Fuselage (page 83)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
February 16 2020 3.0hrs- 3633.0 total. Tried shaping the ply pieces for the fuel
tank rail tabs, but couldn't get what I wanted.  Changed tactics a little and came up
with a plan that looks like it will work better.  Cut out new parts, sanded to shape,
prepped for gluing.  Glued them together - first time I've glued anything in about 2

February 24 2020 2.0hrs - 3635.0 total Sanded down glued pieces. Trial fit on fuel
rail. Still just a little small.  Traced, cut and sanded to shape another 1/4 ply layer
for each tab. Also cut shims for underside of fuel rail.  Confirmed hardware sizes
on plans for bolts and nut plates. Trial fit fuel tank again to confirm the tabs fit.
Fuel rail extension tabs
glued together.
April 1 2020 1.5hrs - 3636.5 total. Marked and sanded down contact locations on fuel tank rail and inner skin surface in preparation
for gluing in tabs.  Still going to take some more work to get them to fit properly.
Some more tweaks to the
extension tabs