Fuselage (page 33)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
January 14 2011 - 2.5hrs - 1197.5 total. Cleaned up
shop a little. Found roof had leaked and dripped into
inside of fuselage.  All areas that got whet were sealed
and painted. No damage. Put second coat of paint on
upper portion of fuselage BHs from about 14 to 19.
Trimmed the new piece of skin down to final shape.
Sanded scarf onto top edges of existing fuselage skin.
January 15 2011 2.0hrs - 1199.5 total. Sanded edges of
new skin piece into scarf. Sanded all contact areas on
fuselage in preparation for gluing. Trial clamped piece
into position.
February 18 2011 2.5hrs - 1202.0 total. Glued on skin
over top of fuselage from BH-15 to 16. Put first coat of
sealer on inside of this section and on underside of cargo
First piece of skin over the top of the fuselage - also first skin scarf joint.
February 19 2011 3.5hrs - 1205.5 total. Removed clamps from yesterdays glue job. Added 2nd coat of sealer to
inside of new section and underside of cargo compartment. Sanded down extra glue from scarf joint on outside of
fuselage. Will need a little filler to get profile correct and smooth. Started making paper template for next skin section
from BH-16 to 17.
February 20 2011 1.5hrs - 1207.0 total. Cut piece of bushing material for central pivot bolt on mail control horn.
Machined to fit. Still needs a little more work. Need this bushing to get final fit of bracket pieces so the holes can be
drilled in the backing plate and it can be mounted.
February 24 2011 1.5hrs - 1208.5 total. Took piece of bushing material to local machine shop and had them make the
bushing. Installed a couple of thin washers on the pivot shaft to make it fit properly. Made new drill template for the
base mounting holes. Found that my cordless drill wont fit into position to drill holes in BH-11.  Have a right angle
drill buried somewhere.  Will need to dig it out to get these holes drilled.
February 25 2011 1.0hrs - 1209.5 total. Was able to use smaller hand drill and drill holes for main bell-crank bracket.
Dry fit bracket and bell-crank and loose fit AN-4 bolts and nut plates.
February 26 2011 4.0hrs - 1213.5 total. Was not happy with positioning on some of the bracket mounting holes.
Re-drilled two of them.  Will need to fit with epoxy. Purchased some 1/4" brass screws for mounting the nut plates.
Cut, scarfed, and glued in place another piece of skin just behind the last one.  This one spans from BH-16 to 17 over
the top. Its quite a bit more difficult to insure the piece of skin is pressed down onto the fuselage when joining it with
another piece of skin as you can't get a clamp on that entire joint.  This last piece only had one of the four sides that
could be clamped directly.  Also put first coat of sealer inside the new piece and on bottom of main diaphragm.
February 27 2011 3.0hrs - 1216.5 total. Removed clamps from yesterdays glue job. Sanded down glue joints. Put
second coat of sealer on inside of new panel and underside of main diaphragm. Started measuring for next piece of
March 3 2011 1.0hrs - 1217.5 total. Measured, rough cut and rough fit in place next two pieces of skin over top of
rear fuselage.  These are from BH-17 to 18 and 18 to 19.
2nd piece of skin over top of fuselage.  This one is from BH-16 to 17.
Next two pieces of skin rough fit in place.
With skin strapped on you can see how
narrow the top of the fuselage is here.
March 4 2011 3.0hrs - 1220.5 total. Scarfed and glued skin in place from BH-17 to 18. Applied first coat of sealer to
inside of new section and lower portion of BH-14.