Fuselage (page 60)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
January 2 2015 5.0 hrs - 2205.0 total. Drew up list and went to local aircraft parts store to get pieces for making control
cables and wiring that needs to go in the tail before its skinned over. Made up both rudder and both aileron cables and routed
them through their pulleys. Final installed nuts and cotter pins in all the pulleys with cables routed and in place.  All four cables
have been cut to aprox length at the cockpit end and will be finished up later.  Have most of the hardware to attach cables to
the elevator and rudder horns, but still need to fabricate and install bushings in the horns. But the cables are in place that need
to be there to close in the tail now.  Still need to route the electrical wiring. Will have to order the trim tab wiring. Have the
wire for the tail light. Also need to install the stringers that go on either side of the tail strut in the bottom of the fuselage.  
Plans have them so close together that the strut can't be removed. By spreading them out a bit, they will still work, and the
strut will be able to removed, if needed in the future.
Looking aft - control cables
routed loosely in place.
You can see both rudder cables, but only
the lower elevator cable - Elevator not
installed so cables not attached to horn.
January 3 2015 3.0hrs - 2208.0 total. Realized I hadn't put the cotter pins in the elevator pulleys. Was able to reach the bottom
pulley through the un-skinned SB side, but had to remove the fin fairing to get to the top one. Spent over two hours looking up part
numbers and taking measurements trying to figure out how to do the tail wheel lock cable. Have it narrowed down a bit, but still not
there. Also still not sure how I'm going to route the electrical wires into the rudder.  Need to get the wire here so I can see how big
it is as well as the tail wheel locking cable.  So I'm delayed there till the parts are ordered and arrive.  In the mean time I think I'll
work on the cover for the tail strut well. Which means I might need to get the skins on the bottom of the fuselage - fore and aft of
the strut well installed.  That means sanding the bottom longeron to shape. I've been putting that off because its going to be hard
work and make a big mess.  But putting on skin is fun, so maybe that's what I'll do next?

January 5 2015 1.5hrs - 2209.5 total. Consulted with the local EAA tech rep and discovered that the tail wheel lock cable is just a
piece of 1/16" stranded steel cable inside a piece of 1/4" Nylon tubing.  Picked up some of each of these and temp installed it in
place to get an idea of how it should run and be secured. Drilled a hole in the pilot seat BH to allow cable and tube to pass into
cockpit area. Ordered the rest of the parts needed to complete the install of this cable and also the electrical wiring in the tail area.

January 8 2015 1.0hrs - 2210.5 total. Waiting for parts to arrive. Sanded down cove strips on trailing edge of horiz stab. First coat
of epoxy had been applied, but never sanded and resealed.  Its ready for 2nd coat of sealer now. Made cardboard template for base
plate for pilots headrest. Climbed into cockpit and tested where my head will rest on BH so headrest can be positioned properly.

January 9 2015 2.0hrs - 2212.5 total. Picked up new piece of metal tubing that goes on tail strut as guide for nylon tubing.
Determined where it needs to be welded, taped in place and marked. Need to take it to the welding shop to have it welded on.
Decided to zip tie the tail wheel lock guide tubing in place.  Also transferred cardboard headrest template onto piece of plywood, cut
to shape and sanded.
Tail wheel lock cable loosely
routed through lightening holes.
Will need to secure in place.
Tail wheel lock cable guide zip locked into place. Put one tie around the tube and the other through the
tie and around the BH. Pushed 1st tie into lightening hole so tube is secured and centered in the hole.
Head rest base.
Piece of metal tubing, that will act as
guide for nylon tubing, taped into
position on strut, where it will be welded.
January 10 2015 3.0hrs - 2215.5 total. Removed rudder from fuselage and clamped to workbench. Made up some blocking pieces
for the tail light that mounts on the trailing edge of the rudder. Sanded the trailing edge where blocking goes to remove some of the
taper and prep area for gluing. Glued blocking in place.  Still need to add some more blocking along backside of current piece to give
it a little more strength before cutting out the current rudder laminates where they pass through the center of the light socket. Also
applied 2nd coat of sealer to horiz stab trailing edge where I sanded it the other day.

January 11 2015 5.5hrs - 2220.5 total. Sanded down glue around light socket. Ground away and sanded down area behind socket
to allow reinforcing pieces to be installed. Made up a couple of 1/4" ply pieces to reinforce the socket. Just didn't trust the spruce
blocking on its own to not break along grain line. Glued ply pieces into place. Removed trim tab from rudder.  Marked and cut notch
for trim tab horn in trim tab. Drilled and counter sunk mounting holes. Mounted trim tab horn into position and glued in place with
thickened epoxy. Made up pieces for mounting base for rudder trim motor, cut in lightening holes, drilled and counter sunk all holes
for the 4ea nut plates that go on the base. Sealed and glued together.

