Fuselage (page 71)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
April 13 2016 3.0hrs - 2801.0 total. Sanded down the large area on the fuselage
that was primed a couple of days ago. Trimmed excess fiberglass cloth around
edges with razor.  Sanded down forward edge to allow overlap of next piece.
Removed SB hatch door and masked off area that primer and glass would extend
over. Primed another larger area and this time had a much better idea how to do it.
Went way smoother and was able to apply an entire piece of fiberglass with no
waste at the edges.

April 15 2016 250hrs - 2803.5 total. Realized yesterday that I don't think I ever
sealed the outside surface of the skin where the primer has been applied. The
primer is pretty thick, plus I'll have a couple coats of regular primer then the paint
over that, so I'm just going to leave these areas alone and seal the rest of the skin.
Sanded last area and primed
another larger area.
Sanded the forward edge of the primed area and trimmed a couple of loose pieces of fiberglass from the top. Sanded down a couple
of areas where epoxy had been applied recently then brushed and vacuumed all the fuselage skin. Removed the hatch covers on the SB
side of the tail. Finished masking off the SB main hatch. Applied sealer to most of the skin on the SB side forward of the primed areas.

April 16 2016 7.0hrs - 2810.5 total. Applied sealer to aft fuselage on SB side and most of port side. Backed hinge eye bolts out on
either end of elevator a couple of turns to see if it improved clearance. Spent about an hour and a half digging through research
material tying to find a clear picture of the leading edge of the elevator control horn on an early mark with the single angle. Found a
couple of shots that pretty clearly show that the leading edge is not squared off as the Tally-Ho plans indicate, but has a slightly
beveled leading edge. Also, the adjoining trailing edge of the horiz stab has the last rib recessed slightly so the skin overhangs creating
a concave area for the horn to pivot in.  I'm planning to make a some changes to the my elevator and horiz stab to make it more
closely resemble the original, and hopefully also solve the clearance issues I've been experiencing.  Went and bought some more lead
shot and did some trial balances.  Made up temp cardboard skin sections for the horn and tired some of the lead shot for balance. It
looks like there's plenty of room to allow me to just glue in the shot rather than having to make a mold and melt the lead.  Removed the
elevator from the fuselage and made a paper template of the horn area that needs to be skinned.  Dug out my last piece of 1.5mm ply
and traced the pattern on four times as I'll need a top and bottom skin for each end of the elevator.
Sealer applied to most of SB side.
Port side sealed most of the way.
Starting to layout elevator horn skins.
Forward side of horn is flat
plate per the plans.
Several shots of Mk1 and
MKII tails showing recessed
stab area and beveled
elevator horn font edge.
*photos are from books on my reference shelf.
Some great shots of P9374 that clearly
show the forward edge of the horn is
rounded and roughly tapered to the tip.
*photos are from Google images search, used here
for reference - not profit.  Hope nobody gets angry
about it!   Photo credits listed below the images.
April 17 2016 4.5hrs - 2815.0 total. Laid awake last night thinking about elevator horn shape and realized I hadn't done a Google
search for images.  With all the photos of P9374 out there, I thought it would be worth a shot.  Did a search this morning and wasn't
disappointed as shown above.  Printed out large copies of these images for reference in the shop. Cut out four elevators skin pieces
from 1.5mm ply with jig saw. Trimmed up a bit with band saw and sanded to closer shape.  Cut and sanded back nose skin on
elevator around outer hinge location openings. Realized that with taper on nose of horn I'll need to add more material to back of
existing horn rib.  Also, existing horn has lightening holes so decided I better use ply to add strength here as a lot of existing material
will be removed.  Made up four rib extension pieces from 1/2" ply.  Sanded all contact areas in prep for gluing in.  Also sanded some
of the fuselage that was sealed recently.  Will need to roughen up surface before green primer can be applied to newly sealed surfaces.

April 18 2016 2.0hrs - 2817.0 total. Sanded contact surfaces for rib extensions a little more to prep for glue. Glued all four strips in
place. Used extra glue to fill more of the staple holes in the most forward and recent skin pieces. Messed with the piece of skin that
goes over the instrument panel.  Looks like it will need to be steamed some more on the edges. Made up a filler piece of 3mm ply for
SB canopy track slot where its filled in with blocking. Scarfed fuselage skin around patch area in prep for glue.

April 20 2016 2.5hrs - 2819.5 total. Removed clamps from elevator glue job. Removed elevator from bench clamps and laid it on the
workbench on the port side, out of the way. Sanded large section of fuselage skin to prep for primer. Removed antenna mast.
Measured and cut fiberglass. Applied primer and glass to large area on SB side below hatch, and small area above hatch.

April 21 2016 1.5hrs - 2821.0 total. Trimmed extra glass from edge of last primed section. Sanded another large section of the
forward SB side in prep for priming. Measured elevator and rudder and ordered fabric to cover them.  

April 22 2016 3.5hrs - 2824.5 total.  Ordered fabric for control surfaces, should be able to pick it up tomorrow. Went and picked up
anti-chafe tape, finishing tape, rib reinforcement tape, rib stitching cable and a needle from the paint shop. Glued in skin patch on SB
canopy rail section.  Used extra epoxy to seal some areas on port side as well as touch up remaining staple holes. Clamped elevator
back onto work bench and sanded horn extension pieces down flush with existing horn end plates.  Once all four extensions were
flush, started shaping one of the leading edges.  Actually looks pretty good.

