Fuselage (page 64)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
August 10 2015 2.0hrs - 2402.0 total.  Finished making template. Traced onto
piece of 3mm ply. Rough cut out. Tried to trial fit, bu too stiff to bend to contour of
fuselage.  Set up steaming tent from aluminum foil, steamed piece then strapped to
fuselage to cool.

August 11 2015 1.5hrs - 2403.5 total. Final shaped skin piece.  Traced lines on
inside. Marked locations for scarf joints.  Started scarfing fuselage.

August 15 2015 4.5hrs - 2408.0 total. Finished making scarfs on fuselage and on
skin piece. Pulled plastic sheeting partially off to prep for glue job and to allow me to
reach the inside of the previous skin piece.  Put two coats of paint on inside of
Piece of 3mm skin drying in
place after being steamed.
previous skin piece. Removed tape from rudder pulleys and re-strung the rudder cables through them. Also put two coats of paint on
inside of fuselage SB main hatch.  Trial fit skin piece one more time.  Traced inside lines again after they were sanded off.  Decided I
need to remove some more material in the scarf joint in this area before gluing

August 16 2015 4.0hrs - 2412.0 total. Sanded back scarf a little further on skin piece. Glued new piece in place including two coats
of sealer on inner skin. Was relatively easy to reach inside here so was able to get nice clean joints on inside.  Too bad this is an area
no one will ever see! Main scarf joint on skin is between 2.0mm and 3.0mm ply, so theres is a considerable step that needs to be filled
on the outside.  Used left over thickened epoxy to get a start on it.

August 17 2015 2.5hrs - 2414.5 total. Removed staples, nails, clamps and straps from yesterday's glue job.  Looks pretty good.
Removed plastic sheeting and tape that was protecting main control horn. Removed control horn and fork rod end.  Made up some
brass bushings for fork and horn.  Already had a bushing in the main pivot hole.  These are for where the fork on the push rod
coming from the control column connects to the elevator control horn.  It will be more difficult to access this area once the next skin
piece is installed and I've been meaning to add some bushings to this connection before it got closed in.

August 18 2015 1.5hrs - 2416.0 total. Messed around with the hardware for the main elevator horn some more. Dug out the
connector plates that were made up way back - is it six years ago?! Wasn't sure about using brass bushings so researched it in the
Tony Bengalis books. Will need to add two more bushing to the end holes in the horn and need to get a couple turn buckles and
borrow the swage tool again so I can finish up this end of the elevator cables.

August 19 2015 3.5hrs - 2419.5 total. Found I already had the turnbuckles and some of the hardware I needed. Went to the parts
store and stocked up on AN bolts, thick and thin washers, bushing material, etc. Borrowed the swage tool again. Spent some time
cleaning up and organizing all the new parts. Visited the local EAA Tech Counselor and had him look at the bushing I've been putting
in the control horn.  He says brass bushing are fine, and the way I'm doing them are fine.  So went ahead and installed two more
bushing in the end holes on the horn.  Had to enlarge all the holes on the connector plates.  Cleaned up and de-burred all the holes and
bushings. Now that I have a wide array of bolts and washers I was able to trial fit all the pieces together on the horn. Still need to
disassemble, clean up some more and repaint some of the parts before final assembly.

August 21 2015 2.0hrs - 2421.5 total. Put two coats of paint on inside of last skin piece. Disassembled control horn, sanded down
horn and connector plates, cleaned, masked of bushings and applied primer.  Pulled elevator cables out of fuselage with some string
attached, reversed ends and pulled back in place with strings.  This puts the already finished ends at the control horn end and leaves
the elevator ends unfinished. This way I can finish up the control horn end and final size the cables once the elevator is mounted in

August 22 2015 4.0hrs - 2425.5 total. Painted control horn and connector plates. Spent some time researching greases and
lubricants.  Went to a couple stores around town and no one has what I need. Found them at Aircraft Spruce, $53 for the products -
$162 for the shipping!  Think I'll try finding a local supplier who can order it for me.  Masked off the openings to the inside of the
fuselage.  Cut and sanded back overlap from last piece of skin so its flush with the BH to allow for scarf joint for next piece of skin.

August 23 2015 3.0hrs - 2428.5 total. Sanded down all contact surfaces on fuselage to prep for gluing on next piece of skin. Made
up paper template. Transferred to 3mm wood stock.  Rough cut to shape. Trail fit in place on fuselage, got into correct position and
put in alignment pins. Have no access to inside of this skin piece except through top of fuselage - so too far away to reach.  But this
area will be visible through back window, so it needs to look nice. Will need to figure out a way to reach down there. Metal parts
painted yesterday are still a little tacky.  Tried heating them up with an old blow drier but it doesn't seemed to have helped.

