Fuselage (page 37)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
May 19 2011 0.5hrs - 1323.0 total. Sanded down glue
joints on canopy rails. Clamped in place on fuselage to
see how they will look. Climbed in and tried on the
cockpit with the rails in place - first time I've gotten an
idea of where the edge of my sight lines will be.  Pretty
tight getting in and out (door not in place yet) but
plenty roomy in the cockpit itself.
May 20 2011 2.0hrs - 1325.0 total. Started on installing
rudder cable pulleys on BH-21. Have to install at an
angle from vertical and also shimmed away from flat on
the BH. Need to put shims on the nut plate side also so
that the nut plates will be aligned with centerline of
bolts. Have port bracket bolt holes drilled and one of
the shims in place.
May 21 2011 4.5hrs - 1329.5 total. Finished shim for port side pulley bracket. Decided to cut in bevels on the back
side instead of adding a shim on the back side. Drilled holes, mounted nut plates, sanded surfaces, ready to glue in
place. Made shim for SB side, drilled holes.
Back side of port pulley bracket showing the nut plates loosely
fit in place. Instead of making a matching shim for the back
side I just carved bevels onto the back of the backing plate.
Front side of BH-21 with pulleys loosely set in position. This
view shows the shims used to align the pulleys with the route
of the control cables.  I've used yarn to show the cable route.
May 22 2011 5.0hrs - 1334.5 total. Finished installing both rudder pulleys on BH-21.  Just need to paint that area.
Rough installed SB canopy rail.
May 23 2011 2.5hrs - 1337.0 total. Rough fit port canopy rail.
May 26 2011 1.0hrs - 1338.0 total. Now that the BH-21 pulleys have had time to set up, removed them, sanded the
glue a bit and put two coats of paint on the shims and surrounding area where paint and sealer had been removed.
Also touched up paint on BH-14 nut plate fix. Re-installed BH-21 pulleys. The tightnes of the main bell crank has
been bothering me so I broke down and removed the cotter pin, loosened the nut a little, and re-pinned.  Much better
now. Visited the machine shop today and he is finally starting to work on the control column!
May 27 2011 3.5hrs - 1341.5 total. Cut out the four pieces for the pulley brackets that go under the cockpit floor,
bent them to shape and ground them to final shape. Noticed that two of them are bent the wrong way!  Will have to
cut two new pieces. Glued in the canopy rails.
Canopy rails glued in place.
New piece of skin being glued in place
between BH-14 to 15 port side and across
top to top of access hatch on SB side.
May 28 2011 1.0hrs - 1342.5 total. Made paper pattern for new skin section to go between BH-14 and 15.
May 29 2011 5.0hrs - 1347.5 total. Cut out, scarfed and glued in new piece of skin from BH-14 to 15 from upper
main longeron on port side over the top to the top of the fuselage access panel on the SB side. Put first coat of sealer
on inside. Sanded ends of canopy rails flush with bulkheads. Started planning for next skin section.
May 30 2011 6.5hrs - 1354.0 total. Removed clamps and straps for yesterday's glue job. Put second coat of sealer on
inside of new skin piece. Sanded down glue joints on exterior of new skin section. Laid out plywood piece for next
skin piece.  Traced out shape, rough cut to size, scarfed existing skin piece for joint. Need to final cut piece to shape
and glue in.
May 31 2011 3.5hrs - 1357.5 total. Final cut and fit next skin piece. Finished sanding scarf joints as needed. Glued
new piece in place between BH-13 and 14 from lower longeron on SB side over the top to the top of the cargo bay
hatch on the port side. Painted one coat of sealer on inner surface of the new piece.
June 1 2011 1.0hrs - 1358.5 total. Removed clamps and straps from yesterday's glue job. Sanded down glue seam.
Put two coats of paint on inside of previous skin piece and on new skin piece in areas not inside the baggage
compartment. Inside of the cargo bay is the only place being left in natural wood finish.
June 2 2011 3.0hrs - 1361.5 total. Made paper patterns, transferred to plywood and rough cut out skin pieces for SB
side under fuselage access hatch and port side under cargo hatch including next section forward on port side. This will
be the last 2mm skin - other than on the bottom.  I'm planning to wait till the fuselage is upside down for the wing
assembly before I skin the bottom of the fuselage.
June 5 2011 3.0hrs - 1364.5 total. Final cut the piece of skin for the SB side under the fuselage access hatch. Scarfed
it and the existing fuselage skin pieces and glued in place. Put one coat of sealer on inside surface of new skin. Used
extra sealer on a small section on the tail.
June 6 2011 1.5hrs - 1366.0 total. Put second coat of sealer on areas sealed yesterday. Removed clamps and straps
from glue job. Sanded down glue seams.
June 7 2011 1.5hrs - 1367.5 total. Clamped and strapped rough cut piece on port side under baggage hatch.  
Positioned, put in alignment pins, and traced outline on inside of skin in preparation for scarfing.
June 8 2011 2.5hrs - 1370.0 total. Trimmed piece to final size and scarfed it and existing fuselage skins where needed.
Ready to glue in. Put first coat of paint on port skin piece that was installed a couple days ago.
June 10 2011 1.0hrs - 1371.0 total. Traced pattern for pulley brackets under the rudder box onto metal stock again
and took out to machinist shop to cut out again.  Cut out two brackets. This time bent them in the right direction!
June 11 2011 3.5hrs - 1374.5 total. Put second coat of paint on previous skin piece, Put first coat of paint on area in
tail sealed a couple days ago. Glued on piece of skin on port side below cargo hatch. Put one coat of sealer on inside of
new skin.
June 12 2011 4.5hrs - 1379.0 total. Removed clamps and straps from yesterday's glue job. Sanded down glue joints
on outside of fuselage. Put first coat of paint on inside of new skin section. Put second coat of paint on section of tail
painted yesterday.  Finished bending pulley brackets to full 90degree angle as press at machinist could only get them
to about 70 degrees. Final shaped and wire brushed all four brackets. Drilled pulley shaft holes in all.
Rudder pulley brackets that go under
the rudder box - -partially complete.
New skin on port side under baggage compartment
hatch. This was the last of the 2mm skin.
June 13 2011 3.0hrs - 1382.0 total. Put second coat of paint on inside of new skin. Drilled cotter pin holes and
mounting holes in pulley brackets. Trial assembled them with bolts, washers, castle nuts, etc. Still need to prime and
paint. Also noticed these have the nut plates riveted to them so will have to drill those holes also. Sanded down all the
glue joints on both canopy rails in preparation for sealing and painting them. Will only do surfaces on inside of
fuselage and leave outer facing surfaces unfinished for attaching skin. With canopy rails finished I'll be able to start
gluing the 3mm skin on the forward section of the fuselage.
June 17 2011 4.0hrs - 1386.0 total. Picked up some more self etching primer. Drilled and counter sunk the pulley
brackets for rivet holes that hold on the nut plates. Put on two coats of primer and one coat of paint.
Riveted nut plates onto pulley brackets and assembled the pulleys. Put 1st coat of sealer on canopy rails.
June 18 2011 4.5hrs - 1390.5 total. Put second coat of sealer and first coat of paint on canopy rails. Used large
amount of left over sealer, mixed with thickener, to fill several low spots on exterior skin joints. Temp installed rudder
box and aligned to final position. Marked position, removed, drilled holes for bolts that attach rudder box to control
column box. Temp reinstalled rudder and control box, aligned and clamped in place. Cut out cardboard template for
rudder box mounting straps.