Fuselage (page 52)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
March 15 2013 3.0hrs - 1439.0 total. Put firs coat of sealer
on inside of new piece of skin for vert stab SB side. Left it to
try a little while put 2nd coat of sealer on inside of port side
skin. Also put coat of sealer on leading edge of rudder. Put
2nd coat of sealer on inside of SB skin piece then glued in
place. Couldn't get clamps to grip the narrow taper on the
leading edge. Fortunately staples worked very well on such
thin skin to hold it in place around the fairly tight curve of
the leading edge.
SB skin glued in
place on vert stab.
March 16 2013 7.5hrs - 1446.5 total. Removed clamps and
staples from yesterday's glue job. Sanded down leading edge to
rough profile. Found cotter pin not installed in upper elevator
pulley. Installed. Made paper template, transferred to plywood
stock, cut out, scarfed, and glued in new piece of skin forward
of horiz stab on SB side.  Also put two coats of sealer on inner
surface of new piece. Patched up staples holes on both side of
vert stab skin. Repaired small crack at top of SB vert stab skin
that happed when a clamped popped off during gluing last
night. Cut out template for access panel in vert stab.
March 17 2013 4.5hrs - 1451.0 total. Removed clamps and
staples form SB skin piece. Cut out, scarfed, sealed, and glued
in same piece on port side. Used extra glue to fill staple holes in
SB side piece.
March 18 2013 1.0hrs - 1452.0 total. Removed staples and
clamps from yesterdays glue job. Made a paper template for  
the area under the port horiz stab down to the lower longeron
and all the way back to the tail post. Started laying it out on
plywood stock.
New piece of
skin on SB side.
Same thing on
the port side.
March 19 2013 3.0hrs - 1455.0 total. Finished transferring pattern onto plywood. Rough cut to shape, clamped to
fuselage, pinned with brass nails then traced inside. Removed piece and drew lines on outside to show where staples
can go. Final sanded to shape and scarfed needed edges on skin piece and existing fuselage skin. Just about ready to
glue on. Went ahead and rough cut the elevator access panels in the vert stab that allow the elevator to be installed and
removed. It was tough cutting such big holes in that nice finished skin!
Skin ready
to be glued
in place.
Skin scarfed and ready to go.
access panels
rough cut in
vert stab.
March 20 2013 1.0hrs - 1456.0 total. Sanded the fuselage to prep for the skin piece. Also sanded the skin on both
sides to prep for glue. Decided not to do the glue job tonight - not enough time - spent some time sanding all the glue
patches on the staple holes and other glue joints from previous glue jobs.
March 22 2013 0.5 hrs - 1456.5 total. Finished up sanding the glue joints and patches.
March 23 2013 4.5hrs - 1461.0 total. Sanded down the skin at the top of the vert stab down flush with top rib.
Glued on new piece of skin on port side. Sealed inner surface with two coats of sealer. Traced and cut out piece of
skin for top of rudder on SB side. Rough scarfed the new piece. Parts I ordered came in today including the trim tab
motor, light fixture, and correct length eye bolts for rudder. Final installed two of the rudder bolts - left the last one as
it hold on the control horn which wont' be final installed until after skin is installed.
Starting to work on
skin for SB side of
top of the rudder.
New piece of skin glued in place on
port side. Staples work amazingly
well. MUCH easier than all those
straps and clamped-on boards I
used on earlier skin pieces.!
Tail light for the rudder.  
Will need to build up the
trailing edge to
accommodate this fixture.
March 24 2013 3.0hrs - 1464.0 total. Removed clamps and staples from yesterday's glue job. Scarfed and glued on
new piece of skin to top SB side of rudder. Also put two coats of sealer on inner surface of new rudder piece.
New skin piece for top of
rudder on the SB side.
March 29 2013 5.5hrs - 1469.5 total. Set up some clamps as balance points and did a test balance of the rudder using
a 5lb box of lead. Even with the trim tab motor it looks like 5lbs will be plenty to balance it. Decided to go ahead and
start skinning the forward fuselage. Prepped and glued a larges piece of 3mm skin on SB side.  Also put two coats of
sealer on the inside surface. I had cut, marked, pinned and scarfed this a long time ago, but couldn't decide if I wanted
to put it on or not. This is the largest single piece I've glued on, and the 3mm skin is MUCH stiffer and more difficult
to work with. Fortunately the staple gun still works with it.  Using the staples is so much easier than the old way
with straps and clamps!
The handles of a couple of C-clamps
worked to hold the hinge bolts to do a test
balance of the rudder. Tim tab motor
resting in aprox position. 5lb of lead
clamped onto horn balances well.
Large new piece of skin
glued in place on SB side.
View inside cockpit of
new skin piece.
Inside of new skin
viewed from port side.
March 30 2013 1.5hrs - 1471.0 total. Removed staples and clamps from yesterdays glue job. Dug out piece of 3mm
plywood already about the right size for the next skin section on the SB side forward. Clamped and pinned in place.
Traced locations of BHs and longerons on inside.
April 4 2013 1.0hrs - 1472.0 total. Took some pictures of the wiggle in the bottom longeron and the hump on the top
of the fuselage. I'm worried this might be something that I should try to fix. Took the tail support off the bench and
laid the fuselage directly on the workbench to get an idea of how much of a variation exists in the bottom longeron.
Looking forward on SB
side. This view makes it
look pretty bad.
From almost
directly aft you can
see its not that bad.
Deviation looks to be in
the longeron - not the
BHs - which is good news!
Longeron is recessed
into these three
bulkheads as much
as 3/16" more than
the others.
Fuselage sitting on
bottom longeron
on the workbench.