Fuselage (page 41)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
November 30 2011 1.0hrs - 1450.5 total.
Removed eye bolts from dried holes. Cleaned
epoxy from bolt threads. Turned elevator over
and sanded down back side of holes where the
nut plates go.
December 1 2011 2.0hrs - 1452.5 total.
Drilled holes and installed screws on all nut plates
for elevator hinge eye bolts. Center nut plate is
riveted to control horn rather than screwed to
spar web blocking like the others.
December 3 2011 2.0hrs - 1454.5 total.
Touched up primer on control horn where it got
scuffed during the nut plate rivet install. Coated
inside with mold release as well as the hinge eye
bolts then glued and screwed the nut-plates in
place. Made bed of thickened epoxy and
pressed horn into it to create seat for it.
You can see where the hole was
intentionally over sized to allow
exact positioning and is now filled
by the thickened epoxy. Now its a
perfect fit and exactly positioned!
Nut plate riveted to control
horn and dry fit in position.
December 4 2011 4.5hrs - 1459.0 total. Sanded down back side of horiz stab spar and loose
mounted the hinge brackets. Installed the eye bolts in the elevator spar in the newly installed nut
plates. Spent quite a bit of time aligning the hinge brackets and the depth of the eye bolts, but finally
got everything aligned properly.  Only to find out that the elevator has a bout a 1/2" twist in it?! Have
clamped it in a twist the other way and will leave it over night to see of it makes any difference. I'm
not sure if the twist is in the stab or the elevator. Much more likely the elevator as its a much less
substantial structure and it hasn't been sealed yet.
PS...Just went back out to the garage to take some pictures and removed the clamps holding the
reverse twist to see if it had done anything yet, and now theres a slight reverse twist in it!  Good
news.  Means that its very easy to get it straight again. I'll have to pay close attention when I seal it
and again when covering it with fabric to keep it straight!
Horiz stab with elevator mounted on top. You can
see the eye bolts mated to the hinge brackets.
December 9 2011 1.0hrs - 1460.0 total. Clamped elevator in position then went back to each
bracket to check alignment. Finding slight tweaking needed to get everything lined up. Also found a
couple of the brackets are not bent quite vertical.  Need to straighten them up.
December 10 2011 5.0hrs - 1465.0 total. Finished straightening the brackets.  Had to grind the
slotted mounting holes a little larger on a couple of them to be able to get them into correct position.
Got all the brackets into final position and tightened down the bolt on the slotted hole. Removed the
elevator for better access to the stab spar. Drilled the second bracket mounting holes through the stab
spar. Turned the stab over and dry fit the nut plates.
December 11 2011 0.5hrs - 1465.5 total. Sanded area where nut plates will got to create bonding
surface for epoxy. Sanded down glue joints on SB #7 rib in preparation for sealing it.  The # 7 ribs
where just added recently and have not been sealed yet.
December 16 2011 0.5hrs - 1466.0 total. Sanded down port stab rib #7.
December 18 2011 2.5hrs - 1468.5 total. Drilled, screwed and glued second nut plates onto back of
stab rear spar for holding hinge brackets. Also sealed #7 ribs and outboard end-caps.
2nd nut plates installed on back side of horiz stab
rear spar. These hold the elevator hinge brackets.
December 19 2011 1.0hrs - 1469.5 total. Turned stab over on bench. Sanded down bottom side of
bolt holes. Sanded outboard end-caps to shape. Measured for correct length eye bolts and other
hardware to finish up hinge installation. Ordered bolts, washers, etc and tubing that needs to be in
place for the trim tab wiring.
December 20 2011 1.5hrs - 1471.0 total. Removed hinge brackets from horiz stab. Sanded and
cleaned up the back of the rear spar web where the brackets go and applied a thick coat of sealer to
the entire back surface. Reviewed the instructions on how to apply the skin. Checked my stock of
2mm plywood. Ready to go on skinning the stab!
December 23 2011 4.0hrs - 1475.0 total. Sanded down all contacts edges on the top SB side of
the stab in preparation for skinning. Put the stab on the fuselage to mark where it intersects for
locating where the inboard edges of the skin will end. Removed stab. Marked and cut a piece of 2mm
plywood for upper SB skin.  Clamped in place. Put in two brass pins for positioning. Traced all contact
points onto inside surface of skin. Marked contact points on outside for clamping location. Tested
stapling some samples of skin. Am going to try using staples as well as clamps this time. Light sanded
inside of skin. Did some trial clamping of skin.  Ready to glue.
December 24 2011 4.5hrs - 1479.5 total. Glued skin onto top of SB side of stab. Put two coats of
sealer on inner surface of skin
December 25th 2011 0.5hrs - 1480.0 total. Removed staples and clamps from yesterday's glue job.  
Got a rivet gun and a compressor for Christmas!
December 26 2011 6.5 hrs - 1486.5 total. Trimmed and sanded skin around SB leading edge of stab
and on the outboard horn rib.  Left the rear skin protruding as it will be a kind of gap seal when the
elevator is installed and I need to wait to get the length  right. Prepped port upper side of stab, cut
and prepped piece of skin. Glued in place. This time I drilled small holes in the skin along the line of the
top of the ribs to align any needed staples. Worked very well.
First piece of skin on the stab.
December 27 2011 5.5hrs - 1492.0 total. Applied 2nd coat of sealer to inside surfaces. Let dry.
Removed clamps and staples from last nights glue job. Sanded down outer surface. Trimmed and
sanded leading edge and outboard horn rib. Trial fit stab on fuselage to determine where to trim back
skin in inboard areas to fit down over BHs. Marked and trimmed. Marked and cut new piece of skin for
bottom of SB side. Marked location of ribs on outside of skin. Glueing this side will be quite a challenge
as there is no way to see the glue joints once the skin is put in place. I've included several pictures of
the stab with the upper skins finished as its the last time I'll get to see all the parts that went in to
get to this point!
Lots of pictures of the stab with the top
skins on as its the last time I'll be able to
see all those nice looking internal parts!
December 29 2011 1.5hrs - 1493.5 total. Drew more locating lines for ribs and spars on both sides
of skin piece. Sanded back side of rear stab spar and skin overhangs in preparation for gluing in the
1/2" wood fillets that support the skin overhang. Also spar needs to be sanded to allow a final
glue/sealer layer for when the hinge brackets are mounted. Sanded all contact areas on stab for new
skin. Put first coat of sealer on inside of skin piece.