Fuselage (page 48)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
October 8 2012 2.0hrs - 1235.5 total. Moved some
clamps around to free up the smaller ones I'm running
short on. Re-clamped and re-taped some areas. Finally got
the shape I'm after. Marked the laminate strips for glue
location. Ready to glue.
October 13 2012 6.0hrs - 1241.5 total. Still wasn't
satisfied with profile so went back through reference
photos of actual aircraft and settled on a shape that I
could duplicate. Sanded a couple of the vert stab ribs to
get the shape then glued in first laminate strip all the way
Plans show leading edge of
vert stab almost a straight line
Drawing from reference
book shows leading edge
with a definite curve.
My best attempt to duplicate
the reference drawing.
October 14 2012 5.0hrs - 1246.5 total. Removed clamps from yesterday glue job. Sanded outer surface of existing
laminate. Sanded scarf into most forward part of strip where it meets the top longeron. Dry fit 2nd laminate. Marked,
test clamped, removed, sanded scarf a little more. Glued 2nd laminate in place.
2nd laminate being
glued in place.
October 15 2012 2.0hrs - 1248.5 total. Removed clamps from yesterday glue job.
Sanded outer surface of 2nd laminate and around the sides to eliminate glue snags.
Sanded scarf into fuselage join. Dry fit 3rd laminate in place and cut to length. Made
up a shim to extend one of the vert stab ribs that ended up being too short once the
correct leading edge shape was defined. Still need to glue shim and 3rd laminate in
October 17 2012 2.0hrs - 1250.5 total.  Glued 3rd laminate and shim.
October 18 2012 3.0 hrs - 1253.5 total. Removed clamps, used belt sander to sand
down sides of laminates and shim and remove excess dried glue. Sanded scarf at
fuselage join. Dry fit 4th laminate. Cut to length. Glued on 4th laminate.  Getting
faster at this! The trick is to use plenty of thickened epoxy so you don't have to
spend so much time adding clamps all over the place.  Let the epoxy fill the voids
instead of trying to press the laminate into every little wiggle.
October 19 2012 3.5hrs - 1257.0 total. Removed clamps from 4th laminate, sanded, scarfed fuselage join. Removed
clamping forms from rudder. Dry fit 5th laminate, cut to length, glued in place. Had some glue left over so got elevator
down from where it was stored, set up on bench and glued in the last two remaining reinforcement strips for the skin
overhang around the hinge points.
October 20 2012 0.5hrs - 1257.5 total. Removed clamps from rudder and from elevator stiffeners. Hung elevator back
up out of the way.
October 21 2012 3.0hrs - 1260.5 total. Sanded outer edge of laminate 5 and scarfed at fuselage join. Dry fit #6 and
glued in place. Got an e-mail answer back from Steve regarding my concerns about the shape of the vert stab and the
rudder.  He confirmed that the vert stab in the plans doesn't have enough curve, so I'm glad I fixed that.  Unfortunately
he also confirmed that the shape of the rudder is wrong. I've spent some time with some drawings and think I could fix
it by cutting the laminates loose about 1/4 of the way down the back of the rudder and just pulling the whole profile in
a bit.  The bottom will need to be flattened and I may end up having to cut part of it away and scarf in some additional
material.  When this laminate dries I'll cut them loose from the ribs and see what it looks like when I pull them in.
Left to right - Plans for rudder, drawing from reference book, plans drawing that I've cut
the bottom part of the rudder and rotated.  Looks much more like reference drawing.
Using photo editing software I've superimposed a photo of a MKV tail with the
Tally-Ho plans on the left, and the Tally-Ho plans with the bottom portion rotated 5
degrees on the right. So it looks like enough of a difference that it needs to be
fixed, and that pulling in the bottom of the existing laminates would be a good start.
October 24 2012 2.5hrs - 1263.0 total. Cut laminates loose from ribs along back of rudder down to and including the
rudder post. Used a ratchet strap to pull the laminates in while steaming the area I wanted to bend. As usual, steaming
works amazingly well and makes the wood very soft and easy to bend - even after its laminated.  After messing with
this a while I've decided to cut the laminates at the top of the trim tab, since I'll be cutting them there later anyway
and make the remaining section over again with new laminates. There's just too much a shape change to try to achieve
with steaming in this area. And its easy to get the shape you want with new laminates. This means I don't have
enough material and will have to go get some more cut at the wood shop.
October 28 2012 4.5hrs - 1267.5 total. Scanned a drawing from a reference book and enlarged it to full scale and
plotted it out. Attached it to the side of my current rudder to see how it compared.  Lots of difference, even at the
top where I thought its was OK. Tried steaming the top bend to lessen the bend, but it de-laminated under stress and
steam so
I cut off the laminates at the top of the vert stab and will redo the entire rudder perimeter based on the
profile from the full size drawing.
 Glued the full size plot to a piece of cardboard to make it easier to deal with.  
Clamped it in place and it looks very accurate.
Full size drawing of a rudder
from a reference book temp
attached to the side of the
existing rudder. Differences
are too much to overcome by
bending. Have cut away these
laminates and will start over.
November 2 2012 3.0hrs - 1270.5 total. Cleaned up the shop a little. Removed the rudder from the fuselage and
clamped to bench.  Was going to make a bunch of clamping templates, but decided it will be much faster and easier to
build a form for the rudder laminates and make them separately then mate them up with the rest of the rudder later.
Transferred rudder profile to laminates jig and started mounting clamping blocks. Have to only use blocking on the
inside of the form as additional laminates will be added to the outside.  Makes it a little trickier than making a jig for
something like wing ribs.
November 3 2012 1.0hrs - 1271.5 total. Took some measurements and went up to the hardwood store to pick up
some more spruce for the laminates. They are backlogged and won't be able to get them done till next week.  So I've
only got two pieces left that are long enough.
November 4 2012 2.0hrs - 1273.5 total. Covered the laminate jig with wax paper and the blocking with tape, etc.
Cut the two remaining laminate strips to length, glued together, and clamped in place in jig.
November 9 2012 3.0hrs - 1276.5 total. Picked up the pre-cut laminate strips from the wood shop. Removed
clamps from the previous glue job. Removed glued pieces from jig and sanded and cleaned up to prep for next
laminate. Patched up holes in wax paper on jig with duck tape. Cut and glued next laminate to previous pieces in jig.
Left to dry. Started sanding glue joints in vert stab to prep for additional laminate layers to be glued to back side
between ribs.
Starting on
laminates jig. Note
full size template
from enlarged
drawing from
reference book
Gluing 3rd laminate
layer in jig.
November 10 2012 4.0hrs - 1280.5 total. Started cutting small laminate pieces to
put on back side of laminates on vert stab between ribs. Some of them are very short
pieces with significant bend so are hard to do without breaking.  Broke two pieces
then decided to steam them.  Steamed some stock cut to approximate length and
clamped to a curve form. Haven't removed them from the form yet. Removed rudder
laminates from jig, cleaned up, patched jig wax paper some more with duck tape.
Glued on fourth laminate. Sanded vert stab glue joints some more.
November 11 2012 3.0hrs - 1283.5 total. Removed laminates from jig, Cleaned up
glue spills, etc and jig. Glued on 5th laminate in jig. Also glued some laminate pieces
to the back of the existing laminates on the leading edge of the vert stab.
November 14 2012 2.5hrs - 1286.0 total. Same as the 11th - glued on 6th laminate
and one more small section on back of vert stab laminates.