April 23 2016 4.5hrs - 2829.0 total. Sanded down skin patch glue joint from yesterday. Finished sanding and shaping elevator horn
leading edges. Trail fit elevator on stab and binding issue on sides is completely gone. However range of travel is still exactly 28 up and
25 down with elevator nose skin firmly binding against stab trailing edge. Had elevator off and on several times while trying different
gaps via backing out the hinge bolts a few turns, and it doesn't make much difference in range of motion.  It does make the leading
edge of the horn not line up with the leading edge of the stab by a very significant amount though.  Looks like I'll have to sand down
the trailing edge stab skin a little more to get the needed clearance for the additional thickness that the fabric and paint will add.  Also
noticed that the elevator might have a slight twist in it.  I was afraid this would happen by leaving it hanging up for the last couple of
years without some sort of solid support. I still have to glue the skin pieces onto each end, and hopefully that, along with carefully
shrinking the fabric, will allow me to get the twist out.  It might just be caused by the temporary hinge bolts I'm using?  Went and
picked up fabric for control surfaces.

April 24 2016 5.0hrs - 2834.0 total. Spent about an hour tweaking the elevator while it was on the stab and it looks like the twist will
go away once all the hinge pins are installed. Stacked the horn skin pieces that are already cut out, along with the lead shot, onto the
horns again to verify the balance will be OK.  All of the lead, even spread out is still much more than is needed.  Looks like balancing
the elevator will be much easier than the rudder was. Sanded down all contact surfaces in prep for gluing on the horn skins. Prepped
and glued the SB bottom skin in place.  Used extra epoxy to re-seal the skin patch sanded down yesterday.  Also spent a couple hours
(not counted here) reviewing books and videos on how to do Stewart Systems fabric covering on the control surfaces.

April 25 2016 2.5hrs - 2836.5 total.  Removed staples from yesterdays glue job. Determined I'll need to add a small rib extension to
the rest of the horn ribs to allow the skins to be feathered back.  Made up a piece for the SB bottom and prepped area where it will
go.  Made one up for the port bottom side. Finished prepping bottom of port side elevator horn area. Pinned, traced and trimmed skin
piece and glued it in place.  Glued in both rib extensions pieces.

April 27 2016 2.5hrs - 2839.0 total.  Removed staples from port bottom skin piece early on the 26th. Today I sanded down both new
skin pieces all around the edges and feathered into shape.  Looks pretty good. Hung elevator on the stab again and measured out
enough weight to balance. Split into two even amounts of lead - one for each horn.  Am planning to glue lead shot in place in tip of
horn. Put elevator back onto bench with horns pointing down and started to prep a form to pour the glue/lead mixture into.

April 28 2016 2.5hrs - 2841.5 total.  Clamped a piece of ply across the form for the lead to help keep it from sagging outwards once
the lead is in there.  Mixed up some thickened epoxy then mixed in 1/2 of the total lead needed to balance the elevator.  The other half
will go in the other horn. Dumped the epoxy/lead mixture into the horn and worked it around with a stick to get it settled and remove
air bubbles. While it was drying, sanded down a couple of the areas on the SB side skin that had been recently touched up with
epoxy.  Sanded and feathered edges of existing sealer and glass where new piece will overlap. Laid out and cut large piece of glass.
Masked off rear window and canopy track slot on SB side. Applied primer and glass. In the last couple of primer applications it
seemed like the primer didn't go very far. Thought I'd try a different type of roller this time that is designed to not absorb too much.  
Made a huge difference.  Had so much left over after applying the large glass piece that I quickly got out a couple of glass scraps and
applied them to the top of the SB stab, just around where the first test patch was applied.
Nose skin ground back from hinge
openings - on lower left of picture.
Horn rib extensions dry fit.
These four photos from www.alamy.com
This one was from gbphotos.photoshelter.com
Horn rib extension strips glued on.
Skin patch temp taped in place for dry fit.
Primer and glass applied below
and above hatch.
Starting to shape forward
edge of elevator horn.
SB bottom skin piece being glued onto elevator horn.
Port bottom side skin glued
onto elevator horn.
Small rib extension piece glued into
port bottom side leading edge.
Port elevator horn with skin on bottom.
Form for lead/glue in place. Bag of lead
is what will go into this horn.
Lead mixed with thickened
epoxy poured in place.
New glass and primer applied to SB side
behind window and forward of hatch.
Some scraps of glass applied to top
of stab to use up extra primer.
Was using larger white roller.  Smaller
yellow roller uses MUCH less primer and
also fits into my mixing cups better.
April 29 2016 5.0hrs - 2846.5 total. Trimmed and sanded back edges of glass from
last primer application. Measured and went and picked a piece of .032 aluminum
sheet to go over the fuel tank bay. Strapped in place to see how it looks.  Plan to use
this as a form to finish steaming 3mm ply piece that goes over instrument panel.
Removed form from lead and epoxy weight on port elevator horn. Marked and cut
out an access port on the bottom skin of the SB elevator horn.  Will need this hatch to
add or remove extra weight to balance the elevator after the fabric and paint is
applied. Made up nut plate, drilled, countersunk for rivets. Ordered some more of the
light fiberglass for the primer, just in case.
Lead and epoxy mix after
cure in port horn tip.
SB horn access hatch for counter
weight. Dry fit of back plate.
Trial fit of aluminum skin
over fuel tank bay.