Fuselage (page 8)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
February 4, 2009 6.5hrs - 520.5 total.
Finished mounting upper jig rails. Temp clamped
in some cross bracing. Had to sand notches in
rails slightly larger to get fences to fit. Installed all
fences. Re-levelled everything again. Hung all the
bulkheads on the fence pieces to see how they
fit and to get the picture below.  The forward
three bulkhead jig mounting holes don't line up
with the holes in the fences.  Need to
determine whats going on.  A couple of the
others are a little off too.  I know the fence
pieces are exactly correct to the plans, but
there is a little room for error on the BH pieces
themselves.  Will need to determine exactly
where everything needs to go to insure proper
alignment.  Still an exciting step!  It begins to
look like an airplane!!!
All bulkheads temporarily mounted in jig. Note last three BHs also form rudder ribs.
Looking back - can see BHs 12 through 23 here.
February 13 2009 2.5hrs - 523.0 total. Started trying to level the BHs. Enlarged the holes on one
of the jig fences to allow some movement of the BH.  Doesn't work very well. Went and bought a
laser level.
February 14 2009 4.5hrs - 527.5 total. Gave up on the jig mounting holes, removed the bolts and
switched to clamps.  To get vertical center line on BHs vizable I tacked a piece of tightly strectched
string from top to bottom. Removed forward three BHs from jig for now as they block the laser
level.  Have all remaining BHs precisely aligned now.
February 15 2009 5.0hrs - 532.5 total. Started dry fitting the top longeron. Requires quite a bit of
sanding to get the notches sized and sloped to fit the longeron.
February 18 2009 3.0hrs - 525.5 total. Finished dry fitting the top longeron. Added BH-11 back
into jig and fit longeron. When I started clamping the longeron to the bulkheads it would lift some of
the BHs along with the jig fence they are clamped to - out of the upper side rail notches.  Fabricated
some little strips of HDPB and strapped over the top of all the fences to hold them in place. Clamped
the upper longeron in place.  There is a bit of a bend  to it so used some weights hung on straps to
pull it into the correct curve. Next step is to glue it into place.
February 19 2009 2.0hrs - 527.5 total. Glued top longeron in place except BH-11. Left it removable
as it blocks laser level. Will keep it dry fit for now and glue it in when it becomes unavoidable.