Fuselage (page 40)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
September 24 2011 5.5hrs - 1424.0 total.
Picked up control column from shop. He had to
grind down some areas to make room for the
larger style chain I'm using. Cleaned up , ground,
sanded and prepped to touch up the paint. Put
one coat of primer on the touched up areas.
Finished counter sinking the mount holes on
port trim tab hinge. Drilled nut plate mounting
holes in port trim tab mounting plate. Applied
sealer to all trim tab mounting nut plate holes.
Installed all nut plates on trim tabs and mounting
plates and sealed them.
September 25 2011 3.5hrs - 1427.5 total.
Lightly sanded the primer coat on the control
column then put heavy coat of paint over all.
Checked how the sealer looked after it dried on
the trim tabs. Lightly sanded some burs off.
Wrapped up trim tabs and hinges and stored.
Cleaned up a bit. Read through instructions on
horiz stab and elevator again. Made a drill jig,
marked center line on elevator. Drilled hinge
eye-bolt holes. Checked alignment after finishing
and found a couple of them off by about 1/8".  
Will need to plan how to get those all aligned.
October 1 2011 1.0hrs - 1428.5 total.
Shopped around for a 7ft long 1/4in steel rod.  
Settled on a piece of all-thread (it was only
$5.00). Cut it to length and threaded it through
all the elevator eye bolts to help figure out how
to align them. Also got out the elevator horn
and dry fit it into place. Sanded and cleaned up
the forward face of the elevator spar.
Eye bolts being
dry fit in elevator.
October 2 to 28 2011 3.0hrs - 1431.5 total. Went to a steel shop and bought a 1/4" steel rod.  
Works much better for aligning the elevator hinge pins. Marked and wallowed at a couple of the
holes. Just for fun I mounted the elevator on the fuselage temporarily and put the hinges on the
horiz stab then hung the elevator on the horiz stab to see how it would look.  Found that the hinges
on the stab are not aligned with the eye bolts on the elevator! Took it back apart and laid them next
to each other and re-measured and re-marked all seven of the points. Found that basically none of
them line up! Will need to re-drill the horiz stab hinge points after I check to see how they fit
between the elevator nose ribs. Also picked up the mostly assembled control column.  Its all finished
except the turnbuckles for the chain portion are still on order.  Once they come in it will be
complete.  Now I just need to find a spade grip.
Stab laid next to elevator to align hinge points. This is
something that should probably be done before the
elevator and stab are separated in the first place!
October 29 2011 3.5hrs - 1435.0 total. Marked centerline on stab, leveled and aligned on bench
then marked new hinge attach points as aligned with elevator points. Filled in old holes. Final trimmed
and glued in control column box. Located, marked and drilled holes for shoulder harness attach points
on main diaphragm.
Control column box glued in place.
Shoulder harness anchors
dry fit on main diaphragm.
Newly aligned and marked hinge bolt hole
next to freshly filled in abandoned hole.
November 4 2011 4.0hrs - 1439.0 total. Took the elevator to the local EAA meeting last night for a
show-and-tell. It was about -2F outside and the elevator is not sealed yet. I was worried about letting
it out of the humidified shop for a couple of hours.  Toward the end of the meeting I noticed one of
the glue joints had popped. The last of the parts came in for the control column. Picked them up and
assembled it. The action of the aileron is very jerky. Clamped base to a stiff wood block as sometimes
the base likes to go out of square if not bolted down. Thought that might be what was binding it up,
but it made no difference.  Found a spot where the chain was rubbing and filed that down, but it is
still pretty stuff and jerky. I think it has to do with the chain sprockets. I'll take it back out to the
machine shop and see what we can figure out. Sanded down and painted the glue joints on the
control column box and cockpit floor. Sanded down some of the fuselage skin joints where I've filled
low spots with extra thickened glue.
Assembled column clamped to stiff wood block - front
and back views. I canted the control to demonstrate
how it moves the aileron bellcrank at the base.
Cockpit floor and control column box
after cleaning up and painting glue joints.
Popped glue joint after just a couple of hours
exposed to humidity level of about 2% to 5%.
When it popped the gap was larger. This photo was
taken after being back in humidified shop overnight.
Gap is almost closed now. Shop humid is 40%.
November 25 2011 5.5hrs - 1444.5 total. Set the elevator in place on the stab and triple checked
the alignment of the hinge bracket holes. Removed elevator and drilled upper hinge bracket holes in
the horiz stab spar. Glued and screwed fiber nut plates in place for the new holes. Also glued and
screwed in nut plates for shoulder harness attach points. Glued on horiz stab outboard end caps.
Glued blocking that popped loose on elevator and filled in some other small air voids. Sanded splice
pieces on stab rib#7s (2 ea) and also sanded the ribs and glue joints to shape. Took control column
back to machinist. Looks like the expensive sealed chain we chose (has O-rings on each end of every
link) is just too stuff for this application.  Ordered some smaller, un-lubricated chain to try.
Outboard end-cap being glued on. You can also see
the finished rib#7 splice plates sanded to shape and
one of the hinge bracket nut plates glued in place.
New thin glue fixing where the joint
had popped apart. Used a piece of
paper saturated with glue in a sawing
motion to get glue into this tiny joint.
November 26 2011 1.0hrs - 1445.5 total. Removed clamps from last nights glue job. Researched
rod end bearings to use in place of the eye bolts called for in the plans for the elevator hinge. Decided
to go ahead and use the eye bolts. Installed the shoulder harness attach point eye bolts and washers
on the main diaphragm.
November 27 2011 2.0hrs - 1447.5 total. Moved stab out of the way and set up elevator on
bench.  Worked using steel rod and laser level to finish aligning the elevator hinge eye bolts. Turns out
that out of the seven bolts, only the center three are out of alignment. Enlarged those holes then
aligned all eye bolts and marked correct location.
November 28 2011 2.0hrs - 1449.5 total. Painted inside all the bolt holes with thin epoxy, allowed
it to soak in a bit, then put some thickened epoxy into the four holes that were OK. Filled the
remaining three over sized holes with thickened epoxy. Coated the eye bolts with mold release and
inserted all seven of them, aligned, and left to dry. Received the cast aluminum spade grip from Steve
today. Took it out to the machinist for him to bore and mount on control column.