Fuselage (page 39)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
July 23 2011 9.5hrs - 1391.0 Put in a
marathon day today! Put thickened glue fillets in
ALL the joints in the horiz stab. Put first coat of
primer on all internal surfaces of horiz stab.
July 24 2011 3.0hrs - 1394.0 total. Marked
locations of elevator hinge brackets on horiz
stab. Drilled upper hole for each bracket.
Located and drilled holes for small brass screws
that hold each nut plate for upper bracket bolt.
Need to glue and screw the nut plates in place.
Nut plate, 3/16 bolt and hinge bracket.  
This view is from inside the horiz stab, the
hinge bracket mounts on the opposite side.
Example of glue joint
with new fillet added.
July 29 2011 - Visited Tally-Ho HQ in Canada, Spent all day with
Steve and took lots of photos of his fuselage and the original
prototype that is being rebuilt.  I'll be posting most (if not all) of
those photos later in the news section of this site.
August 6 2011 4.5hrs - 1398.5 total. Glued rib#7 mid section into horiz stab.  Ribs were a little
short so had to make an extension for them. Hung stab back up on wall, got down elevator. Cut 1/8"
plates that mount next to rib 3 on each side of the elevator for the trim tab motor and horns. Cut
notches for horns, drilled and counter sunk screw holes for mounting horns. Cut trim tabs loose,
sanded ends of tabs flush.  Am going to need to clean up and re-glue all the joints in the elevator like
I just did on the horiz stab.  Also need to seal it all.
Rib 7 glued in place in horiz stab. You can see the rough
extensions I had to put on the end of the ribs to make them
long enough. Will need to trim and clean this up when it cures.
Trim tabs cut loose and sanded. Fitting the plate
that holds the trim tab horns. You can see the
countersunk mounting holes next to the horns.
Port side of elevator with trim tab cut out
and stubs not cleaned up yet. Am rough
fitting the trim motor mounting plate here.
August 7 2011 3.0hrs - 1401.5 total. Sanded down stubs on elevator from trim tab separation.
Glued 1/16" backing plates where trim tabs were removed and 1/8" trim motor mounting plate and
trim horn mounting plates on both sides of elevator and trim tabs.
August 13 2011 2.0hrs - 1403.5 total. Sanded backing plates to shape.  Sanded trim tab horn
mounting plates on the tabs, and the motor mounting plates on the  elevator outside surfaces.
Control column parts being painted.
Part of the reason it took so long for him to finish the control column is that he
was setting up the CNC files and modifying the plans so he can make more of
these units for Steve to sell to interested parties. Once I get this first one all
painted and ready to go I'll be sending it to Steve to see if he likes it and wants
to order some for stock.  So if you are a builder and don't want to have to build
your control column yourself, there may now be a source for them!
August 20 2011 3.0hrs - 1403.5 total. Machinist finally finished the control column up last week.  
Picked it up from him, disassembled, cleaned up with wire wheel and emery cloth. Painted two coats
of primer and one coat of color.  Will let them dry over night and see if they need a second coat of
color or not.
August 21 2011 0.5hrs - 1404.0 total. Touched up paint on control column parts. Removed
masking from some of the parts.
August 27 2011 2.0hrs - 1406.0 total. Loosely reassembled control column. Trial fit with control
push rod. Marked and drilled control column box for mounting holes. Purchased some more nut plates,
bolts, washers, etc. Ordered the fork for the pushrod. Installed rod end bearing on front bracket on
control column.
Control column loosely assembled and
being dry fit in control column box.
September 4 2011 2.5hrs - 1408.5 total. Aligned and drilled holes for nut plates on bottom of
control column box. Glued and screwed these 4 nut plates plus the 3 on the front that attach it to
the rudder box. Applied first coat of sealer. Sanded all surfaces and glue joints on elevator tram tabs.
Applied first coat of sealer. Touched up some of the glue joints. Received control rod fork in the mail.
Dry fit on end of push rod.
September 5 2011 1.5hrs - 1410.0 total. Applied 2nd coat of sealer to control column box and
both elevator trim tabs.
Control column box and elevator trim tabs with 2nd
coat of sealer. Nut plates are visable on bottom of
control column box - shown here upside-down.
September 10 2011 4.5hrs - 1414.5 total. Put two coats of paint on control column box.  Its
ready to be glued in place now. Permanently installed trim tab horns on both elevator trim tabs.
Measured and cut piano hinges for both trim tabs. Had to go pick up some nut plates and CS SS
screws.  Drilled and counter sunk holes in SB trim tab for mounting screws and nut plates. Drilled
holes in SB elevator trim tab mounting plate. Drilled and counter sunk piano hinge for SB side.
September 11, 2011 1.5hrs - 1416.0 total. Drilled holes for screws that hold nut plates on back of
elevator trim tab mounting plate. Sanded areas where nut plates will go.  Loosely fitted screws.
September 16 2011 2.5hrs - 1418.5 total. Drilled holes through port trim tab hinge and trim tab
and elevator mounting plates. Drilled holes for nut plate retaining rivets in trim tab plate.
Starboard trim tab and hinge
drilled and being dry fit. You can
see the installed trim tab horn.
Trim tab on full size MK-V. Note the full
fairing, even over the tab horn itself.