Fuselage (page 34)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
March 5 2011 4.0hrs - 1224.5 total. Put second coat of
sealer on inside of new panel and lower portion of
BH-14. Removed clamps and straps from yesterdays
glue job. Sanded down joints.  Thickened some of the
left over sealer and used it to fill small gaps and air
bubbles on glue joints. Positioned nut plates for all ten
seat attach bolts, drilled retainer pilot holes and ran 1/4"
brass screws in and out to prep for final mounting.
Removed nut plates and sanded contact areas down to
bare wood.  Book says to apply epoxy to screws and
surface when mounting nut plates.
March 7 2011 1.0hrs - 1225.5 total. Applied first coat
of paint to all newly sealed areas.  Its getting to hard to
reach into some of those spots now!
View of seat reinforcement rails on back of
BH-11. Preparing surfaces for nut-plate
install - nut plates are being dry fit here.
March 10 2011 1.0hrs - 1226.5 total.
Applied 2nd coat of paint to newly
sealed areas.
March 12 2011 0.5hrs - 1227.0 total.
Started sanding scarf edge for next piece
of top skin from BH-18 to 19.
March 13 20113.0hrs - 1230.0 total.
Finished preparing next piece of skin,
glued in place, put first coat of sealer on
inside. Used left over sealer on upper
section of BH-8 and part of SB cockpit
March 14 2011 2.0hrs - 1232.0 total.
Put second coat of sealer on areas done
last night. Removed clamps and straps
from glue job. Sanded down dried
glue/scarf joints.
March 18 2011 1.5hrs - 1233.5 total.
Put two coats of paint on areas just
sealed. Started planning for cockpit rail
March 19 2011 6.0hrs -  1239.5 total.
Used 1/4" brass cab head screws and glue
to attach nut plates for seat back and seat
bottom bolts.  Took main bellcrank out to
a local A&P to get his opinion on a
problem with the castle nut. Finally have
configuration that works so now I can
install it. Glued and screwed on the
nutplates for the main bellcrank bracket.
Had made the bottom holes in BH-11 for
the bracket bolts over sized. Mixed up
some thickened epoxy and used a glue
syringe to fill up the hole, then installed
the AN4 bolts covered with mold release.
The epoxy manufacturer recommends
this as the best way to get very precise
and extra strong bolt holes.
March 20 2011 1.5hrs - 1241.0 total. Trial fit bell crank in dried epoxy sockets and nut plates.  Looks good.  Need
to seal a couple spots before its mounted permanently. Sanded some glue drips. Drilled holes for seatbelt anchor
points on cockpit floor. Need to work on the backing plates before those are attached.
March 23 2011 1.0hrs - 1242.0 total. Traced pattern for first piece of control column box onto plywood stock, then
remembered to verify that the template I printed out was to scale. Found it wasn't. Measured for a eye bolts for seat
belt anchors so I can order them tomorrow.
March 24 2011 4.5hrs - 1246.5 total. Plotted out a new template sheet for the control column box. Called and
ordered the seat belt harness eye bolts. Traced pattern for front and back pieces of control column box onto 1/4"
birch plywood, rough cut to shape, sanded to final shape.  These two pieces need to fit into existing notches in
cockpit floor. Initial trail fit shows they will need quite a bit of work to get them to fit.  Marked center lines on
pieces and on cockpit floor for alignment. Mixed up triple batch of sealer and applied first coat to all remaining
unsealed bulkhead and longeron surfaces forward of BH-18.
March 25 2011 4.0hrs - 1250.5 total. Put second coat of sealer on areas sealed last night. Used remaining glue,
thickened a little, to touch up some of the seams in the skin. Cut remaining pieces for control column box. Sanded to
final shape except for tabs that lock in to cockpit floor.
Control column box front and rear panels will mount on bottom of cockpit floor -
shown here on top of floor before notches and tabs have been cleaned up to match.
All pieces of control column box ready for assembly.