Fuselage (page 38)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
June 19 2011 2.5hrs - 1393.0 total. Put 2nd coat of
paint on canopy rails. Laid out the 8ea straps for
holding the rudder box onto the lower longerons on a
piece of stock steel. Drilled and counter sunk holes as
required. Still need to drill the rivet holes for the nut
plates then cut out and finish.
June 20 2011 1.5hrs - 1394.5 total. Drilled and counter
sunk rivet holes in rudder box straps. Started making
template for skin piece from BH-11 to 13 over the top
where the rear window goes.
June 21 2011 2.5hrs - 1397.0 total. Cut out the straps,
ground to shape, bent, wire brushed and put on two
coats of primer. Marked a piece of 3mm skin to cut out
for area behind pilots head, behind back window.
Rudder box attachment straps
pre-drilled, but not cut out yet.
Rudder box straps drilled, bent and
primed. Ready for paint and to rivet
on the nut plates.
June 23 2011 2.0hrs - 1399.0 total. Picked up stainless steel screws for mounting rudder box straps to longerons.
Looked up appropriate drill size and did some sample holes in scrap spruce to insure screws will work and drill bit is
sized correctly. Measured and marked longerons for locations of straps. Put first coat of paint on straps. Finished
measuring and rough cut 3mm skin piece for behind pilots head. Clamped one side in place and started to bend over
top of fuselage.  I did this a couple days ago with a whole 4 X 4 sheet of 3mm plywood and had no problems.  When
I started to bend the rough cut piece there was a loud snap and it broke completely in two. Decided to call it a night!
My first attempt to bend a piece of
rough cut 3mm plywood didn't
exactly turn out as planned!
June 24 2011 2.5hrs - 1341.5 total. Put second coat of paint of rudder box straps. Used broken piece of skin
plywood as template and cut a new piece. Tried steaming it and am again amazed at how flexible the wood becomes!
Bent new piece with straps, let cool a little, then trial fit in place on fuselage and strapped down to let cool
completely and dry.
Steamed skin strapped
in place to cool.
Looking down on steamed
plywood after bending with straps.
June 25 2011 3.0hrs - 1344.5 total. Marked and drilled the holes in the lower longeron for the rudder box straps.
Riveted the nut plates onto the straps. Marked and drilled holes in the rudder box for the bolts that will engage the
nut plates on the straps. Need to glue bevel strip to bottom of longeron where rudder box touches. Also need to cut
off rear part of rudder box at an angle to match the angle it touches BH-9 and add a shim to make it sit flat against the
front of the BH.
June 26 2011 1.5hrs - 1346.0 total. Did final dry fit on new skin piece prior to scarfing. Trimmed existing skin
protruding forward of BH-13. Put in brass nail pins and final marked inside of skin. Removed piece and trimmed. Just
need to scarf the joints then piece can be glued in.
June 28 2011 1.0hrs - 1347.0 total. Sanded down surfaces on BHs and stringers where glue will be applied when this
piece of skin is attached.
July 1 2011 4.0hrs - 1351.0 total. Sanded scarfs into existing skin piece and new piece being applied. Glued in place.
Put on first coat of sealer.
July 2 2011 3.5hrs - 1354.5 total. Removed clamps. Put on second coat of sealer. Marked and trimmed off the extra
skin where it overlapped the canopy rail. Marked area around where window will go. Studied plans and looked at
photos in books to see how back window should appear and will fit.
July 3 2011 4.5hrs - 1359.0 total. Trimmed around window opening, sanded and shaped some. Put two coats of
paint on inside of new skin piece. Finally found a photo with the location of the seat belt shoulder harness anchor
points visible. Now that I know where they go, I can go ahead and install them. Cut a piece of 3mm skin for SB side
from BH-14 to 9. Scarfed the joint areas. Did a couple of dry fits.  Its much stiffer than the 2mm plywood and takes
quite a bit more effort to get it to conform to the curve of the fuselage.  Also, as more skin goes on, there are fewer
places left open to put clamps.
Dry fitting a large piece of 3mm skin on SB side.
July 9 2011 2.5hrs - 1361.5 total. Made a steaming tent for the 3mm skin piece.  Steamed it and clamped it in place
to cool.  After cooling it made very little difference. Bought some long clamps that will reach from one side of the
fuselage to the other.  Looks like it will help a little when it comes time to glue this piece on. Tried to find an AN44
eye bolt that I need for the 2nd shoulder harness attach point locally. Finally gave up and ordered it from Aircraft
Spruce. Can't glue this piece of skin on until the shoulder harness anchor points are installed. Sanded down the joining
edge of the rudder box where it buts against the front of BH-8. Rough cut a piece of 1/4" plywood to act as a gap seal
between these pieces. Glued it in place on rear edge of rudder box.
Very rough cut "gap seal" of 1/4" plywood glued to rear
edge of rudder box.  Will sand to shape once it dries.
July 10 2011 3.0hrs - 1364.5 total. Shaped and sanded the rudder box gap seal.  Still need to seal and paint it.  There
are several spots on the rudder box that need to be patched or filled so I'll wait till the next batch of glue and get it all
at once. Trial fit the rudder box with the strap fixtures and temp bolted to front of control column box. With gap seal
in place, everything lines up fine. I don't think I'm going to put the wedge shims on the bottom of the longerons - don't
really see a reason for them as the straps hold the rudder box very firmly in place without them.
July 14 2011 1.5hrs - 1366.0 total. Sanded down some of the areas where I put thickened glue on the fuselage skin
joints to smooth them out. Sealed the gap seal on the rudder box and patched up several of the rough looking areas on
the rudder box where the cheap plywood had splintered when it was cut or drilled. Still waiting on the parts to come
in so I can install the shoulder harness anchors and then glue on the large skin section.
July 15 2011 3.0hrs - 1369.0 total. Sanded down gap seal and glue patches on rudder box. Touched up with 2 coats
of paint where needed. Started sanding the last of the fuselage BH to longeron glue joints on the last two bulkheads in
the tail, BH-22 and 23. Have them almost ready to be sealed and painted.
July 16 2011 5.0hrs - 1374.0 total. Finished sanding BH-22 & 23 and put on first coat of sealer. Made up rudder
attach point blocks from red oak and glued in place on BH-23. Pulled horiz stab off wall and dusted it off.  I'm
planning to sand down all the glue joints on the horiz stab and elevator and add new glue fillets to all the joints in
preparation for skinning them.
BH-22 & 23 with first coat of
sealer. Rudder attach hard
points are glued in place.
Oak rudder attach hard point
glued in place on BH-23.
July 17 2011 4.5hrs - 1378.5 total. Put second coat of sealer on BH-22 & 23. Started sanding down and cleaning up
the glue joints on the horiz stab.
July 21 2011 3.0hrs - 1381.5 Finished sanding down and cleaning up all the glue joints in the horiz stab.
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