Fuselage (page 55)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
May 24 2013 1.5hrs - 1223.0 total. Counter sunk rivet
holes in backing pates. Put first coat of sealer on all six
backing plate pieces and hung to dry. Tried mixing left over
epoxy with micro-balloons and used that to try filling some
backing plates
with first coat
of sealer.
May 25 2013 4.0hrs - 1227.0 total. Riveted all nut plates on to backing plates. Sanded areas to be glued. Dry fit, then
glued in all six backing plate pieces. Sanded down the micro filled areas I tired filling yesterday. This is the first time
I've used micro and its very easy to sand and shape.
Backing plates
glued in place.
May 26 2013 1.0hrs - 2014.0 total. Removed clamps from yesterdays glue job. Tried
the fit of the fiberglass fairing over the backing plates. Turns out the backing plates
caused the fuselage to bow out quite a bit in the larger forward section. Made up a
stiffening longeron and dry fit in place for the port side. SB side looks like it will be
OK without a brace.
July 6 2013  3.5hrs - 2017.5 total. Wow!  Didn't realize it had been so long since I'd
worked on the plane! Went and picked up some hinge material and some SouthCo
fasteners for the SB fuselage access panel. Made up cardboard template for hatch
cover and trimmed hatch opening to square. Started laying out backing plates for hatch.
July 13 2013 2.5hrs - 2020.0 total. Finished cutting out SB hatch backing plates and
dry fit.  Ready to be glued in.
SB hatch backing plates
dry fit. Ready for glue.
Cardboard hatch cover
template. Will make this
from aluminum.
July 14 2013 4.5hrs - 2024.5 total. Glued in SB hatch backing plates. Decided not to put in the stiffening stringer
under the vert stab fairing that I mentioned earlier. Marked and drilled all the holes in the fiberglass fairing. Still need
to add another couple of layers of fiberglass around the edges of the fairing where the holes are.
Backing plates
glued in place.
Discovered that a light
inside the faring will shine
through the nut plates
and make it easy to locate
the holes to be drilled.
August 9 2013 2.0hrs - 2026.5 total. Picked up sheet metal SB hatch cover a few weeks ago. Used the "knee-bend"
technique to bend it to shape to fit.  Also had to sand down the edges of the metal cover and clean up the edges of the
hatch and backing plates. Can't see it in the photo, but its actually got a lot of shape to it. Cut , sanded, and dry fit the
hinge plate.
SB hatch cover
bent to shape and
sitting in the hole.
Dry fitting the
hinge plate.
Notice!!  On July 21st I was able to visit the Tally-Ho office again
and help field questions about the aircraft that was on display for the
annual open house at the local airfield.  Follow
this link to photos of
the event and the current status of the prototype that is being rebuilt.
(new photos are at the bottom of the page - scroll down when you get there)
October 6 2013 0.5 - 2027.0 total. Cleaned up the shop to get ready to start working again. Cut section of hinge for
hatch cover.
October 7 2013 2.0 - 2029.0 total. Marked and drilled hinge and cover. Cleco'd hinge in place and marked for notch in
skin. Cut and sanded notch for hinge. Dry fit hinge mounting plate and trimmed a little to allow for higher position due
to new notch.
Trial fitting
hinge support
Hinge and cover drilled and
clamped being dry fit in
new notch at top of hatch.
October 9 2013 2.0hrs - 2031.0 total. Counter sunk holes in hatch cover, primed contact areas, and riveted hinge in
place. Discarded the hinge support plate I've been working on and made a new one, sanded to shape and marked, ready
to be glued in. Prepped surface where hinge plate will be glued.
My first flush rivets
in sheet metal!
New hinge support
plate glued in place.
October 10 2013 4.0hrs - 2035.0 total. Went and purchased some stainless steel cab head screws and washers.
Marked and drilled holes in other side of hinge where it will be screwed to the support plate. Sealed and glued hatch
hinge plate in place. Put extra blobs of left over thickened glue in corners of hatch hole to be shaped later to match
hatch cover. Sanded down mico filler from old glue job on fin fairing. Put some electrical tape with release agent
applied onto SB side of fuselage where the fiberglass fin fairing goes. Temp mounted fairing in place and used
thickened epoxy to patch and extend edge of fairing.
Patch and extension on edge of fairing
- see dark area on bottom edge.
Thickened epoxy to be shaped after
dried to fit hatch cover corners.
Patch finished and
sanded to shape.
Latch plate extension dry fit -
hinge temp screwed in place.
Hatch latch plate
extension being dry fit.
October 12 2013 3.5hrs - 2038.5 total. Removed clamps and sanded down extra glue
on hinge mounting plate. Trial fit hatch. Sanded and shaped hinge mounting plate a bit
to get upper half of hinge in optimum position and depth. Drilled mounting plate and
temp screwed hinge in place. Spent quite a bit of time shaping corners and sides of
hatch hole to get cover to fit nicely. Started fitting fasteners and found lower latch
plate not big enough. Traced, cut and sanded to shape a two sided extension.  Ready
to be glued in. Removed fin fairing and trimmed and sanded patch. Turned out better
than I had expected! Looks good but no strength at all.  Will need to reinforce with
October 13 2013 2.5hrs - 2041.0 total. Glued hatch plate extension in place. Sanded
outer surface of fin fairing and inner surface along 1" strip around edges. Mixed up
batch of slightly thickened micro-balloons and put thick coating on outside of fin
fairing to sand to shape before putting on one more layer of fiberglass that will wrap
around edges to inside and extend about 1" on inside edges. Cleaned up the shop a
little. Made up list of projects to work on.
Thick coating of micro on fin
fairing to sand to shapebefore
next layer of fiberglass.