Fuselage (page 42)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
December 30 2011 3.5hrs - 1497.0 total. Put
2nd coat of sealer on inside of skin. Glued and
clamped skin in place on bottom SB side of stab.
December 31 2011 2.5hrs - 1499.5 total.
Removed clamps, staples, etc. Sanded staple
holes. Trimmed leading edge and along horn rib.
Sanded leading edge on SB side to prepare for
laminates. Sanded skin along horn rib flush. Laid
out poly-tubing, that is basically used as flexible
conduit for the trim tab motor wires, on port side
to plan where it will penetrate the stab spar webs.
January 1 2012 5.0hrs - 1504.5 total. Temp
attached elevator to determine exact placement
of tubing for trim tab wires. Marked and cut last
piece of skin for stab - bottom port. Marked
location of ribs and spars on both sides. Applied
first coat of sealer to inside surface of skin.
Drilled holes for tubing in stab spar webs and made up some retainer clips to hold it in place. After 1st
coat of sealer dried, applied 2nd coat to inside of skin and spar web penetrations. Installed tubing and
permanently mounted it and clamps.
January 2 2012 5.5hrs - 1510.0 total. Glued bottom port side skin on stab. Made up some 1/4"
plywood discs to put under the 970 washers that go under the heads of the AN-44 eye bolts that
are the elevator hinges. Plans call for washers, but it would take several to fill the 1/4" gap needed
and would add a lot of weight. Noticed that Terry and Steve both used wood blocking. Don't know
why the plans call for using washers? Inspected all the hinge brackets that go on the trailing spar on
the stab again. Am not happy with how most of them appear "out of square". Made up a bracket so I
can clamp them in a vice a square them up.
Last piece of skin on stab - actually its on the bottom
here so you cant see it. Didn't put up pictures of each
piece being glued as they looked pretty much the same.
January 3 2012 2.0hrs - 1512.0 total. Removed pins, staples and clamps from stab skin glue job.
Trimmed leading edge and horn rib, sanded leading edge, but forgot to sand the horn rib - will get it
later. Trimmed and sanded skin where it butts against fuselage.
Wanted to put some photos here showing how
long the stab is. I'm 6ft tall and I can't reach the
florescent lights you can see hanging there. Its
difficult to get a shot showing both sides of the
stab. This shows how thin the stab is.
January 6 2012 2.0hrs - 1514.0 total. Sanded down the skin over the horn rib that I missed before.
Marked and trimmed all four skin pieces where trailing spar skin overhang angles to fit into crook of
elevator. Glued on first leading edge laminate.
January 7 2012 5.5hrs - 1519.5 total. Removed staples from yesterdays laminate glue job. Glued on
second leading edge laminate. Ordered trim tab motor and push-rod assembly from Aircraft Spruce.
Used mounting plate I made the other day to straighten all the hinge brackets. Temp mounted them
all on the stab trailing spar. Temp hung elevator on hinge brackets to check alignment, etc.  Looks
fine. Work better after straightening brackets! Drilled hole for tubing to pass through leading edge spar
on elevator. Removed elevator and hinge brackets. Sanded and prepped area where coping will go.
Measured, cut and glued in 1/2" coping on bottom skin to stab spar joint. Had to grind in notches for
the hinge brackets in the coping where the stab gets narrow on each end.
1/2" coping glued to bottom skin where it overhangs
the spar on the trailing edge.  You can see the notch I
had to make for the hinge bracket on each end.
January 8 2012 3.0hrs - 1522.5 total. Removed clamps and staples from yesterdays glue jobs - 2nd
leading edge laminate and lower trailing edge coping. Sanded front side of 2nd laminate in preparation
for installation of 3rd. Used two pieces for 3rd laminate so had to create scarf joint. Glued on 3rd
leading edge laminate.
January 9 2012 2.5hrs - 1525.0 total. Removed clamps and staples from yesterdays glue job.
Sanded down outer surface of newest laminate. Cut and rough sanded the top side of the three
laminates flush with surface of skin. I need to put on a 4th laminate, but only need it to be about
1/2" high instead of a full width 2" strip. By trimming the existing layers I can position the narrower
strip properly.
January 11 2012 1.0hrs - 1526.0 total. Turned stab over and sanded the bottom side of the three
leading edge laminates. Tried dry fitting a narrower strip for the 4th laminate, but there is such an
angle in the face of the previous laminates that it won't lay flat all the way.  Looks like I'll need to put
one strip on each side (Port and SB)
January 12 2012 2.0hrs - 1528.0 total. I had been saving my last pre-cut 14ft 1/8" X 2.5" laminate
strip, but broke down and did a dry fit with it, and it fit just fine. So went ahead and glued that in
place as the 4th laminate on the leading edge of the stab.  Met with machinist today. He's got the
control column re-assembled with the new chain and has the spade grip ready to mount.  Should be
able to pick it up in a couple of days.
4th and last leading edge laminate being glued in
place. You can see that I've started using staples
quite a bit and they work great! You just have to get
them out after the glue sets, but before it cures.
4th  leading edge laminate on the horiz
stab being glued in place. 1st three
have been rough shaped already.
January 13 2012 0.5hrs - 1528.5 total. Removed staples from 4th leading edge laminate.
January 14 2012 3.0hrs - 1531.5 total. Picked up control column with mounted spade grip from
machine shop. Temp mounted it in place in the cockpit. Will put some pictures in tomorrow. Received
the trim tab motor and push-rod I ordered a couple days ago. Figured out a way to clamp the stab in
a vertical position so I can sand both sides of the leading edge at the same time. Started sanding.
Trimmed 4th laminate down to rough shape on both sides and sanded port side down to almost
finished shape.
Port side leading edge laminates sanded down
to shape, still needs a little more finish sanding.
January 15 2012 3.0hrs - 1534.5 total. Sanded down SB side and finish sanded both sides. I'm a little concerned with
how narrow the leading edge is toward the outboard edges. Went back and looked at photos of real Spitfires and the
leading edge is a constant thickness. I think I sanded the ribs in the outer sections of the stab down a little too much.
Probably not very noticeable unless you built it yourself! Hopefully it won't have any serious aerodynamic
repercussions! Started shaping the other 1/2" coping to go under the trailing edge skin overhang.
Added some photos on the Tally-Ho
pictures page 3.  This is my favorite!
January 16 2012 2.0hrs - 1536.5 total. Finished trimming coping piece and glued onto trailing edge
spar under skin overhang.
January 18 2012 2.5hrs - 1539.0 total. Removed clamps from second coping strip. Trimmed and
sanded ends of strips. Sanded all surfaces inside trailing edge of stab. Applied a coat of sealer to those
areas and to outboard endcaps.
2nd piece of 1/2" coping being glued to
trailing edge spar. This is the last piece of
the stab. Now just some trimming and
mount the hinge brackets and its done!