Fuselage (page 58)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
August 17 2014 0.5hrs - 2100.0 total. Went out in the shelter to check the paint on the tail wheel strut pieces and found that
two of them had fallen off the wire I had them hanging on.  Had to clean up the scuffed areas and touch up the paint. Moved
all the pieces into the garage to finish drying - temp outside is staying around 50 to 60 now, so thought they would dry better
in the 70 degree garage.

August 22 2014 1.0hrs - 2101.0 total. Tail strut pieces finally dried. Too much paint on the shock slider assembly so I had to
sand most of the paint off the outside of the contact area. Also the inside slide rod had some rough areas left over from the
machining process so sanded it down by hand with emery cloth.  Slides nicely now.  Should do very well when lubricated.

August 23 2014 2.5hrs - 2103.5 total. Lubed up tail wheel oleo, nice action now. Bundled all the parts up onto some rags and
put on the shelf. Got some help and lifted the tail of the plane up onto a stand.  Screwed down, clamped and braced it in place
so that I can reach the bottom longeron. The bottom longeron is not recessed far enough into the bulkheads, so that if it was
shaped to follow the contour of the bottom of the fuselage, so much material would have to be removed that it would only be
about a 1 X 1/2 instead of the 1 X 1 called out in the plans.  I considered removing it, cutting the notches deeper, and
re-installing, but have instead decided to cut a slot into each bulkhead directly above the existing longeron, and laminate a 1/4"
or 3/8" piece of fir on top - through each bulkhead. Started cutting the slots.
Completed tail
wheel strut parts.
Fuselage raised up for
access to bottom longeron
First slot rough cut into bulkhead
September 1 2014 2.5hrs - 2105.5 total. Cleaned up and wire brushed tail wheel rim
and hub then put on two coats of primer. Cut another bottom longeron notch and
started on a 3rd.

September 12 2014 3.0hrs - 2108.5 total. Finished up 3rd slot and did 4 more, only
3 or 4 more to go.

September 13 2014 6.5hrs - 2115.0 total. Finished cutting all the slots. Went back
and sanded the top of the bottom longeron and part way down each side as well as
the faces of the BH joint plates to prep any potential glue contact areas. Cleaned up
the mess that all the cutting and sanding made. Dug through my stock of fir and
found I didn't have any more than 8ft.  Need an 11ft piece to go on top of the
longeron. Went to the store and got a nice piece of hemlock. Had to rig up the
bandsaw with a fence and move it over to the garage door so I could work the strip
through the door and into the saw to give me enough room. Then threading the 11ft
piece into the slots took some more creative bending, but got it in there!
Tail wheel parts primed.
Tail wheel parts loosely assembled
Continuing to cut slots for bottom
longeron laminate.
Another view of the first slot
Past half way done with the slots.
Slots finished - longeron laminate being dry fit.
September 14 2014 3.5hrs - 2118.5 total. Well, now that I got the laminate in place on
top of the longeron, I realize that there is no way for me to glue it in place properly, that
would insure a good glue joint between the laminate and the longeron as well as all of
the BH joints. There just isn't room, or working time on the glue, to get everything done
properly. So I decided to go ahead and cut the bottom longeron completely out of the
fuselage and attach the laminate on the work table. Got it cut out, cleaned up and glued
the laminate in place.

September 15 2014 (Battle of Britain Day!!) 2.5hrs - 2121.0 total. Removed clamps
from last night's glue job. Clamped the longeron to the bench and cleaned up the three
contact surfaces with the belt sander. Cleaned up all the notches in the BHs. Enlarged
the drain channel cutouts in the bottom of the BH joint plates. Dry fit the longeron back
into the fuselage. Looks good!

September 17 2014 1.5hrs - 2122.50 total. Trimmed the ends of the laminate off flush
with the ends of the longeron. Clamped it up into tightly into the BHs to see if I got the
"Wiggle"out of it (see discussion on this point here
Page 52 - bottom of the page).
Found that its very straight except for three BHs. Cut some shims to push longeron
back down into correct position at these three points.  Ready to glue it all together.  
Looks like I should try to do it all at once.  Going to be a big job!

September 19 2014 3.0hrs - 2125.5 total. Glued longeron in place.  Wasn't as bad as I
thought it would be. Lots of extra material there now so I won't feel like I'm weakening
the structure by removing some of the bottom of the longeron to match the profile of
the bulkheads now.