August 24 2015 3.0hrs - 2431.5 total. Final shaped skin piece. Scarfed fuselage and skin piece.  Ready to glue in except I need to
make an access panel here so I can reach the elevator control horn later.  Need to decide if I'll glue skin on before making the hatch
or not.  Paint on horn and connector plates finally dried. Can't assemble till I get some lube.

August 26 2015 1.0hrs - 2432.5 total. Assembled control horn pieces - still don't have any lube for it yet. Decided where to locate
bottom hatches. Traced out locations on skin.

August 27 2015 1.5hrs - 2434.0 total. Drilled starter holes, rough cut with scroll saw.  Final shaped with dremmel and detail sander.  
Looked pretty good till I realised the port hole is in inch narrower than the SB!  Will have to enlarge it.  Ordered grease and other lube
products today.

August 28 2015 2.0hrs - 2436.0 total. Some of the lube arrived today. Lubed the bushings on the control horn and installed cotter
pins on the cable attach plate fittings. Marked, cut and sanded the port side access hole to match the SB side.  Via the new access
holes was able to trace BH and stringer locations on inside of skin. Removed skin piece from fuselage. Marked, cut out and final
shaped the backing plates. Sanded inside surface of skin piece in prep for sealing and gluing in place.

August 29 2015 3.5hrs - 2439.5 total. Marked and drilled screw holes, marked, drilled and counter sunk rivet holes for nut plates on
backing plates. Put a coat of sealer on backing plates and inside surface of new skin piece. Removed plastic drop cloth and tape and
final hand sanded contact areas for skin on fuselage BHs. Lubed center pivot bushing and hardware on elevator horn and mounted in
place. Started planning sequence to attach elevator control cables and realized there was no way to properly safety wire the
turnbuckles with the hardware laid out the way it was. Have a new plan that will eliminate the connector plates and simplify the
hardware as well as increase all connectors up from 3/16 to 1/4 inch.  Started trying to identify the parts in the Aircraft Spruce

August 30 2015 1.5hrs - 2441.0 total. Riveted nut plates onto backing plates.  A couple of the nut plate threaded nuts were too tight
so reamed them out with tap set.  Identified parts to order from Aircraft Spruce, but will check local supplier before paying shipping.

August 31 2015 2.0hrs - 2443.0 total. Local supplier had 3 of the 4 forks I need and none of the clevis bolts.  Got the three forks
and went ahead and ordered the bolts and some other stuff I needed. Decided I didn't like the tension on the center pivot of the
elevator horn so pulled the cotter pin and replaces some washers till it felt better, then re-pinned it. Took apart the connector plate
fittings I just finished and put all the little parts back into my bench stock. Trial fit a couple of the new forks I got today and they fit
very nicely.  Sanded all the areas I just sealed on the new skin piece and backing plates.  Ready to glue in place now.

September 2 2015 1.5hrs - 2444.5 total. Glued backing plates onto skin piece.  Used extra thickened epoxy to fill some low areas in
previous skin scarf joints and fill in some nail and staple holes.

September 3 2015 0.5hrs - 2445.0 total. Removed clamps.  Sanded some of the high spots a little.  Glue still to soft to sand
properly. Tried bending skin piece in place on fuselage, with backing plates glued in. Still bends fine.  Was worried it might be too
stiff with them on there.  Masked off elevator horn and rudder pulleys to protect them during glue and subsequent paint applications.

September 4 and 5 2015 3.0hrs - 2448.0 total. Parts came in for elevator horn. Unmasked horn and tried parts.  Everything is fine
except the new turnbuckle fork clearance is too tight to allow the safety wire to fit without rubbing on the horn itself. (see photo).  
Unpinned the d bolts, removed all the fittings from the horn (again), masked off all but the parts to be worked on, and ground down
the edges of the horn.  Sanded, primed and painted.  Paint looks like crap where it was masked so will wait for it to dry, sand it down
a little again, and paint it some more.

September 6 2015 - 1.5hrs - 2449.5 total. Got tired of waiting for paint to dry so cleaned it off with paint thinner.  Sanded down
underlying coats and surrounding areas a little so it was all nice and smooth.  Put new coat of paint over all.  Looks fine now. Sanded
down inside surface of skin piece where backing plates were just glued on to prep for gluing skin to fuselage.

