.0 total. Started tracing
and cutting out pieces of rudder box.
February 24 2010 3.0hrs - 902.0 total. Continued
tracing and cutting out pieces of rudder box. Have all
but two cut out. Still need to cut internal notches and
lightening holes in all the pieces.
Paper templates for rudder box after being cut out. A couple of already
completed sections are at the bottom of the photo.
Starting to cut out the pieces of the rudder box.
February 25 2010 3.5hrs - 905.5 total. Finished tracing and cutting out all pieces of the rudder box. Also finished up
all notches, holes, and lightening holes. First very quick dry fit shows a lot of detailed sanding and fitting will be
needed to get this rather complex structure to fit together well. A couple of the pieces need large areas beveled to get
them to fit together.
All pieces of rudder box stacked in rough arrangement of their final positions.
February 26 2010 1.0hrs - 906.5 total. Started fitting some of the pieces together. Noticed a discrepancy in the
notch depth for the 90degree joints. The plans only show the depth about 1/8", but the material is 1/4" meaning the
nested joints are not fully seated into each other. Re-made one of the pieces to try to compensate and am having
some trouble with it.