Fuselage (page 54)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
April 25 2013 3.5hrs - 1189.0 total. Decided I didn't like
the duct tape mold so pulled it all out. Wanted to try using
spay foam. Stuck some pieces of cardboard in the bottom of
the space and taped in place. Then sealed up the interior
area where the foam would go with tape. Sprayed in the
foam. The large open area in the vert stab didn't have enough
support so the foam tipped out. Quickly put a couple of
strips of tape loosely over the sides of the openings to give
the foam a little support then re-filled the space. Foam
continues to expand for a while so I think its going to get all
the areas filled before it dries.
Area where foam
will be sprayed
prepped with tape.
Foam just sprayed in
and still expanding. It
looks worse than it is.
April 26 2013 2.5hrs - 1191.5 total. Cut away excess foam. Found large areas in the
center had not expanded and were still liquid and very sticky. Used one of the cut away
pieces to patch a large void on the SB side. Shaped and sanded foam to final shape. Lots
of larger bubble s and voids, but tape bridges them very well. Will use electrical tape
sprayed with hair spray as a release agent for the male mold.
Shaped and sanded
foam on port side
prior to covering with
electrical tape. Some
large bubbles covered
with masking tape.
SB side taped
and ready to be
coated with
mold release.
April 27 2013 3.0hrs. - 1194.5 total. When I went out to the shop this morning the black electrical tape on the SB side
had shrunk, or stretched, I'm not sure which, but when I tried to smooth it out it didn't look very good.  I pulled it all
off, then decided I wasn't happy with the results from the foam. I was thinking about getting some modeling clay or
maybe putting paper mache' into and on the foam when I remembered I had some plaster of Paris mix around. I mixed
up a batch and put it on both sides and left it to dry.  Looks pretty good.  Lets see how it is to work and finish.
April 28 2013 2.0 hrs - 1196.5 total. Worked on the SB side first. Plaster is very nice to work with except that it clogs
up the sandpaper or file almost instantly and makes a big powdery mess.  Have to stop every few strokes and clean
the tool with a wire brush. Finished up SB side and cover with electrical tape.  Looks much better. Started on port side
and found that much of the surfaces were lower than needed.  Mixed up another small batch of plaster and built up the
low areas.  Have left it to dry.
1st try at plaster over the foam.
SB side after finishing
plaster and taping again.
Port side needed more
plaster to build up low areas.
April 29 2013 1.5hrs - 1198.0 total. Filed and sanded the port side plaster to shape.  Ready to cover that side with
tape now.
May 1 2013 0.5hrs - 1198.5 total. Covered port side of fairing mold with black electrical tape. Went and bought some
hair spray to use as mold release. Put one heavy coat of hair spray on both sides of form.
May 2 2013. 2.5 hrs - 1201.0 total. Put on 2nd  and 3rd coats of hair spray. Made up two layers of 6oz fiber cloth
between sheets of plastic with epoxy. Peeled off top plastic, applied pre-preg glass and peeled off other piece of
plastic. Formed onto mold and trimmed edges with box knife as needed to get it to lay down.  Wish I had some peel
ply to put over this layup. Will need to put a coat of thickened epoxy over this before it completely cures - per West
System recommendations.
My first fiberglass layup - ever! Was not
as bad as I had expected.  Pretty fun
actually.  Sure uses a LOT of glue!
May 3 2013 3.0hrs - 1204.0 total. Got up before work and put on a coat of thickened epoxy. When I got home, it
was semi plastic so trimmed and removed some material around all the edges. Later, once epoxy was fairly dry, final
trimmed and removed the fiberglass part. Its thinner and more flexible than I had expected.  May need to put another
layer of glass on it. Started removing the plaster and foam male mold material from the fuselage.
May 4 2013 4.0hrs - 1208.0 total. Finished removing all of the foam, plaster, and tape that was used for the male
mold. The tape left some residue, especially the electrical tape. Sanded down all the external surfaces to removed
residue and cleaned up small nicks and scratches made while removing the mold material. Sanded external surface of
fiberglass fairing as well as cleaned up the edges a little .
Fairing removed.
Very light and
Fairing removed-
sitting on the
horiz stab.
Fairing loosely sitting in place.
May 5 2013 5.5hrs - 1213.5 total. Started making the backing strips that will hold the nut plates that will hold the
fairing in place. Sanded inside surfaces of fuselage skin where strips will go. Cut out, scarfed, and glued in a piece of
skin across the top of the fuselage at the leading edge of the fairing. This piece extends the skin about 1.5" further
back and provided some surface area to mount the backing strips.  Also provides a nice square skin edge for the
fairing to but up against. Will need to trim the fairing back a little to fit. Used left over epoxy to fill in lots of staple
holes from previous skin glue jobs. Also filled some low places on the fairing.
Starting on the
backing strips for
the nut plates.
Extra skin piece
at leading edge
of fairing.
May 10 2013 1.5hrs - 1215.0 total. Removed clamps and sanded down scarf joint. Sanded down some of the staple
patches. Measure, marked and started trimming the back edge of the new skin piece.
May 11 2013 4.0hrs - 1219.0 total. Finished cutting back of new skin piece that will make the butt joint with the
leading edge of the vert stab fairing. Sanded and shaped it. Sanded inside surfaces and tried to remove some of the extra
dried glue from the inside of the scarf joint. Made up the backing plates for the forward section of the fairing for port
and SB sides. Had to steam the forward sections to get them to fit the tight curve at the top of the fuselage. Marked
and trimmed back the leading edge of the fiberglass fairing to fit the new smaller opening. Started laying out the
position of the nut plates on the backing plates.
Skin extension to
form butt joint with
leading edge of fairing.
Steamed backing
strips clamped to tin
box to create curve.
Starting to layout
position of the nut plates.
Drilling holes
for nut plates.
May 12 2013 2.5hrs - 1221.5 total. Found one of the
steamed pieces was formed in the wrong direction.  
Re-steamed it and bent it the right way. Continued working
on backing plates. Started drilling holes for nut plates.