Fuselage (page 56)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
October 14 2013 2.5hrs - 2043.5 total. Removed clamps
from hatch plate and sanded. Plate extension also extends
the slight bulge of the skin here - making it extend even
further outward so that the hatch cover cant be forced
closed over it. Clamped a couple of strips of wood inside
while glue cures to see if that will help.  Looks like I might
need to glue a small stringer in here to control the bulge.
Sanded down the complete outer surface of the fin fairing.
Looks pretty good now. Set up a frame to hold it for
another layer of fiberglass that I was planning to wrap
around the edges, but recalled how glass doesn't like to
wrap around tight edges without pulling away. Might end
up doing this with the fin in place on the fuselage instead.
Setup the platform and plastic sheeting for making the
pre-preg glass. Cut the glass to shape. Ready to glue the
fiberglass in place.
Fin fairing filled,
sanded, ready for
final layer of glass.
SB hatch fastener
plate extension with
"anti-bulge" strips
clamped in place.
October 17 2013 2.5hrs - 2046.0 total. Put another layer of glass on the fin fairing. Clamped some straight stock onto
SB edge of fairing to try to get out some of the wiggles. Removed temp clamping pieces from SB hatch plate and cut a
new one out of 3/8" ply. Need to get all fastener hardware installed before gluing in this stiffener. Looked up position
of fasteners in reference material, marked and drilled hatch cover fastener pilot holes. Used these holes to mark
fastener plate on fuselage.
SB hatch cover
fastener pilot holes
drilled and fuselage
plate marked.
3rd layer of
fiberglass on fin
October 18 2013 1.0hrs - 2047.0 total. Trimmed excess fiberglass back on fin fairing. Applied thin coating of micro.
After drying a while it looks pretty good! Where I clamped the edge between some strips of wood it really
straightened it out. Cleaned up the shop a little. Removed SB hatch top hinge piece and sanded mounting base in
preparation for sealing the area.
October 19 2013 1.5hrs - 2048.5 total. Sanded entire outer surface of fin fairing where micro was just applied. Ready
for final coat of epoxy to seal and protect it, and then to be primed. Drilled mounting holes for one of the hatch
October 20 2013 3.0hrs - 2051.5 total. Drilled , counter sunk , and sanded all the holes for the hatch fasteners.
Applied a coat of sealer to the inner and external surfaces of the hatch backing plates and surrounding surfaces. Also
put a thick coat of sealer on vert. fin areas that will be covered by the fin fairing as well as surrounding surfaces. Patch
small de-lamination in fin fairing. Pressed rivets into holes in hatch plate and placed hatch fasteners in position on
inside of plates. Still need to set the rivets and then install "de-bulge" strip on the back side of the fastener plate once
the glue dries a bit.
Hatch fasteners sitting in
position with first coat of
sealer still wet. Still need
to set rivets then install
October 21 2013 2.5hrs - 2054.0 total. Set rivets in hatch fasteners. Drilled full size holes in hatch cover. Installed
hinge and hatch cover in place on fuselage. Checked alignment of holes in hatch cover and fastener plate - looks good!
Fastener pin that I have for testing is too short.  Need to pick up three of the right length. Also still have not installed
"de-bulge" strip so hatch doesn't close all the way yet. Sanded down small patch on fin fairing then spent some time
final fitting the fairing to the fuselage.  Needed to remove some material from the fairing and the backing plates, but it
fits pretty good now. Am going to go with cab head screws to hold fairing in place. Only have CS now so have a
couple holding the fairing in place temp now. Started laying out for the elevator access panel that goes on both side of
the fin.
SB hatch done except
for anti-bulge strip.
Fin fairing complete and temp held
in place with a couple CS screws.
Starting to layout for
elevator access panels in fin.
October 22 2013 2.0hrs - 2056.0 total. Traced and cut out both elev access panel backing plates. Sanded to shape.
October 23 2013 2.5hrs - 2058.5 total. Started dry fitting the backing plates inside the fin. Also started trimming back
the fin skin to expose the areas where the backing plates need to be exposed. Picked up some longer pins for the hatch
fasteners, but not quite long enough.  Need to take them back and get the next size longer. Picked up some SS cab head
screws and final fit the fin fairing in place.  Had to enlarge and shape some of the holes in the fairing, but not too much.
Screws look pretty large in the photo, but actually look fine and will look even better once everything is painted.
Backing plates cut out
and sanded to shape.
Starting to fit
backing plates
into fin.
Fin fairing screwed
in place.
October 24 2013 3.0hrs - 2061.5 total. Got longer fastener pins for SB hatch and installed them. Even with bulge still
in hatch plate was able to get it closed. Spent quite a bit of time grinding glue fillets out of corners where elev access
panel backing plates go on inside of skin butted up against the bulkheads. Once the skin was sitting flush, marked
location on outside of skin, then marked and trimmed skin to final shape. Dry fit the backing plates and they fit nicely.
Hatch with correctly
sized fastener pins
installed. Anti-Bulge
strip still not installed.
Baking plates being
dry fit. Fin skin
trimmed back to
expose them.
October 25 2013 3.0hrs - 2064.5 total. Measured, marked and trimmed back the fin skin to final shape exposing the
backing plates as far as possible. Marked and drilled nut plate holes on both backing plates. 3 holes per nut plate X 18
nut plates per backing plate X 2 backing plates = 108 holes! That's a lot of holes to get lined up just right!
Backing plates drilled
for nut plates.
Closer view showing
holes better.
October 26 2013 2.0hrs - 2066.5 total. Sanded the strip of plywood I had sealed before that will be the "anit-bulge"
strip for the SB hatch to prep it to be glued in place. Sealed all surfaces of both elev access hatch backing plates. Glued
anti bulge strip in place inside SB hatch.
SB hatch
anit-bulge strip
glued in place.
Elev access panel
backing plates with
first coat of sealer.