Fuselage (page 28)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
March 21 2010 5.0hrs - 958.5 total. Sanded
down glued stringer patch job. Sanded down
front edge of BH-8 at floor joint, also along
bottom of joint in prep for either a large filet or
a wood filler. Sanded down rudder box sealer
and painted.  Took two coates to get a nice
cover. Sealed inside of applied skin piece. Dug
out the full size templates for the aluminum seat
parts. Cut off extra portion of bottom longeron
where it protruded forward of BH-10. Sanded
down flush.
March 22 2010 3.0hrs - 961.5 total. Sanded
sealer coat and applied first coat of paint.
Dropped off plans for seat at metal fab shop.
Inside of first section
of skin sealed. Also
sealed BHs and
longerons in this area.
March 25 2010 2.5hrs - 964.0 total. Picked up completed parts for seat. Went by aircraft supply
shop and picked up some rivets and borrowed a rivet setter. Had to finish cutting the large notches in
the seat back and SB side panel. Cleaned up all the edges with wire wheel and flattened some of the
deformations caused from tin snips, etc. Sanded some more with 80grit and then emery cloth. Tested
an area with primer and it covers the sanding scratches and other marks extremely well. The plans
called for .050 aluminum, which is very light, but seems kind of flimsy. We'll see how it is after its
March 26 2010 5.5hrs - 969.5 total. Finished cutting all the notches in the various seat pieces.
Drilled the 1/4" holes in the brackets. De-burred, sanded and polished all cut edges on all pieces.
Cleaned up and final shaped all edges on all parts. Made some test holes in some scrap aluminum and
dis some practice rivets. Marked and drilled rivet holes in SB seat side. Transferred hole locations to
port seat side and drilled. Drilled all SB rivet holes in seat base. Cleaned up, sanded and primed SB
contact areas. Started riveting the SB side to the seat base, but rivet tool jaw depth is so shallow I
can only reach the first three rivets on each end of the seat edge.
March 27 2010 3.0hrs - 972.5 total. Went and bought the rivet head for a pneumatic tool, a
de-burring tool, and while I was at it, went ahead and bought a cleco wrench and a pack of ten
clecos. I've never used them before, only seen them in pictures. They are easy to use and work great
for temporarily holding the sheet metal in place.  No wonder they are so commonly used! Made a base
to hold the rivet setting head and tried setting a couple of rivets using a hammer. No luck. Tried a
couple of other things and only succeeded in bending the seat base a little here and there. Went
ahead and drilled the holes for the port side, cleaned, sanded, and primed the areas to be riveted. I
think I'll take it to someone else to do the riveting.
March 28 2010 1.0hrs - 973.5 total. Cleaned up the shop a little. Partially primed the seat brackets.
Started measuring for the seat bottom wood rails.
March 29 2010 0.5hrs - 974.0 total. Finished priming the seat brackets.  Will need a little sanding
and respray to be complete. Dropped the seat off at local aircraft shop to be riveted.
March 30 2010 1.5hrs - 975.5 total. Put 2nd coat of paint on inside of skin, BHs and longerons
between BH15 & 19. Located and drilled 1/4" bracket mounting holes in main elevator horn bracket
backing plate that I made from oak a while back. Very difficult to precisely locate the holes!
April 11 2010 2.0hrs - 977.5 total. Glued the oak backing plate in place. Started sanding the filler
strips between the lower longerons and the cockpit floor.
April 12 2010 1.5hrs - 979.0 total. Removed clamps from reinforcement plate. Started shaping
outside of fuselage at the cockpit floor and filler strip area on the SB side.
April 16 2010 3.0hrs - 982.0 total. Finished sanding and shaping SB side cockpit floor and filler
pieces on outside.  Dis some sanding and shaping on inside SB side. Sanded down port side outside
and some of inside as well. Sanded down some of the upper aft diaphragm.
April 17 2010 4.0hrs - 986.0 total. Finished sanding down port longeron outer shape pieces.
Touched up upper port longeron a little.  Did a little hand sanding in the tail area. Port upper and
lower main longerons still have about a foot to be sanded right up by the firewall that I haven't done
yet as I need to remove some bracing to get to it.
April 18 2010 2.5hrs - 988.5 total. Sanded down the inside of the floor, longerons and BHs inside
the cockpit area.  Still need to install seat bracing then the cockpit can be sealed and painted. Moved
some of the jig bracing around to allow easier access to the port side of the aft fuselage where the
next piece of skin will go.
April 23 2010 2.5hrs - 991.0 total. Sanded all the joints in area where 2nd piece of skin will go.
May 2 2010 2.0hrs - 993.0 total. Continued sanding glue joints and fillets around main diaphragm,
cargo compartment, lower longeron, etc. in preparation for sealing and painting.
Inside of first piece of skin all sealed and finish painted.