Fuselage (page 50)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
December 16 2012 3.0hrs - 1345.0 total. Removed
clamps. Started trimming edge of new laminates. Made
up a blocking piece for the remaining un-blocked dowel
end. Sanded down the sides of a couple of the ribs to
make the edge shims flush with the surface of the ribs.
Cut and dry fit the 2mm ply plates for the trim tab
actuator panels on the rudder and the trim tab itself.
December 17 2012 0.5hrs - 1345.5 total. Finished
trimming and rough sanded the laminates in the top arch
section of the rudder. Final sanded down the blocking
pieces that were just glued in. Still more blocking pieces
to fit and glue before I can start on the nose ribs and skin.
December 20 2012 1.0hrs - 1346.5 total. Made two
more blocking pieces. Sanded glue joints to allow blocking
to fit properly.
Rudder nose D-rib
patterns traced onto
1/8" plywood scraps.
Last laminate glued in
place on rudder top arch.
Last 5 blocking pieces glued
in place as well as ply panels
for trim tab motor and trim
tab control arm location.
December 23 2012 1.5hrs - 1348.0 total. Finished making the remaining blocking pieces. Did quite a bit more sanding
to prepare to glue them in place.
December 24 2012 5.0hrs - 1353.0 total. Dry fit all pieces before starting glue job.  Cracked the laminate piece so had
to cut a new one. Glued in all five remaining blocking pieces as well as the 1/8" ply panels where the trim tab motor
and control horn are installed later. Cut out and traced D-rib paper templates onto 1/8" ply stock.
December 25 2012 1.5hrs - 1354.5 total. Removed clamps. Trimmed and sanded down last laminate, new blocking
and trim section ply panels.
December 26 2012 5.0hrs - 1359.5 total. Sanded down entire rudder assembly including both sides of all ribs to
remove extra material from rib shims and any extra glue. Mounted rudder on vert stab and marked laminates where
they join at the top front of the stab to get the correct profile for sanding them to shape. Removed rudder, clamped to
bench and started shaping the laminates on the top of the rudder.
Rudder completely sanded
and ready for sealing.
Starting to shape laminates
on top arch and leading edge.
Finished sanding
rudder laminates
to shape.
December 27 2012 5.5 hrs - 1365.0 total. Finished sanding top portion of rudder laminates to shape,  Had to mount
and dismount rudder from stab a couple of times to check the shape. Went ahead and shaped the rest of the laminates
down the trailing edge of the rudder, but can't do the bottom till I get a better idea what the bottom profile will end up
being.  Tried determining the profile on the bottom of the fuselage on back to the rudder, but the bottom longeron still
needs quite a bit of shaping.  I'll have to leave the bottom of the rudder incomplete for now. Cut out all the rudder nose
D ribs, sanded to shape and dry fit on rudder spar. Cleaned out the notches and got final fit. Rigged up a strip of wood
as a gluing brace/jig for the D ribs.
December 28 2012 1.5hrs - 1366.5 total. Glued in all D ribs on front of rudder spar.
Rudder trial fit on stab
after final shaping of the
laminates (all except the
very bottom)
Clamped a strip of wood just above the
D-ribs then made up a bunch of
cardboard "fingers" and clamped them in
place after gluing in the ribs. Works great
to hold them in position till the glue dries.
December 29 2012 3.0hrs - 1369.5 total. Removed clamps and sanded down glue joints. Cut and shaped the bottom
end of the laminates to match the D ribs. Started planning the plywood skin sections on the rudder. Cut a piece of
1.5mm skin to use for dry fitting, planning, etc.
February 10 2013 1.5hrs - 1371.0 total. Spent some time planning out how to install the skin over the front of the
rudder D-ribs. Will need to be done in several pieces. Cut piece that will cover largest center section.  Will need to
steam it due to the tightness of the curve. Started setting up for steaming.
February 14 2013 2.5hrs - 1373.5 total. Steamed skin and shaped for front of rudder over d-ribs. Sanded some of the
glue joints I missed. Removed hinge bolts to prep for sealing. Cut trim-tab loose and sanded tab and rudder where it
was cut loose.
February 15 2013 2.0hrs - 1375.5 total. Sanded down all remaining glue joints on inside of rudder spar left over from
installing the nose ribs. All set to put on first coat of sealer.
February 16 2013 4.0hrs - 1379.5 total. Applied two coats of sealer to back portion of rudder and trim tab. Will
need to turn it over on the bench to get the front side, nose ribs, etc. Installed nut plates for rudder hinges on back of
rudder post. Did some trail fits of skin sections on the vert stab. Going to take some work there!
Back portion of rudder with two coats of sealer. The blue color is
due to the pigment I add so I can tell the difference between the
1st and 2nd coat while I'm applying it. Without the pigment you
can't tell if you've missed any spots on the 2nd coat.
One of the three sets of nut plates
for the rudder hinges installed.
Rudder turned over - two coats of
sealer on front of spar and nose ribs.
February 17 2013 5.5hrs - 1385.0 total. Turned rudder over on bench and applied two coats of sealer to front portion
including nose ribs and forward rudder horn. Re-read construction manual to see what to do after rudder.  Will finish
and skin the vert stab. Before skinning that area I need to be sure all the elevator attach hardware is complete.  That
means final alignment of the elevator. Set up laser level and leveled fuselage along mid main longeron. Found I've got a
slight upward arch in the longeron. Found elevator to be set very nose high. Removed single temp bolt in trailing
elevator spar and attempted to correctly align angle of incidence. Can only go so far without distorting the elevator
main spar or the BH its bolted onto.  Got within about 1/8" of neutral, so elevator has about 1/8" up incidence - or nose
down force. Hopefully this won't have a serious effect on the flight characteristics. Drilled new temp bolt hole and
bolted in place. Will need to drill final bolt holes and glue on locking strips. Trail fit some skin on the other side of the
vert stab and discovered the SB is about 1/8 to 1/4 wider than the port.  Will need to do some shaping before skinning.
Gluing the first piece of nose rib skin onto the
rudder. Extra piece clamped by trim tab slot is
for stiffness - to keep the structure from flexing
while being clamped.
February 18 2013 - 2.5 hrs - 1387.5 total. Applied one coat of sealer to inside of nose rib
skin and glued in place on rudder. After it was all clamped in place I noticed that the rudder
was slightly twisted.  Clamped a piece of stock to side of trim tab slot to straighten it out
while glue sets.
February 20 2013 2.0hrs - 1389.5 total. Removed clamps. Cut out hinge points in rudder nose skin and sanded to
shape. Marked cut lines for trimming trailing edge of nose skin piece.
Hinge point holes cut and
sanded to shape. Marking lines
to trim trailing edge of skin.