Fuselage (page 35)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
March 26 2011 5.5hrs - 1256.0 total. Put two coats of
paint on all newly sealed areas. Spent an hour wiring a
new switch into the detail sander as the old switch had
worn out. Went and bought some spray paint. Painted
main bell crank and brackets. Marked and enlarged
notches in cockpit floor to receive control column box
pieces. Dry fit all pieces in place. Shimmed up a gluing
platform to hold pieces in place during gluing.
March 27 2011 2.0hrs - 1258.0 total. Glued control
column box together while held in place by dry fitting
tabs into notches in floor board. Located and marked
locations for elevator pulley reinforcement plates on
BH-19. Started making reinforcement plate for rudder
pulleys on BH-20.
Control column box being glued together, but only dry fit in cockpit floor.
March 28 2011 1.0hrs - 1259.0 total. Removed clamps from control column box.  Need to sand down and prep for
sealing. Bell crank final paint has cured so installed bell crank. Bottom two nut plates on front of BH-11 tore loose
when I tried to install the bolts. Was only able to secure one end of these nut plates with small brass screws as other
end is blocked by floorboard. Removed the two nut plates and cleaned up the area where they were mounted.  Will
get a different type of nut plate for this area.
March 30 2011 1.0hrs - 1260.0 total. Sanded down control column box glue joints, inside and out in preparation for
March 31 2011 1.0hrs - 1261.0 total. Tried to figure out how the rudder cable pulleys should be positioned on
BH-21. Ran a piece of string where the cable will be to help line up pulley position.  Still unsure.  Need to ask an
A&P about it.
April 1 2011 2.0hrs - 1263.0 total. Picked up some nut plates to use for the bottom holes on the main bell crank
bracket. Talked to A&P about several issues. Drilled the two lower mounting holes a bit larger as they were so tight I
couldn't push the bolts in by hand. Continued working on the mounting plate for the rudder pulleys on BH-21.
Started sanding down the remaining glue joints in the tail area in preparation for sealing.
April 2 2011 4.5hrs - 1267.5 total. Finished making and marking the pulley braces for BH-20 and 21. Glued them in
place. Used extra glue to patch up some air bubbles in the control column box glue. Installed the new style nut plates
for the bottom bolts on the main bell crank bracket. Installed the bell crank bracket permanently.  Researched the
little brace that I see so often in photos of early mark spitfires in the BH behind the pilot seat BH. Found this to be
part of a bracing structure for the antenna mast. This part isn't in the plans, but it is something I think would be
missed if it wasn't there. Found a couple good photos of it and was able to layout and make this brace.
I'm trying a new way of posting photos. I will put a thumbnail in the page
itself and if you want to see a larger version, just click on the photo.
These bottom nut plates gave me fits as I couldn't get a
second screw on the other style plates (see the ones
directly above the new ones). I got some of these other
style of nut plates which are perfect for this situation.
Here the new ones are installed and sealed.
Main bell crank completed and permanently installed.
The two 1/8" plywood backing plates for the
elevator pulleys are on BH-20 and the large brace
and backing plate for the rudder pulleys is on BH-21.
Portion of a photo in one of my spitfire books showing the
antenna mast brace visible through the back window.
Here's my copy of the brace being dry fit just behind BH-12.
April 3 2011 6.0hrs - 1273.5 total. Applied two coats of sealer to BH-20, part of 21 and the upper and lower rear
diaphragms. Cleaned up and sanded the backing plates installed yesterday. Mounted and sealed the eight nut plates
for the elevator pulleys that go on BH-20. Final sanded the antenna brace piece I made yesterday.
April 4 2011 2.0hrs - 1275.5 total. Put two coats of paint on the area sealed yesterday. Also painted the main bell
crank lower nut plates that were just replaced. Started painting the seat back brackets. Disassembled the elevator
pulleys that go on BH-20, painted, sanded and painted them again.
Elevator pulleys finished and permanently mounted
April 6 2011 1.0hrs - 1276.5 total. re-assembled elevator pulleys
and final mounted them on BH-20.
April 7 2011 2.0hrs - 1278.5 total. Ran some string to simulate
the control cables to allow me to visualize how the various
pulleys need to be installed. Went through the plans and made a
parts list for the rest of the pulley parts. Will visit the local parts
store tomorrow and see what they have in stock.