Fuselage (page 57)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
October 27 2013 2.5hrs - 2069.0 total. Realized I hadn't
countersunk the rivet holes on the backing plates. Counter
sunk them all then had to seal them again.  Sanded both
sides of both backing plates to prep surfaces for second
coat of sealer. Sealed both sides and newly countersunk
holes. Sanded down and applied second coat of sealer to
SB hatch anti-bulge strip also. Used left over sealer to
start sealing outer surface of fuselage. Started just behind
cockpit on SB side. Once glue was a little tacky I placed
the nut plates and all the rivets in place, but I haven't set
the rivets yet.
Elev access panel
backing plates with
nut plates installed.
SB Hatch anti-bulge
strip in place getting
2nd coat of sealer.
October 28 2013 2.0hrs - 2071.0 total. Set all the rivets
in the nut plates. Dry fit in place inside fin.
SB hatch is done!
Fits very nice.
Dry fitting backing plates with
nut plates riveted in place.
November 1 2013 1.5hrs - 2072.5 total. Trimmed port skin at bottom of elev hatch area to allow backing plate to be
exposed. Sanded surfaces to be glued then glued in port backing plate.
November 2 2013 2.0hrs - 2074.5 total. Removed clamps from port plate. Sanded down areas for SB plate and glued
it in place.
Port backing plate
glued in place.
SB backing plate
glued in place.
November 6 2013 1.0hrs - 2075.5 total. Trimmed and sanded
down extra glue on backing plate surfaces. Measured and
tested the paper template for the access panel covers. Started
to lay them out on 1.5mm ply stock, but now I think I might
want them to be aluminum.
November 8 2013 1.5hrs - 2077.0 total. Reviewed plans for
the tailwheel with machinist - he's planning to start on the
tailwheel assembly soon. Picked up sheet metal and latch for
pilot seat back hatch. Also picked up some sheet metal for the
elevator access panel covers. Laid out and rough cut one of the
covers. Started sanding it to shape.
November 11 2013 1.5hrs - 2078.5 total. Sanded port cover
to shape. Fits very nicely in recess.
Rough cut port
cover being trial fit.
Port cover sanded
to fit. In this photo
its sitting flush
inside the recess.
November 22 2013 1.5hrs - 2080.0 total. Final shaped port cover, sanded edges with fine grit. Traced pattern on
stock aluminum for SB side. Rough cut and started final shaping of SB side cover.
SB access panel
cover - rough fit.
January 4 2014 3.0hrs - 2083.0 total. Had shoulder surgery on November 12th, tried doing some work on the Spit
on November 22nd as you can see above. That was a big mistake! Have finally been cleared to use my arm again so
hope to start making some progress!  Sanded SB elev hatch cover to final shape. Marked and drilled holes in both
panels. De-burred holes, sanded all edges and surfaces. Ready to be primed.
SB and port panels finished and losely held in
place with a couple of screws each. Hard to see
in the photos, but these panels fit flush very nicely.
January 6 2013 2.0hrs - 2085.0 total. Cleaned up the shop a bit. Cut out template for rudder trim horn. Traced onto
metal stock, cut out with jigsaw. Set up bench grinder and ground to shape. Final shaped with dremel with cutoff
wheel.  Still need to drill lightening holes and bend to shape.
January 20 2014 1.5hrs - 2086.5 total. Marked and drilled lightening holes. Bent to shape. Marked, drilled and
counter sunk rivet holes for nut plates. Still need to drill holes for screws that go into the nut plates.
Rudder trim tab horn
- in progress.
January 29 2014 1.0hrs - 2087.5 total. Shaped, sanded and wire brushed outside edges a
little more. Marked, drilled and deburred screw holes. Applied one coat of primer.        
Drilled screw holes
and primed.
June 4 2014 1.5hrs - 2094.0 total. Cleaned up shop a little. Riveted nut plates onto rudder trim tab horn. Found
pieces for pilots seat back hatch cover. Started to layout to make hatch cover.
Tail wheel strut
If you look at the full size image
here you can see how the tail
wheel lock can't fall down into the
notch as it hits the tire. Plans call
for 8 1/2 or 8 5/8 but this is too
big. Researching options.
Nut plates riveted onto
rudder trim tab horn.
May 2014  5.0hrs - 2092.5 total. Machinist has started working on the tail wheel strut finally! Discussed the size of
the tail wheel with Steve and we aren't real happy with the size called out in the plans. Have been researching options
for a smaller tail wheel.
LARGE GAP IN PROGRESS - life happens. Hoping
to start making more regular progress again!
August 2014 - 5.5hrs - 2099.5 total - Cleaned up and primed elevator access panel covers and fuselage hatch cover.
Touched up primer on rudder trim horn. Picked up
completed tail wheel strut from shop! Disassembled, spent
hours wire brushing and cleaning up parts, primed and painted. Cleaned up shop. Pictures to come - moving from old
to new PC - having issues with web publishing software.
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