Fuselage (page 49)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
November 15 2012 3.5hrs - 1289.5 total. Removed
rudder laminates from jig. Cleaned up and sanded down
excess glue. Started sanding and shaping vert stab leading
edge. Cleaned up glue from broken joints on rudder ribs
from when old laminates were removed. Re-mounted
rudder on fuselage. Trimmed new laminates a little and
temp clamped in place on rudder to see how it looks.  
Looks pretty good!
Looks like a Spitfire
rudder now!
November 16 2012 2.5hrs - 1292.0 total. Laid out finished laminates on full size template
along with existing rudder post and ribs and experimented with a couple of ideas on how to
make the existing ribs fit into the new laminates. Decided to put small extensions on the tips
of the existing ribs and laminate small strips on the edges of all the ribs to increase the profile
enough to provide a constant taper from the side of the rudder post to the edge of the new laminates. Started building
the extension pieces for the ribs. Glued some more laminates to back of vert stab laminates.
November 17 2012 4.5hrs - 1296.5 total. Finished making the rudder rib extension pieces. Dry fit new rudder
laminates in place on rudder post, marked, trial clamped then glued in place. Cut some more laminate strips for the
back of the vert stab laminates and glued on a few more sections. Now have 8 layers on most of the vert stab.
New completed
laminates being glued
onto rudder spar.
8th layer of
laminates on
vert stab.
November 18 2012 4.0hrs - 1300.5 total. Glued last two laminates sections to back of vert stab laminates.  Now have
8 layers on all sections. Finished preparing the rib extension pieces and glued them in place on all the ribs except the
two that butt onto the back of the trim tab hinge plate - will save those for later. These pieces extend the ribs to reach
the new, larger rudder laminates.
Last two vert stab
laminates glued in place.
Different angles on the rib extenders.
November 19 2012 2.0hrs - 1302.5 total. Started sanding rudder laminates to shape. Clogged up sandpaper on disc
sander. Had to stop and replace it - went with 50grit this time. Now it really removes material!
November 21 2012 2.0hrs - 1304.5 total. Marked centerline on inside surface of laminates. Continued sanding down
to shape. Need to mark a centerline on the outside. Clamped to bench and started working on the centerline.
November 23 2012 4.5hrs - 1309.0 total. Sanded down laminates on vert stab - took almost 4 hours just to sand it
down. Sanded down edges of vert stab ribs.  Vert stab is pretty much ready to skin now. Set up laser level to try to
get a straight line down the outside of the rudder laminates.
November 24 2012 2.5hrs - 1311.5 total. Finally figured out a way to get a centerline marked all the way around the
rudder laminates and ribs. I clamped the rudder down to the workbench on its side with the centerline pf the spar and
a couple of know rib centerlines at exactly 2" above the surface of the table. The I made a tool to allow me to draw a
line at exactly 2" and went all around all the surfaces. Now I have a nice centerline on the laminates and the ribs.
Unfortunately this new line confirms that I've got the top rib - the one that extends forward of the spar - on a little
crooked. Going to take some creative engineering to fix that up!
Finished sanding the
vert stab leading
edge laminates and
ribs to shape.
Gluing some
extra material on
the side of the
forward rib and
November 26 2012 2.0hrs - 1313.5 total. Cleaned up some of the glue joints on the rudder spar. Verified and marked
the correct centerline on the rib that projects forward of the rudder spar. Cut, shaped, and glued in place some extra
material on the side of this piece and the laminates in that area to allow them to be shaped properly.
November 28 2012 2.5hrs - 1316.0 total. Removed clamps, sanded down faces of added pieces so they could be
marked for trimming. Traced correctly positioned rib outline and sanded new pieces down to near final shape. Spent
about 2 hours sanding down the rest of the laminates to near final size - mostly to allow me to tell where the extra
material needs to go on the sides of the ribs.
Rudder laminates
after sanding to near
final shape. Still need
to add extra material
to sides of ribs.
Rudder rib shims ready to be glued on.
November 29 2012 3.0hrs - 1319.0 total. Ground down sides of rib extenders to allow material to be glued on the
edges of the ribs. Made up strips to go on edges of all the rudder ribs.  Ready to be glued in place.
December 1 2012 2.5hrs - 1321.5 total. Glued pieces onto edge of ribs.
December 2 2012 4.5hrs - 1326.0 total. Sanded down rudder shim pieces - they turned out pretty well! Made new
trim tab and hinge plate and glued into position. Started gluing in the diagonal bracing rods.
Rudder rib shims glued in place and
sanded down to final shape. New trim tab
pieces and some diagonal bracing glued in.
December 3 2012 1.0hrs - 1327.0 total. Bought some more dowel rod. Cut to length and dry fit remaining two pieces
of dowel. Started sanding trim tab to shape.
December 4 2012 2.0hrs - 1329.0 total. Sanded down trim tab. Sanded laminates and sides of ribs a little more trying
to get out some small wiggles and bumps.
December 5 2012 2.0hrs - 1331.0 total. Cut and sanded to shape new laminate pieces that go on the back of the
existing laminates, between the ribs. Have then clamped in place for a dry fit.
December 6 2012 2.5hrs - 1333.5 total. Glued in laminate back pieces and remaining two dowel pieces.
Gluing on the
first layer of
inside laminates.
Plans call for two.
This clearly shows how
the inside laminates
lock in the ribs.
December 9 2012 2.0hrs - 1335.5 total. Removed clamps, sanded down glue joints and outside edges of laminates a
little to prepare for 2nd layer of inside strips. Cut , sanded and dry fit 2nd layer.  Ready to be glued in.  Found one
end of one of the dowel glue joints broke loose.  Will need to clean it up and re-glue it.
December 10 2012 2.0hrs - 1337.5 total. Glued in 2nd laminates. Haven't been putting laminates on the inside of the
top arch of the rudder yet.  Glued 1st laminate to inside of one side of the arch. Made up a blocking piece to reinforce
where the dowel came loose, cleaned up old broken joint and glued dowel and blocking in place.
December 12 2012 1.5hrs - 1339.0 total. Removed clamps. Sanded down laminates. Sanded and prepped areas
where remaining laminates need to go.
December 15 2012 3.0hrs - 1342.0 total. Made up more blocking and glued in place along with more laminates on
inside of rudder top arch. Only one laminate left after these.
Blocking for the diagonal dowels.
Two more laminates on the inside
of the top arch on the rudder.