Bruce's 80%
Spitfire Project
The Tally-Ho 80% replica Spitfire prototype in flight.
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Bruce Dunkle
Like a lot of people, I've been thinking about
building a replica fighter for a long time, but
finding just the right balance between
performance and  good looks (no bulgy
cowlings or not-to-scale canopies) versus a set
of building skills and expected expenses that I
thought I could handle has been a long
process.  But when I stumbled on the Tally-Ho
Enterprises web site I knew I had finally found
what I had been looking for.  It's constructed
primarily from wood which I feel more
comfortable working with than sheet metal or
welded tubing.  There's no expensive kit
packages to buy - I can buy materials as I go.  
And I can save money by building many of the
more complex components myself if I want
to.  But most importantly it   
Why build this airplane?
This site is under construction:
Last Updated:
November 20th, 2017
This site, and me - for that matter - are not associated with
Tally-Ho Enterprises in any manner other than as a
customer.  Nothing I say here is in any way endorsed by
anyone but me!  I'm not a lawyer and may say some things
on this website that might not be politically or legally correct.  
This is completely unintentional on my part!  If I say
something I shouldn't or link to a page I shouldn't or some
other such atrocity - please let me know and I will fix it!
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Reconsidering the paint scheme. I'm thinking
something along the lines of Douglas Bader's
aircraft (I know this image is a MKV) I like the
stripe around the tail.  *Note* Have discovered
that the fuselage band started in 1941, so that
rules it out if I want to represent a BOB aircraft.
Still researching options.
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Supermarine Aircraft Website
Updated - Its
True - I'm back
at work!!!
AMAZING Spitfire Book-Monforton Press
Several friends and visitors to this site have suggested that I add a "donation" button so people can
make contributions to help pay for this - not inexpensive - project.  I've been reluctant to do so,
but after the 2016 Aviation Day display and the local paper front page article, more people have
suggested it.  So here it is.  
Any donations will go directly into paying for materials for the project.  The wing spar, landing gear,
and especially the engine are going to end up costing several thousand dollars each.  With more
funds, I'll be able to make faster progress.  I'm not a non-profit.  All I can do is promise any
donations will go straight into the project.  And If you want to provide your name, I'll keep it on a
list of donors that will be carried with the aircraft at all times.  Hopefully we'll meet at an airshow
sometime and you will see your name and I can thank your personally!
Make a donation and help keep this project moving.
Thanks for all of your support - both monetary and moral !!