January 12 2015 2.0hrs - 2222.5 total. Riveted nut plates onto trim tab motor base plate. Temp mounted trim motor to base plate to
determine where it need to go in the rudder itself. Located and marked position. Sanded down glue around tab horn on trim tab.
Ground down outer edges of light socket backing plates to correct profile. Ground out inside to allow light fixture to fit.
Light socket mounting base on the
left and the blocking being glued to
existing rudder laminates on the right.
Rudder clamped to bench. Blocking
just visible at top center of picture.
Gluing in ply reinforcement plates
behind spruce blocking.
Rudder trim tab horn glued
and screwed in place.
Base for trim tab motor sealed and
glued. Awaiting nut plate installation.
Light socket blocking with
backing plates roughed to shape.
Light fixture being trial fit in socket.
Trim motor
mounting base
nut plates
riveted in place.
Motor and base
clamped into
rudder for dry
Trim tab control rod trail fit
to tab horn to locate
position to cut in slot.
Light socket sanded to final shape. Still need to create
bed of thickened epoxy for metal fixture to rest in.
January 15 2015 2.5hrs - 2225.0 total. Leveled rudder in clamps on bench then sanded light socket
hole level and flat. Sanded outside to clean up and final shape. Measured and cut slot for trim tab
control rod. Clamped motor in place, measured and cut control rod to length. With motor clamped in
place, marked for final position to prepare for glue job. Used a battery to run trim tab back and forth
to check for range of motion. Range is perfect.  Reminds me that the elevator trim motor needs
some significant range of motion issues resolved.  Rudder is good though.

January 17 2015 4.5hrs - 2229.5 total. Picked up tail wheel strut from shop where the guide tube
was welded on. Spent some time cleaning up the weld area with a wire brush wheel, and also
cleaned up some areas where epoxy got on the strut when it was mounted in the fuselage. Temp
re-mounted the strut in place and hooked up the tail wheel lock mechanism. Finalized the length and
cut the guide tubing. Prepped the area for the rudder trim motor base. Widened and prepped the slot
for the trim control rod then sealed with epoxy. Glued in trim motor base, sealed around trim tab
horn, made up thickened epoxy and created a bed for the light socket.  Prepped socket fixture with
mold release then pressed into epoxy bed. Waited about 5hrs for it to dry to the right level then
popped the socket for it to finish curing.
Tail wheel lock cable install finished.
Rudder trim motor base
being glued into place.
Just popped the socket
out of the epoxy bed.
January 18 to 26 2015 10.0hrs - 2239.5 total. Web editing software blew up so I've been
unable to update the website for the last week. Unfortunately I was doing some work on the
project, and updating the off-line editor, and lost those updates.  Got software working
again. Lets see if I can remember what happened in the interim!

Mounted trim tab motor to base inside rudder. Had to cut SS screws to length on narrow
end of base so screws didn't poke into plywood panel in rudder. Used battery to run trim
motor full range - works great! Cleaned up thickened glue in light socket and sanded
surrounding areas a little. Marked and drilled pilot holes for light fixture mount. Will drill to
actual size when I find some bolts long enough. Will also need to install nut plates here.
Determined route for tubing used to protect wiring from fuselage into rudder. Drilled hole
in rudder hinge plate and vert stab back plate.  Ground and sanded holes to correct size for
tubing. Still working on best ways to secure tubing in place. Spent a LOT of time
researching lighting systems and wiring splice methods to figure out what type of wire to
run for the lights and how to splice in the trim motor wiring - its 26 gauge! Decided to just
run 18 gauge for all the lights as that will handle way more than I'll ever need - especially
with LED lights - the small added weight should be worth the trade off in flexible choices
later on.  Removed tail strut from where it was temp installed and touched up the areas
previously wired brushed, with primer.

January 31 2015 2.0hrs - 2241.5 total. Have been stuck on how to easily remove the
rudder once the wiring is in place.  Need a disconnect in the fuselage were the plastic
tubing from the rudder enters. Have been stuck trying to find a multi-pin connector that
could be pulled out through the hole the tubing comes through. Finally figured out I could
cut a keyhole and connect the tubing hole to an adjacent lightening hole in the rudder post
web.  This will allow plenty of room for a connector to pass through when removing the
rudder. Made up a bracket for a hose clamp that will secure the fuselage end of the tubing.
Had sanded and primmed the tail strut again, cleaning up some paint bubbles, etc.  Put a
coat of paint on the tail strut and also on the hose clamp bracket. Drilled mounting holes fro
bracket in fuselage longeron. Need to put sealer on the new holes for the tubing and clamp
bracket holes.
Trial fitting the tubing that acts as conduit for trim motor
and tail light wiring - going from fuselage into rudder.
"Key Hole" cut from tubing hole to lightening hole.  
Small hole will keep tubing in place, but when rudder is
removed the tubing can be pulled out, then the wires
pulled down to the lighting hole,then the multi-pin
connector can come out through the bigger hole.
Bracket for tube clamp
to hold end of tubing
inside fuselage.