September 7 2015 4.5hrs - 2454.0 total. Paint finally dried enough on elevator horn. Mounted elevator horn back in place, attached
cables and turnbuckles. Lubed and pinned all connections. Routed rudder cables up through current BH section as I won't be able to
reach in there very easily after this skin piece is installed. Covered all pulleys, cables, etc to protect from glue and paint. Glued skin
piece in place. Started working on hatch covers.

September 8 2015 1.0hrs - 2455.0 total. Removed clamps, straps, nails, etc. Took a while to get some of the staples out. Marked
location of screw holes on port hatch cover. Drilled all holes. Setup counter sink tool, started counter sinking.  Went to the store and
got some more epoxy thickener.

September 9 2015 4.0hrs - 2459.0 total. Put two coats of paint on interior surface of just completed skin piece. Finished counter
sinking port hatch cover.  Trial fit with screws and had to sand down to size a little more. Made paper template for SB hatch cover,
transferred to aluminum stock, cut out with new nibbler tool and sanded to final size. Marked hole locations, drilled and counter sunk.
Got out some new emery paper and hand sanded all surfaces of both hatch covers, cleaned up, and put on a couple of coats of self
etching primer. Removed plastic and tape from area inside just finished skin piece. Taped and sealed up next area for last piece of
belly skin.  Removed elevator pushrod and routed rudder cables in prep for last skin piece install.

September 10 2015 2.5hrs - 2461.5 total. Marked, cut back and sanded flush the extra skin that overhung the BH from last glue job.
Spent some time running around to parts stores and on-line looking for correct size bungee cord for tail wheel oleo strut. Started
sanding some of the glue joints on the outside of the fuselage, but the Dremmel detail sander, which has been cutting out occasionally,
finally gave up the ghost and died. Spent about an hour messing with the switch I had installed on there, but it looks like the brushes.  
I'll get a new set and see if that helps.

September 12 2015 4.0hrs - 2465.5 total. Bought a new Dremmel sander then figured out it was the switch in the old one that was
bad. Wired in a new switch and now have a spare detail sander. Sanded scarf joint into skin on fuselage. Made a paper template for
last belly skin piece, traced to 3mm ply, cut out, and sanded to final shape. Scarfed edges on new skin piece. Dug through the plans
and some photos of the prototype to verifiy that I'll need to be able to get inside this last skin piece. Determined only the center
portion of this last piece is visible under the wing. Will be able to put in a couple of access holes without covers, as they'll be inside
the wing fairings. Will still reinforce them with backing plates, but no need for nut plates.
Skin piece needs a little more
scarf. All else ready for glue.
Inside of previous skin piece after
paint. Rudder cables re-strung.
3mm skin piece being glued in place.
Made up and installed brass
bushings for fork connection on
main elevator control horn.
Bushing installed and all parts being trial fit.
Each bolt is a different length.
Mixture of thin and thick washers
to get everything to line up.
Last skin piece trimmed back to BH.
Preparing for next piece.
Next piece of 3mm skin trial fit.
Tracing out location for bottom hatches.
Access hatches cut in -
port hole is too small!
Backing plates final sized.  
Need nut plates installed.
Hatch backing plates drilled and counter
sunk. Drying after coat of sealer.
Nut plates installed on
backing plates.
Gluing the backing plates
onto the skin piece.
.040 safety wire will not fit
between horn and fork.
Skin piece being glued onto fuselage.
Starting to shape hatch covers
- this is the port cover.
Only one piece of skin left
to go on the belly!
Belly hatch covers drilled, countersunk
and primed. Temp held in place with a
couple of screws.
Elevator horn and all connecting
hardware in place and pinned.
Turnbuckles temp wired with single
wrap. Main pushrod is not attached.
You can see the other side of the
bottom hatches in this shot.
Last piece of skin first trial fit.
September 13 2015 2.0 hrs - 2467.5 total. Decided the scarf joints weren't quite right
so sanded down the skin scarfs a bit more. Cut out and final sanded access holes in the
skin piece. Cut out and sanded to shape two reinforcement rings from 3mm ply.  Left
inside diameters rough and will sand flush to skin holes after they've been glued in
place. Covered square belly hatch covers with duct tape in prep for gluing on next skin.

September 14 2015 2.5hrs - 2470.0 total. Made up a framework from bar clamps to
hold skin piece in curve aprox to what it will be when glued in place. Dry clamped
rings in place on inside of skin with curve.  Covered entire structure with foil tent and
steamed.  Will leave it this position till I can work on it again in a couple of days.
Access holes cut in skin.  Doubler
rings ready to be glued on.