September 20 2014 7.5hrs - 2133.0 total. Removed clamps from longeron. Sanded and
sealed area under lower aft diaphragm that I never got around to before. Dug out some
books and did some research on where the access hatches are on a real MK1 in the aft
part of the fuselage. Also studied the Tally-Ho plans and looked at photos of Steve and
Terry's projects. Unfortunately, the authentic locations for the hatches don't coincide
with areas that really need to be accessible on the Tally-Ho.  Decided to put in the
hatches as called for in the Tally-Ho plans and maybe add some of the authentic ones
later.  Could always just paint them on? Cut out port hatch under elevator. Made up
backing plate, located, drilled and counter sunk nut plate holes. Made up hatch cover.
Sealed backing plate and hatch cover.
Loosely assembled the tail wheel strut assembly to see how it all fits together. Temp
hooked a bungee cord up to the oleo strut.

September 21 2014 2.5hrs - 2135.5 total. Installed nut plates onto backing plate with
solid flush rivets. Prepped surfaces then glued backing plate in place on port hatch hole.
Rigged up a new support for the rear of the fuselage a little further forward of the
current support. Removed the old support giving me access to install the tail wheel
strut. Trial fit tail wheel strut in place with clamps.

September 24 2014 1.0hrs - 2136.5 total. Removed clamps from hatch backing plate.
Sanded 1st coat of sealer on hatch cover - both sides. Removed bungee cord from tail
oleo strut. Fiddled with strut and brackets to see how they will fit.

September 26 2014 2.5hrs - 2139.0 total. Removed strut where it was clamped in
place and started fitting the main mounting brackets and bolt holes. Drilled bottom hole
through BH on each side.  Brackets need to go up fairly high on the bottom of the
bulkhead so am having to remove some of the glue fillet joints. Also had to grind the
edge of the brackets down a bit.  Am planning to add some reinforcement wood
blocking in this area to beef up the BH and longeron to take the stress from the tail strut
during hard landings and side loads.

September 27 2014 6.5hrs - 2145.5 total. Made list of bolts and hardware to finish up
tail strut install, will need to order them. Went to hardware store and bought cheap bolts
and washers to use for positioning until real parts arrive. Final positioned and drilled top
two holes for brackets. Spent quite a bit of time considering different options for
strengthening this area. Needed to add 1/8" hardwood backing under the four nut plates
for the main attach brackets.  Decided instead to put a 1/4" piece of red oak as a
doubler/stiffner on the entire back surface of the lower BH right up to the lower
longerons and plywood diaphragm. Also added a small piece of blocking on top of
longeron to increase glue surface area. Prepped contact areas, removed existing glue
fillets, made up oak backing piece and glued in place.

October 4 2014 1.0hrs - 2146.5 total. Removed clamps, sanded down rough areas of
glue job. Drilled top two holes through oak backing plate. Mounted strut in place and
used lower bracket holes as drill guide. Drilled smaller pilot holes for two lower holes.

October 12 2014 3.0hrs - 2149.5 total. Enlarged all mounting holes. Trial fit fiber lock
nut plates for clearance around longerons. Sanded areas to receive glue.  Prepped all
components with mold release. Put thickened epoxy on contact surface for mounting
brackets and filled bolt holes. Inserted bolts with mold release and bolted brackets in
place. Will let it dry - but not set - and make sure bolts will come out.

October 13 2014 1.0hrs - 2150.5 total. Woke up at 3:00am and pulled the bolts out.  
Knocked the brackets out of the epoxy bed. Turns out the hair spray doesn't work too
well for this purpose.  Worked great as fiberglass mold release sprayed on top of
electrical tape. Not so good on bolts.
Bottom longeron removed
1" X 1/4" hemlock laminate being glued
to the top of the spruce 1 X 1 longeron.
Bottom longeron after laminate glued in place, being dry fit back in BH notches.
Newly laminated bottom longeron
being glued back in place.
Port access hatch cut out.
Hatch backing plate and cover -
just sealed.
Area under aft lower diaphragm sealed.
Never got to this area before as it was
blocked by the old tail stand.
Tail wheel strut parts loosely
assembled just to see how they look.
Tail wheel strut temp
clamped into fuselage.
Port hatch backing plate
being glued into place.
Starting to fit the main brackets and
bolts for tail wheel strut.
Gluing in hardwood backing plate
Bolts and brackets temp locked in
place while thickened epoxy in bolt
holes dries.
Brackets temp bolted in bed of
thickened epoxy to dry.
Prepping parts that need to be
released from epoxy with hair spray -
great mold release agent!