Fuselage (page 51)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
February 21 2013 2.0hrs - 1391.5 total. Found
I'd marked the lines for the trailing edge trim
wrong. Re-did them, then cut and sanded skin.
First piece of
rudder skin
trimmed and
sanded to shape.
February 23 2013 1.5hrs - 1393.0 total.
Measured for remaining skin for nose of rudder.
Marked locations on rudder. Cut and steamed to
shape two more pieces of skin. Sanded scarf joint
for next piece to go onto rudder.
Steamed skin
clamped in place for
shaping. 2nd piece is
in background with
scarf angle finished.
February 24 2013 3.5hrs - 1396.5 total. Prepared and marked ruder then glued next piece of skin in
place. Sanded down glue joints and surfaces inside hinge point holes and added thickened glue fillets all
around the insides. Sanded down both sides of vert stab and shaped the leading edge profiles a little in
preparation for gluing on skin.  Cleaned up a few more of the glue joints on the vert stab.
February 25 2013 2.0hrs - 1398.5 total. Removed clamps and sanded down newly glued skin. Marked
and trimmed trailing edge. Started laying out for next piece of skin.
2nd piece of
skin scarfed and
glued in place.
Scarf joint on 2nd
nose rib skin section.
February 28 2013 2.5hrs - 1401.0 total.
Marked and trimmed 3rd piece of skin.
Sanded scarf into joining edges. Sanded
rudder surfaces where skin will go to prep for
glue. Did a dry run clamping piece in place
then went ahead and glued it in.
3rd rudder skin
piece glued and
clamped in place.
March 1 2013 1.0hrs - 1402.0 total.
Removed clamps and started sanding.
March 2 2013 9.0hrs - 1411.0 total.  Phew! Long day! Sanded glue from finished scarf joint. Sanded
rudder to prep for two more pieces of skin - one on either side of the bottom of the rudder. Traced out
shape, transferred to 1.5mm stock, cut out, scarfed, sealed inside, and glued in place on rudder. Drilled
and sealed drain holes in bottom of rudder. Clamped horiz stab spar in place so I could remove the main
spar bolts. Drilled out holes. Plans called for 3/16ths bolts and thats what I had in there, but I just wasn't
comfortable with them so drilled out for 1/4" bolts and sealed the larger holes. Sanded all interior
surfaces of the vert stab and applied 1st coat of sealer. Also sealed longerons, stringers, and any other
unsealed surfaces that will be inaccessible once the vert stab is skinned. Made up, sealed, and glued in
place, the strips that go above and below the horiz stab trailing spar to lock it angle of incidence in place.
Sanded and sealed inside of all three hinge points on front of rudder.
Two new skin pieces
on bottom of rudder,
one on each side.
Newly enlarged and
sealed horiz stab main
spar bolt holes.
Vert stab inside
surfaces sealed
with 1st coat.
Horiz stab trailing
spar locking strips
glued in place.
March 3 2013 2.5hrs - 1413.5 total. Removed clamps and sanded scarf joints form yesterday's glue
job. Trimmed trailing edge of new skin to shape. Sanded down several areas that I had touched up
with sealer. Decided not to worry about 2nd coat of sealer on inside of vert stab as the first coat went
on pretty well and its all going to be enclosed anyway. Started laying out for the trim tab hinge.  Cut
piano hinge to length and touched up edges. Dry fit in place. Marked and ground down edge where it
protruded beyond edge of tab. Made a list of hardware I need to order - mostly bolts and nut plates
that I need before I can skin the vert stab.  Plus the trim tab motor. Looked at the plans for the
canopy. Would like to have even a cardboard mockup of the windscreen in place in time for the
airshow in May.
March 4 2013 2.0hrs - 1415.5 total. Went and picked up some bolts and washers for the horiz stab.
Final installed new bolts in horiz stab main spar including cotter pins in the castle nuts. Marked and
drilled holes in rudder control horn for nut plate to be riveted in place. Countersunk holes. Need to trim
a little before riveting in place.  Measured for correct length AN44 eye bolts for rudder hinges. Need to
order them. Looked on-line for tail light and need to know if I'll be using 12v or 24v system? Hadn't
thought about that yet?!
March 6 2013 1.5hrs - 1417.0 total. Marked and cut out skin where rudder control horn needs to
go. Riveted nut plate onto control horn. Dry fit in place on rudder.
Rudder horn dry fit in
place. Skin hole rough cut.
Flush rivets on inside
surface of rudder horn.
Nut plate riveted to rudder
horn.  My first solid rivets! Got
to use my new rivet gun and
March 7 2013 3.0hrs - 1420.0 total. Marked, drilled and
countersunk holes in trim tab hinge and trim tab hinge plate. Aligned
on rudder trim plate, marked and drilled other side of hinge. Still
need to countersink hinge holes and then drill holes in plate itself.
March 8 2013 2.5hrs - 1422.5 total. Finished drilling and countersinking all the holes in the rudder,
trim tab, and piano hinge. Need to seal all the holes before the nut plates can be riveted on. Cleaned
up the hole in the skin for the control horn to get it to sit flush against the back of the spar.
March 9 2013 5.5hrs - 1428.0 total. Sealed nut plate mounting holes in rudder and tab and installed
nut plates with rivets. Temp mounted trim tab hinge and trim tab onto rudder. Sealed skin around
control horn hole and all the rest of the trailing edge. Still need to seal leading edge. Installed and glued
in nut plates for remaining rudder hinge eye bolts. Sealed all edges of rudder ribs and other areas that
had been sanded or touched up for any reason. Getting close to being done with the rudder! Drilled
2nd hole for horiz stab trailing spar bolt that also goes through center elevator hinge bracket. Sealed
both of the trailing spar bolt holes then final installed trailing spar bolts and center elevator hinge
bracket including castle nuts and pins. Made up a template and rough cut first piece of skin for vert
stab. Clamped in place to trial fit. Theres a spot where the skin won't match contours of existing ribs.
Will take some work to figure this out!
Rudder trim tab
mounted to hinge a
temp mounted in place.
Trail fit of
first piece of
skin for vert
March 10 2013 4.5hrs - 1432.5 total. Messed around with fit of skin then went back and looked at
what Terry and Steve had done on their's and confirmed that they cut the leading edge of the skin
piece very close to the front side of BH-20.  That eliminates the beginning of the compound curve and
allows the skin to fit properly. Also reshaped the profile of BH-20 to make it more tapered.  Much less
like the plans, but more like what the stab needs to look like. Trimmed the skin piece a little more
then dry clamped into final position , put in positioning pins and marked internal surfaces for sealing and
gluing. Used this piece as a template and cut skin for other side and also pinned and marked it. Marked
outside of both skin pieces to show where they contact the ribs for staples, if they end up being
needed. Final sanded edges of all the surfaces on the vert stab in preparation for gluing on skins.
Both vert stab skins with
glue lines marked, ready
to be glued on.
March 11 2013 2.5hrs - 1435.0 total. Lightly sanded
both sides of skin pieces to prep for gluing. Glued first
piece of skin on port side of vert stab. Ended up using a
lot of staples, which work very well.
March 12 2013 1.0hrs - 1436.0 total. Removed staples
and clamps. Sanded down top and leading edge to rough
fit to laminates. Final prepped SB side of vert stab for skin.
First piece of
skin glued in
place on
vert stab.