Fuselage (page 46)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
May 4 2012 3.5hrs - 1172.5 total. Glued in vert stab ribs
# 1 and 3. Cut out paper template for rudder spar, traced
on 3mm ply and dug out templates for the rest of the
rudder ribs. Reviewed the plans for building the rudder.
May 5 2012 5.5hrs - 1178.0 total. Removed clamps from
last nights glue job. Started sanding vert stab glue joints.
Sanded stringer scarf joints and glue joints. Sanded some
of the larger glue patches on SB side of fuselage. Cut out
all the paper templates for the rudder ribs. Traced them
onto 3mm plywood, marked lightening holes, etc. Rough
cut to shape then final shaped on sander. Pulled out large
piece of skin for SB side of fuselage and dry fit again.
Marked BH and longeron locations on outside of piece
for staple locations during gluing.
Vert stab ribs # 1
and 3 being glued in
Rudder post spar web
traced onto plywood, stack
of rudder rib templates to
be trimmed and traced.
All ribs in place. Still need external
profiles and glue joints sanded.
Rudder post spar web and all
3mm ribs final sanded to shape.
Still need lightening holes cut.
Top and bottom ribs are of 1/4"
stock. Haven't cut them out yet.
May 6 2012 - I'll be putting my project on display for one day during the Fairbanks Aviation Day on May 19th so
started preparing for that.  The time doesn't count as I'm not really working on the airplane. Drew up some plans for
some portable supports to hold the fuselage when its off the work table. Ordered some more epoxy. Removed the
clamps holding the fuselage to the table and tried lifting at the firewall. Pretty heavy! Probably about 100lbs or so
right there, so I'm guessing the whole thing weighs aver 200lbs by now. Also determined I'll have to roll the fuselage
on its side partway to get it out of the garage door and into the U-Haul truck to take it out to the airport.
May 11 2012 - Picked up some lumber and started building the portable supports. Canceled the order for more epoxy
due to the shipping costs - was twice what the epoxy cost! Also canceled the idea of getting the parts from Tally-Ho
shipped as the shipping costs were ridiculous. It will be cheaper for me to drive down there and get them myself!
Loading into a 26" U-Haul truck. You can see the supports with the strap
slings inside the truck that allowed it to be rotated so the tail would fit.
On display at Fairbanks Aviation Day 2012. I had planned for a display
board and large signs, but was told the signs would be provided - they
never showed up. Also didn't know if I could have a table or not so this was
pretty last minute.  If I do this again next year it will be much better done.
May 12th - 20th 2012 - not counting this time for construction. Built a couple of large cradles to allow the aircraft to
be supported in the van while being transported, but also so that it could be laid on its side at a 45 degree angle so the
tail would fit. At the last minute, also built a support for the front and back with wheels so the airframe could be
easily rolled around in the display hanger.
There was a lot of interest and support for my project.  My friend had made an extremely accurate 1/32 scale Spitfire
MK1 model that I had on display also.  It was invaluable in explaining to most of the people, especially the kids,
exactly what this big weird looking thing was.  Many people mistakenly assumed it was just a big non-flying model
because I had written "Replica 80% Spitfire" on the sign. Many were surprised that it was actually going to fly with
a person inside of it!
As I mentioned before, there was a lot of support and encouragement with many people wishing me good luck and
hoping to see me back again next year with more progress and hoping to see it flying soon. Surprisingly, no one asked
about the plans or expressed any interest in building one themselves.  Maybe once it looks more like an airplane the
interest will swing more in that direction.
May 25 2012 - still not counting time - Put away all the clamps, straps, tools etc. Put the garage back in shape after
all the moving I had to do to get the garage door open and the plane out for the show. Have everything back in place
now pretty much like it was before.
May 26 2012 4.5hrs - 1182.5 total. Cleaned up a little more. Cut out paper templates for 1/4" rudder ribs, traced on
stock, cut out and final sanded to shape. Cut all the circular lightening holes in the rudder ribs and pilot holes for the
odd shaped ones. Takes a very long time to do this!
May 27 2012 2.0hrs - 1184.5 total. Rough cut all the remaining notches and shapes in the rudder ribs and spar web.
May 28 2012 1.0hrs - 1185.5 total. Dug out the old elevator/stab jig box and set it up on the workbench. Trial fit
some of the ribs. Mounted elevator on the horiz stab to get it out of the way of the rudder jig.
Cut circular lightening holes in all rudder ribs.  Top two
pieces are from 1/4" stock and are complete. All the
rest need odd shaped holes cut and all holes sanded.
All notches, holes and slots rough
cut into rudder ribs and spar web.