Fuselage (page 9)
This photo is of the prototype during the
earlier phases of construction.
February 20 2009 4.0hrs - 531.5 total. Removed clamps
from top longeron.Dry fit bottom longeron. Sanded
bottom notches for fit.  Removed BHs 20 and 21 from jig
and remarked center lines.  Cleaned up longeron cutouts
more closely. Realigned and clamped back into jig.
February 21 2009 5.5hrs - 537.0 total. Built some
bracing for bottom portion of BHs to aid in aligning them
for glueing in the bottom longeron. The bottom portion
of the BHs move around quite a bit and need to be
braced. Inside of notches are not angled enough yet.  
Need to get them to correct slope.  Also need to get some
more clamps!
Added bracing for lower portion of BHs. Note the stiffeners
clamped to one of the BHs to keep it from flexing.
With BH-11 removed the laser level scans very nicely on all the remaining aft bulkheads.
February 22 to 27, 2009 4hrs - 541.0 total. Shopped around for some flapper sanding discs and dremmel tool bits to
help with shaping the bottom of the notches. Remounted BH-11.  Started shaping bottom of notches from rear
moving  forward. Some notches are too deep and require shims.