Fuselage (page 31)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
October 2 2010 6.5hrs - 1082.5 total. Put on second
coat of sealer on areas started yesterday. I put pigment
in the second coat so I can tell where I've painted as it's
being applied. That what causes the dark appearance on
the sealed areas before they are painted. Cut and glued
on section of skin on port side. Put first coat of sealer
on inside of skin. Worked on forward ribs some more on
SB side.
October 3 2010 4.5hrs - 1087.0 total. Removed clamps
and straps from port skin. Finished sealing inside of
port skin and both sides of BH-10. Patched up some
bubbles on port longeron. Finished shaping and fitting
SB forward ribs. Started on port side ribs. Sanded sealer
from areas for SB ribs to be glued in place.
Gluing first skin on port side.
First coat of sealer on inside of new skin.
Starting to rough fit forward ribs on SB side.
October 6 2010 0.5hrs - 1087.5 total. Refamiliarized myself with what needs to be done to fix the horiz stab and
elevator. Removed them from the fuselage where they were clamped in place and put them on the workbench.
October 8 2010 1.0hrs - 1088.5 total. Put first coat of paint on front and back of firewall, front and back of BH-10
and inside of new port skin.
October 9 2010 1.5hrs - 1090.0 total. Put second coat of paint on areas painted yesterday. Read through horiz stab
and elevator plans again. Having a lot of trouble deciding the sequence of work to be done going forward. Looks like I
need to start putting some hardware in place and maybe remove the fuselage from the jig to allow me fit the upper
stringers, cockpit rails and more skin panels.
October 17 2010 5.0hrs - 1095.0 total. Put two coats of paint on forward section of lower longeron. Hung horiz
stab and elevator back on the wall to get them out of the way for now. Installed a brace just behind firewall, under
BH-10, under rear portion of main diaphragm, and under BH-20. Went to local parts store and bought bolts and nut
plates for mounting control cable pulleys. Finished bracing fuselage from bottom and removed jig from around
structure. (See pictures on next page)
October 18 2010 2.0hrs - 1097.0 total. Cleaned up shop. Sorted and cleaned up hardware. Clamped rudder box in
place to look at mounting options. Trial fit some of the nut plates on the control cable pulley reinforcement plates.
Checked for clearance, etc.
October 19 2010 1.5hrs - 1098.5 total. Started fitting upper stringers.  Finished dry fitting port stringer from BH-11
to 13.