Fuselage (page 6)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
November 23rd 2008 2.5 hrs - 440.5 total. Started
cutting lightening holes.  Several of the holes are strange
sizes.  Had to make a trip to the store to buy more drill
bits.  Can handle the larger ones with the variable size
hole cutter bit, but some of the sizes less that about 3/4"
require hole cutting bits rather than standard drill bits to
prevent the wood from breaking apart on the edge of the
hole during drilling.
November 24 2008 3.0hrs - 443.5 total.  Started drilling
more lightning holes. Determined that one of the pieces I
thought was a bulkhead and have been spending a lot of
time on is actualy a backing plate that should be made
out of 1/8" plywood - not 1/4". Had to toss it in the
scrap pile. Went ahead and drilled all the 3/16 holes for
mounting the BHs to the fence pieces.
November 25 2008 4.5 - 448.0 total. Started drilling lightening holes in larger BH pieces. Found this marine grade
plywood splinters horriblly when even a hole cutter passes through the back of the material - even with blocking
behind it.  By using very smooth MDF board as backing material, clamping the work with a block very tigh and very
close to the drill bit, and going slowly through the ply layers, I'm able to get a clean hole.  All the clamping,
unclamping, moving, and setting up for each hole is very time consuming - and there are LOTS of these holes!  
Finished drilling three of the larger BH half pieces.
November 26 2008 5.5 - 453.5 total.  Kept drilling lightening holes.  Only three half BHs left.
November 29 2008 6.0hrs - 459.5 total.  Finally finished drilling all the lightneing holes in the 1/4" bulkhead pieces.
1/4" Bulkheads 13 to 21 - lighteneing holes drilled.
December 6 2008 2.0 hrs - 461.5 total.  Started laying out and cutting the 1/8" buklheads, webs and other 1/8" pieces.
January 9, 2009 2.5hrs - 464.0 total. Cut out and sanded to shape upper rear diaphragm and BH-23 from 1/8"
plywood stock. Still need to cut and/or drill lightning holes.
Jaunuary 18, 2009 2.0hrs - 466.0 total - Started cutting lightning holes in upper aft diaphram, BH-21 stiffener, and
BH-23. (all 1/8" plywood pieces.)
January 19, 2009 3.5hrs - 469.5 total - Finished BH-23 and BH-21 stiffener, hand sanded. Layed out BH-22 and both
BH-13 and 14 baggage area walls (all are 1/8" pieces). Traced and marked all holes and notches. Ready to cut them out.
January 20, 2009 3.0hrs - 472.5 total.  Cut out and sanded BH-13 & 14 baggage walls. Cut out BH-22, cut all holes
and notches, sanded.
January 21, 2009 4.0hrs - 476.5 total.  Layed out the  3/8" plywood bulkead pieces, 2ea BH-10 and 1ea BH-11.
Rough cut and sanded to shape both BH-10s. Rough cut BH-11 and started sanding to final shape.
Bulkheads 22, 23, 11 10 (two each) and 21 stiffener.
January 22, 2009 4.0hrs - 480.5 total. Finished sanding outside profile on BH-11. Cut out all internal sections and
nothces on BH-11.  Finish sanded all to shape.
January 23, 2009 4.5hrs - 485.0 total. Cut holes and notches in both BH-10's. Hand sanded all edges on all 3/8"
plywood peices. Started setting up for pieces to be cut from 1/2" plywood stock.