Fuselage (page 78)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
June 30 2017 3.5hrs - 3288.5 total.  Sanded down glue joints on supports under
the windscreen and most of the skin in this area to prep for final coat of sealer.
Before finishing up this area, want to install nut plates for attaching the windscreen
frame to the skin. Trial fit the frame in place, but unsure of exact fit as I left room
for water seal putty between the frame and the plexi.  Without it in there its difficult
to tell exactly where the frame will sit on the fuselage, so I can't drill the holes.  
Called around and found a local source for Butyl tape (water seal putty).  Went and
picked up a roll and installed it between the metal frame and plexi and on the other
side, between the plexi and the fiberglass frame.  Now everything sits where it will
when final assembled, so I can accurately drill the mounting holes through the lower
fiberglass frame and the top fuselage skin.
Metal frame, fiberglass frame and plexi
cleco'd together with Butyl putty.
Close up of all layers temp
clamped together.
July 1 2017 5.5hrs - 3294.0 total.  Marked and drilled lower edge of fiberglass windscreen frame as well as front fairing. Temp
mounted frame on fuselage and drilled holes in skin.  Also drilled holes for press in threaded sockets on SB side of cockpit. Removed
windscreen and drilled rivet holes for each nut plate location. Six of the mounting holes land on stringers so don't have nut plates, but
will have wood screws instead. Mixed up batch of thin epoxy and applied 2nd coat of sealer on the under windscreen supports as well
as surrounding skin. Also sealed up all the mounting holes and rivet holes.  Sealed large holes for press in fittings, applied more glue than
pressed fittings in place.  Sealed up screw holes where wood screws will go.  Waited till glue was partially set then pressed rivets into
holes and removed wood screws that had been temp installed. Partially dis-assembled undercarriage position indicator so that I can
modify it to be wired for lights.

July 2 2017 3.5hrs - 3297.5 total. Riveted nut plates in place under windscreen fuselage skin. Sanded down rough spots in 2nd coat of
sealer.  Applied two coats of paint on all areas just sealed and touched up some other spots. Trial fit windscreen in place and tried new
SB threaded inserts.  Had to tweak the mounting bracket strap a little, but everything lines up very well now.  Dug through plans and
started looking at plans for fuel tank.
Undercarriage position indicator
partially dis-assembled.
Preparing to install press in
threaded sockets.
Threaded sockets glued
in place on SB side.
Attachment and rivet holes
drilled for windscreen frame.
Holes sealed, rivets temp
pressed in place.
Starboard side of cockpit
finished up.
Nut plates installed and
two coats of paint applied.
July 4 2017 3.5hrs - 3301.0 total. Tried to get instrument panel in place after installing braces under windscreen skin. Used cardboard
template to determine notch to be cut out of top of control panel.  Still had a very difficult time getting it installed.  Tried using a ratchet
strap to bend the panel and was able to get it onto place, but removing it was almost impossible.  Finally got it out again after putting
several scratches and scrapes on inside surfaces of cockpit. Eventually conceded that I needed to cut some small sections out of the
edge of the panel to allow it to be installed and removed without having to bend it, or scrape up the paint every time.  Now that its easier
to install and remove, I'm able to trim the edges a bit to fit around the fillets on the longerons. Still looks like I'll need spacers behind the
panel.  Got out the aluminum angle piece that goes just in front of the panel bulkhead.  Trimmed it up a bit and started planning for
drilling holes for mounting the panel and the angle strip.

July 7 2017 2.5hrs - 3304.5 total. Made up a new angle piece for back of fuel tank cover.  The old one had several cuts and scratches
that could have been stress risers.  Went to great pains on this new one to insure there are minimal stress concentration points.

July 9 2017 2.0hrs - 3306.5 total. Marked center point on new flange and bent closer to final shape.  Trimmed back ends to allow it to
extend flush with skin. Took lots of measurements and started marking places where holes will be drilled in control panel, bulkhead and
flange.  Screws will need to go in on the control panel side, through the bulkhead and flange, and into the nut plates riveted to the flange.
Some of the damage caused by getting the panel
in and out before the notches were enlarged .
Areas where I had to cut away material
to allow easier panel removal.
Starting on the fuel tank
cover again.
Old flange on top, new one on
bottom - not bent yet.
New flange trial fit in place - just
starting to bend it to shape.
End of flange trimmed back at an
angle to allow flush surface with skin.
View from outside of flange
notched back to allow flush fit.
Starting to mark the locations for holes
through panel, bulkhead and flange.
July 10 2017 3.0hrs - 3309.5 total. Drilled mounting holes in control panel. Clamped it in place in the fuselage and used the holes in the
control panel as guides to drill holes through bulkhead. Removed control panel, clamped flange in place and drilled holes in flange.
Holes drilled through control panel,
bulkhead and flange.