Fuselage (page 26)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
February 28 2010 4.5hrs - 911.0 total.
Figured out the measurement issues.  Remade
the part again.  This time got it right. Cut,
trimmed and sanded all pieces of the rudder box
to get them to fit together. Assembled for dry
fit and propped in place in the fuselage to see
how it would look. Even climbed in and sat on
the floorboard and tried my feet in the rudder
box - fits perfectly!
March 1 2010 2.5hrs - 913.5 total. Cleaned
up the shop. Started gluing the rudder box
March 2 2010 1.5hrs - 915.0 total. Sanded
down glue joints from last night's glue job.
Prepared next section for gluing.
March 3 2010 2.0hrs - 917.0 total. Glued
forward and rear floor sections, and two center
sections into rudder box assembly.
Rudder box dry fit held together with staples and
temporarily propped in place in the fuselage.
March 4 2010 2.0hrs - 919.0 total. Glued outer side panels onto rudder box assembly. Received
plywood order from Wicks today. Unpacked and stacked material. Clamped piece of 4ft X 4ft X 2mm
plywood onto fuselage between BH-15 and 19 to test bend radius of material. Distance is just under
4ft. Looked at photos of prototype and determined that he glued a piece on each side from BH-15 to
19 and from upper stringer to lower main longeron. I'll start with that also. Need to sand all the glued
surfaces in the area the skin will go.  Might also pre-seal the area that will be difficult to reach after
these pieces of skin are installed.
March 5 2010 3.5hrs - 922.5 total. Glued forward section onto rudder box assembly. Cleaned up
extra shim material from back of cockpit floor area. Sanded some of the joints in the area where I'm
planning to install first section of fuselage skin.
Gluing outboard floor panels onto rudder box assembly
March 6 2010 6.0hrs - 928.5 total. Sanded all glue joints on rudder box.  Took a lot of time. Had
some issues with my detail sander. Had to go to the hardware store three times for more pieces and
parts for the tool. Sanded and dressed up areas between lower longerons and cockpit floor panel
where filler pieces need to go. Started cutting and shaping the filler pieces. Glued outboard floor
panels onto rudder box assembly.  These are the last parts that get glued onto it.  The rudder box is
held in place by a series of brackets and not glued into the fuselage. Plan to completely seal and
prime the rudder box when its done.
March 7 2010 5.5hrs - 934.0 total. Removed clamps from rudder box, sanded new glue joints. Still
need to bevel rear edge where it buts onto the front of BH-8.  Other than that its is ready to be
sealed and primed. Finished sanding area of starboard fuselage where first piece of skin will go. Cut
and glued on first piece of skin. This piece is 2mm Finland birch plywood.
The family cat inspects the completed rudder box.