Fuselage (page 36)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
April 8 2011 4.0hrs - 1282.5 total. Bought some
pulleys and ordered the rest. Printed up a couple of
plans sheet and dropped of at the machinist so he could
make the pulley brackets for BH-14. Cut out the
template for the remaining pulley brackets, dug up the
sheet metal stock I had buried in the basement and
rough cut eight of the twelve pieces needed. Moved the
bench grinder into the shop and started final shaping the
pieces. Have three ready to be bent and drilled.
April 9 2011 7.0hrs - 1289.5 total. Spent about 2 hours
calling and driving around trying - again - to find the
canopy rail material.  Still no luck. Finished cleaning up
eight pulley bracket pieces. Drilled and primed the four
pieces that make the BH-21 rudder pulley brackets.
Picked up the completed BH-14 pulley brackets from the machine shop. Cleaned, primed and painted them. Cut out
and cleaned up the straps that will be bent to form cable retainers for the BH-14 pulley brackets.
The four pieces that make up the BH-21 rudder pulley
brackets.  Shown here just after being primed.
BH-14 rudder pulley brackets. Cleaned, primed and just
painted. Had them welded with a 10 degree lean, will still
need to add more lean in mounting position, as well as
shimmed to tilt to the rear to get oriented properly.
Four pieces that make up the BH-11 rudder pulley
brackets.  Cleaned up and bent, but not drilled yet.  
Waiting for pulleys to come in before drilling these parts.
April 10 2011 3.5hrs - 1293.0 total. Painted final coat on seat back brackets. Final installed one of them, but need
some more bolts to do the other one. Final painted the BH-21 rudder pulley brackets. Primed and painted the seat.
Trial fit the rudder box with control column box dry fit in place.  There is about a 1/4" gap between the pieces, need
to figure out how I'm going to deal with that.
April 11 2011 1.5 hrs - 1294.5 total. Found a local place to order the canopy rail.  Picked up several bolts, washers,
cotter pins, etc. and was able to finish final installing the seat back brackets. Assembled the rudder pulleys for
BH-21, started assembling the pulleys for BH-14. Need to finish the cable retention brackets for those.
April 15 2011 3.0hrs - 1297.5 total. Finished up the cable retention brackets for the BH-14 rudder cable pulleys, but
they where a little too small. Started over, finished them up and put on one coat of primer. The larger rudder pulleys
for BH-11 and under the rudder pedal box that I ordered came in today. Went and picked them up. Enlarged the slot
for the pulley on BH-11 on the SB side, still need to do the port. Will need to re-seal and paint those slots when
Shims being dry fit on BH-14 rudder pulley brackets.
Using cheap bolts and wing nuts for dry fit.
Aft side of BH-14 showing shim and
pulley bracket.  You can see the piece
of yarn I'm using to align the pulleys.
Forward side of BH-21 with rudder pulleys
being trial fit.  Will cut away some areas
and put lightening holes in the remaining
area of the large brace I had to put in
place to provide a base for these pulleys.
Aft side of BH-11 with pulley bracket
being trial fit.  Had to enlarge theses
slots quite a bit to fit these large pulleys.
April 16 2011 5.5hrs - 1303.0 total. Finished making and painted the BH-11 pulley brackets. Positions the BH-14
pulley brackets.  Made ups shims, drilled and dry fit them on both sides.  The shims are ready to be glued in place.
Enlarged the port BH-11 pulley slot. Drilled and prepared the backing plates for the large nut plates for the seat belt
attach eye bolts that go through the cockpit floor just ahead of BH-11. Started positioning the BH-21 pulley
brackets. Located and drilled pilot hole for cable route on ports side.
April 17 2011 1.5hrs - 1304.5 total. Assembled the BH-11 pulleys. Drilled the mounting holes in BH-11. Dry fit nut
plates on the SB side including drilling and screwing the nut plates in place.
April 18 2011 1.0hrs - 1305.5 total. Dry mounted BH-11 pulley nuts plates on port side. Also dry mounted nut
plates for seat belt attach points on bottom of cockpit floor just forward of BH-11. Made up filler blocks to fit in
between shims where they protrude above BH-14.
April 20 2011 2.0hrs - 1307.5 total. Glued in shims and filler blocks in BH-14. Glued spacer blocks onto antenna
mast bracket. Glued and final mounted nut plates on BH-11 for rudder pulley brackets and seat belt attach points.
Final mounted pulley brackets and seat belt eye bolts.
April 21 2011 1.0hrs - 1308.5 total. Removed clamps from BH-14 shim glue job and sanded to final shape and to
prep for coat of sealer. Sanded down small filler blocks on antenna mast bracket. Sanded and prepped area behind
BH-12 where this piece will mount. Found correct spacing for rudder bellcrank distance from fin post and clamped
into position so that I can get accurate position figured out for routing the rudder cables through BH-21. Measured
required bolt lengths for BH-14 brackets and made list of needed bolts and nut plates to pick up tomorrow. Removed
pulley brackets from BH-11 to allow for sealing and painting of enlarged slots.
April 22 2011 1.0hrs - 1309.5 total. Picked up the canopy rail today, also some more bolts and nut plates. Picked up
a couple of new pulleys for the elevator brackets on BH-20.  They were complete with different pulleys before that
had bushings, but I wanted to use the type with sealed bearings.  Replaced those pulleys.  Dry fit the new bolts on
BH-14 and dry mounted the nut plates.
April 23 2011 4.5hrs - 1314.0 total. Sealed 2 coats on the BH-14 shims as well as glued in the nut plates. Sealed 2
coats on the BH-11 pulley notches.  Sealed 2 coats on the upper part of BH-21 and the upper rear diaphragm
between 21 & 22 and part of 22. Started making the canopy rail. Got out the table saw and cut most of the pieces.
Still need to rip a couple more to have all the pieces I need to assemble the rail that holds the aluminum extrusion.
April 24 2011 5.0hrs - 1319.0 total. Put 2 coats of paint on all areas just sealed including the antenna mast bracket.
Final mounted BH-11 pulley brackets.  Final mounted SB BH-14 pulley bracket, but one of the nut plates on the
port side broke loose when I tried to mount that bracket so it will need to be redone.  Removed the broken nut plate,
sanded the base area, drilled and dry fit the new plate and screws.  Finished ripping the needed pieces for the canopy
May 12 2011 0.5hrs - 1319.5 total. Cut canopy rail wood pieces to length. Discovered I'm still about 1ft short on the
backing piece on one side.  Will have to dig out the table saw again to cut another strip.
May 15 2011 2.5hrs  - 1322.0 total. Dug out table saw and ripped a new piece for the
canopy rail. Put duck tape on rail and used it as form to glue rail pieces around. Glued rail
pieces together.
May 16 2011 0.5hrs - 1322.5 total. Removed clamps, cleaned duck tape goo off rail.
Canopy rail pieces being glued.  Clamped in place over
the rail itself with duck tape to keep the glue from
sticking. Also have wax paper taped to table top.