Fuselage (page 30)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
July 2 2010 4.5hrs - 1026.0 total. Sanded all
the filled areas. Sanded the freshly sealed areas.
Sanded down rough areas and drips in first coat
of paint in cockpit area. Added second coat  of
paint in cockpit area.
July 3 2010 5.5hrs - 1031.5 total. Put first
coat of paint onto diaphragm area and back of
baggage compartment. Put first coat of sealer
on front and inside of baggage compartment.
Added second coat of paint to several touched
up areas in cockpit. Made up reinforcement
plates for seatbelt attach points in cockpit floor.
Measured and drilled pilot holes for them. When
dry enough, added second coat of paint to
diaphragm and second coat of sealer to baggage
compartment interior and front.
July 11 2010 2.0hrs - 1033.5 total. Sanded epoxy sealer coat on front of baggage compartment
wall and put on first coat of paint. Cut filler pieces out of firewall at top of upper main longerons as
that is where the front end of the fuel tank rail is supposed to go. Checked for level and using BH-11
template marked where the fuel tank rail/longeron notches need to be enlarged. Started enlarging
notches and aligning and trial fitting port rail/longeron.
September 5 2010 5.5hrs - 1039.0 total. Re-leveled jig. Set up laser level and marked fuel rail
notches. Cut our and shaped all notches. Cut rails to size and shaped forward ends where the feather
into upper longerons. Started sanding paint and primer away from areas around notches to prepare for
glue job.
September 6 2010 3.0hrs - 1042.0 total. Finished sanding sealer and paint from around notches.
Glued in fuel tank rails. Measured and cut a piece of plywood for firewall reinforcement plate.
September 7 2010 2.5hrs - 1044.5 total. Traced, cut out, and sanded to shape the firewall
reinforcement plate. Removed clamps from fuel tank rail. Rough sanded some of the joints. Measured
and marked locations of forward ribs.
September 9 2010 2.0hrs - 1046.5 total. Glued in firewall reinforcement plate.
Firewall reinforcement plate in place and ribs on back of firewall being glued in.
Overview of mid section of fuselage. Newly glued in fuel tank rail at top.
September 10 2010 4.0hrs - 1050.5 total. Removed clamps from firewall reinforcement plate.
Sanded all glue joints in the area where the firewall ribs will go. Temporarily removed one of the jig
supports so I could finish shaping the forward section of the port shaping pieces glued to the outside
of the longerons. Sanded them to shape and put back jig support. Cut, sanded to shape and glued in
firewall ribs including small spacers around reinforcement plate.
September 11 2010 3.0hrs - 1053.5 total. Removed clamps from firewall ribs. Trimmed and sanded
outer profile to match firewall. Cut, shaped and glued in fuel rail doubler strips along with plugs in
firewall where fuel rail longerons go through.
September 12 2010 4.5hrs - 1058.0 total. Removed clamps from doubler strips. Sanded down glue
joints. Cut four ea 3" leveling shims that will be glued to the top of the fuel rail to allow the fuel tank
mounting plates to sit flat on top. Clamped large piece of plywood skin on from the firewall back a
bout 2 feet to allow shaping of forward ribs. There are three ribs between BH-5 (firewall) and BH-8,
so I've numbered them from front to back 5.5, 6 and 7. Cut and shaped SB rib 5.5 lower section.
Started on SB rib 7 lower section.
September 13 2010 1.5hrs - 1059.5 total. Finished up SB rib 7 lower section, started on SB rib 6
lower section.
September 17 2010 2.0hrs - 1061.5 total. Put first coat of sealer on port side ribs and longerons
from BH-14 to 19.
September 18 2010 6.0hrs - 1067.5 total. Put second coat of sealer on port side and bottom ribs
and longerons from BH-14 to 19 and part of forward side of firewall. Sanded down some of the glue
joints on  SB fuel tank rail at baggage compartment walls. Put second coat of paint on forward side of
baggage compartment wall. Cut, shaped, and glued in 1/8 inch plywood bonding plates on inside of
upper longerons just behind firewall.  These are what the engine mount brackets will be bolted onto.
Used left over thickened epoxy to clean up some small glue voids at various locations and for fillet on
upper edge of firewall reinforcement plate.  Cut out pieces for port rib #7. This rib (port and SB is 1 X
1 so I'm using two pieces of 1/2" plywood glued together to get the 1" stock. Glued together the
rough cut ribs for both sides for rib #7.
September 19 2010 3.5hrs - 1071.0 total. Removed clamps from yesterdays glue job. Put first
coat of paint on freshly sealed area from BH-14 to 19. Rough sanded outer profile of SB fuel tank rail
to shape. Continued working on SB forward ribs.
September 28 2010 2.0hrs - 1073.0 total. Put second coat of paint of bulkheads and longerons on
port side from 14 to 19. Finished shaping and sanding SB fuel tank rail. Ground to shape and sanded
down reinforcement plate on inside of SB upper main longeron.
October 1 2010 3.0hrs - 1076.0 total. Sanded both reinforcement plates. Sanded all glue surfaces
from firewall back to BH-11. Put first coat of sealer on back of firewall and all surfaces from firewall
(BH-5) to BH-11. Also on remaining unsealed area on front of firewall.
Researched paint scheme and squadron markings.  Will be marked as
Hugh Reiley's aircraft from 66 squadron as it was the day he was shot
down October 17, 1940. Squadron and aircraft markings will be LZ-N.